Where to Find the Best Manufacturers for Custom Boxes in Canada

Custom Boxes in Canada
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Hey! If you are the one who is struggling to find the best manufacturers for your custom boxes in Canada. You are at the right place, and I know some of the best printing and packaging partners there who offer quality services. 

One company I highly recommend is Viveprinting. They provide exceptional custom boxes, blister packaging, displays, and more. Viveprinting offers quick turnarounds, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. 

They use the latest printing technology to create stunning full-colour boxes in a variety of materials that really make products stand out. I’ve already seen how Viveprinting can help brands to upgrade their packaging with completely customised and well-made boxes. 

So, if you want to find a trusted Canadian partner to manufacture a creative branded box for your business, be sure to check out Viveprinting.


Capabilities to Look For Your Custom Boxes Canada


A top-notch manufacturer should offer an array of printing and finishing options to create custom boxes wholesale, including:

  • Custom sizes and shapes: Look for a manufacturer that can make boxes of all sizes and dies and cut them into unique shapes. This allows you to perfectly fit your product.
  • Full-colour printing: High-quality printing in full colour will allow you to include your brand imagery, logos, product photos, and other graphics to stand out.
  • Coating and finishing: Options like matte, gloss, and UV coating give your graphics a polished look. Embossing and foil stamping adds luxurious metallic accents.
  • Finishing Touch and fulfilment: Many manufacturers offer in-house assembly, allowing them to insert products into boxes and ship complete packages to your customers.
  • Sustainable materials: Eco-friendly options like recycled paper and biodegradable inks appeal to environmentally conscious buyers.

The best manufacturer will be able to produce boxes that enhance your brand while securely protecting products. Having a wide array of printing and finishing choices allows complete customization for your packaging needs. You can also order in bulk from custom boxes Canada.


Quality of Materials For All Industries – You Must Know


One thing that you should keep in mind while choosing the best manufacturer is that they should have working experience in brand building and making the best custom box. Some of the highest quality and most versatile options include:

  • Cardboard and corrugated: Durable and recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes hold up well during shipping. Kraft cardboard has a rustic, eco-friendly look.
  • Rigid boxes: For luxury items, rigid box styles like acrylic, wood, or tin offer an upscale feel and maximum protection.
  • Folding cartons: These are ideal for retail packaging and come in various paper stocks ranging from lightweight to extra-thick.
  • Specialty materials: Metals, plastics, and even glass can create truly unique, premium boxes.

No matter your industry or product type, the right manufacturer will have familiarity with your ideal substrate and be able to work with it easily. Be sure to ask about their material sourcing and printing processes to assess quality. 

One more thing is that you can add logo design on your custom boxes with logo. This will also help you to stand out from competitors.


A Quick Turnaround for Canadian Business with Custom Boxes Canada


This is the obvious benefit for your business by using a manufacturer located in Canada for fast turnaround times. When you order from overseas, delays related to shipping, customs, and duties can slow down production by weeks.

A Canadian partner can get custom die cut boxes printed and shipped quickly, often within days of approving the proof. This allows greater flexibility to order only what you need right away.

It also helps get new products or promotions to market faster so you don’t miss opportunities waiting on packaging. Ask potential manufacturers about typical turnaround times and many printing options to ensure they can keep up with your business needs.


Affordable Pricing For All Budgets


Even the highest quality boxes can be affordable when sourcing them domestically. Prices will vary widely, however, so be sure to get quotes from several printers before deciding. Ask the manufacturer detailed questions about their pricing structure, including:

  • Set-up fees: One-time charges for design and die creation. Make sure these aren’t exorbitant.
  • Per unit costs: How box size, materials, ink colours, and finishes impact per box pricing. Order higher volumes for better bulk discounts.
  • Minimum Number of Boxes: Some manufacturers require you to order a minimum number of boxes to complete your order.

Getting pricing in writing upfront ensures no surprise charges on the final invoice. Be wary of prices that seem too low, as quality may suffer. With the right partner, custom boxes can enhance your brand without breaking the budget.

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Top Custom Box Manufacturers in Canada 


Now that you know what to look for in a custom box producer, here are five of the best manufacturing partners located right in Canada: 

Offers a wide variety of custom packaging, including boxes, displays, and point-of-purchase displays. Specialises in short runs and fast turnaround times.

  • Packlane

Focuses on high-quality custom printed boxes and packaging. Provides online instant quoting and ordering. Known for great customer service.

  • Soopak

Specialises in corrugated cardboard shipping boxes. Offers options for full-colour printing and die-cutting. Fast delivery within Canada.

  • Magenta Depot

Provides custom boxes, retail packaging, and displays. Uses the latest printing technology for high-quality graphics. Offers sustainable and eco-friendly options.

  • Elite Custom Boxes

Manufactures custom boxes with logo, folders, mailers, and retail packaging. Capabilities include die-cutting, embossing, and foil stamping. Known for competitive pricing.

Connecting the Dots! 

Finding the perfect custom boxes to showcase your brand and products requires careful vetting of manufacturing partners. The best partner will offer the capabilities, materials, quick turnaround times, and fair pricing your business needs.

Manufacturers like Viveprinting Box Packaging based in Canada provide an ideal combination of quality, reliability, and service. Reach out to a recommended box producer today to get a quote on taking your packaging to the next level.



Q1: What printing options are offered by manufacturers for custom boxes? 

Top manufacturers offer full-colour printing, high-quality coatings like matte and gloss, special treatments like embossing and foil stamping, and effects like raised inks. 

Q2: How does using a Canadian manufacturer benefit businesses?

Canadian manufacturers provide faster turnaround times because you avoid delays related to international shipping and customs. This allows greater flexibility and speed to market for new packaging.

Q3: What questions should I ask about pricing from custom box manufacturers?

Ask for information about set-up costs, per unit costs based on quantities, any minimum order requirements, and whether shipping costs are included. Get full written pricing quotes from multiple printers before deciding.

Q4: Should I request samples before placing a full order?

Yes, get physical samples and printed colour proofs of your boxes whenever possible. This allows you to assess the quality first hand rather than relying on digital proofs alone.

Q5: What is the benefit of working with a manufacturer that also provides fulfilment services?

Some printers offer in-house fulfilment, allowing them to fully assemble and ship finished products in custom boxes. This streamlines the packaging and shipping process through a single partner.

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