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As a resident of Florida’s Space Coast, you have access to one of the best local news sources in the state. The Space Coast Daily has been serving Brevard County for over 25 years with award-winning journalism. Whether you’re interested in coverage of launches at Kennedy Space Center, updates on local government and politics, highlights of arts and entertainment in the area, or following your favorite high school sports teams, Space Coast Daily has you covered.

With a team of dedicated reporters and columnists working around the clock, Space Coast Daily delivers the latest news and information from Cape Canaveral to Palm Bay and everywhere in between. They provide in-depth reporting and analysis on issues that matter most to Brevard County residents. Space Coast Daily is also deeply engaged with the local community, promoting charitable causes and highlighting achievements of neighbors and local organizations making a difference.

For the most comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased news coverage in Brevard County, look no further than Space Coast Daily. As your premier local news source, they keep you informed and connected to your community.

What Is Space Coast Daily?


Space Coast Daily is Brevard County’s premier online news source. Founded in 2011, Space Coast Daily provides local news and information for residents of Florida’s Space Coast and beyond.

In-Depth Local News Coverage

Space Coast Daily prides itself on providing in-depth coverage of news and events in Brevard County. The site features the latest headlines and stories on topics such as business, education, environment, government, health, sports, technology, and transportation. Space Coast Daily has a team of experienced journalists and reporters that investigate and report on issues that directly impact residents of the Space Coast.

Lifestyle and Entertainment Features

In addition to news, Space Coast Daily offers features on lifestyle, dining, entertainment, and events in the area. Readers can find stories highlighting the best restaurants, nightlife spots, recreational activities, annual festivals, and more. The Space Coast Daily Events Calendar is the go-to resource for finding out about concerts, exhibits, family events and other happenings in Brevard County.

Commitment to the Community

Space Coast Daily is committed to serving the community that it reports on. In addition to news coverage, Space Coast Daily supports local charities, sports teams, small businesses and causes that make a positive impact. The site aims to keep residents informed and connected, while also promoting civic participation and highlighting all the benefits of living in this coastal community.

For the latest news and information on Florida’s Space Coast, Space Coast Daily is the only source readers need. With its dedication to in-depth local reporting and promoting community connections, Space Coast Daily has established itself as Brevard County’s top news source.

Space Coast Daily’s Focus on Brevard County News

As Brevard County’s premiere news source, Space Coast Daily focuses on local news that matters to residents. ###

Space Coast Daily provides comprehensive coverage of important issues in Brevard County. The publication reports on topics including:

  • Government and politics: Space Coast Daily covers the Brevard County Commission, city councils, and other governing bodies. Reporters attend meetings and report on key decisions, votes, and discussions.
  • Business and economy: Space Coast Daily reports on new businesses opening or expanding in Brevard County, major investments or job growth, economic indicators, and factors impacting local companies.
  • Environment: Issues like beach erosion, the health of the Indian River Lagoon, wildlife, and weather events are frequently covered. Space Coast Daily aims to raise awareness about environmental challenges facing Brevard County.
  • Education: The publication reports on Brevard Public Schools, local colleges like Eastern Florida State College and Florida Tech, and education issues that affect students, parents, and teachers.
  • Public safety: Space Coast Daily works to keep residents informed about crime, emergencies, and disasters in Brevard County by reporting on incidents, investigations, prevention efforts, and emergency management.
  • Events: The events calendar and entertainment sections feature details on things to do in Brevard County, including festivals, concerts, theater shows, exhibits, and family activities.
  • Lifestyle: Reporting also covers topics important to daily life in Brevard County like real estate, dining, attractions, sports, charities, and community groups.

Through diligent local reporting and a dedication to community journalism, Space Coast Daily has established itself as Brevard County’s most trusted source for news. Residents know they can rely on Space Coast Daily to provide the information that matters most to their families, homes, and businesses.

Features and Sections of Space Coast Daily

The Space Coast Daily is Brevard County’s premiere news source, featuring local news, sports, business, entertainment, and lifestyle coverage. Some of the major sections and features of Space Coast Daily include:

Local News

Space Coast Daily provides in-depth coverage of news happening in Brevard County and surrounding areas. Reporters focus on city government, education, environment, and community events. Readers can stay up-to-date on the latest local news, public meetings, crime, and announcements that affect residents.


Space Coast Daily extensively covers sports at all levels across the space coast. Readers can follow their favorite high school, college, and professional teams like the Florida Tech Panthers, Eastern Florida State College Titans, and Melbourne City Soccer Club. Space Coast Daily reports on scores, stats, standings, schedules, and highlights from football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, swimming, track and field, and more.


The business section features stories on companies in aerospace, technology, tourism, and other major industries in Brevard County. Readers can learn about new businesses opening, expansions, mergers and acquisitions, awards, and job growth. Space Coast Daily also publishes a weekly list of new business filings, building permits, and real estate transactions.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Space Coast Daily highlights events, activities, and destinations for living, dining, arts, culture, nightlife, recreation, and leisure. Sections include movie reviews, restaurant reviews, recipes, gardening tips, travel stories, and listings for festivals, concerts, theater shows, and family events. Readers can find ideas for enjoying life on the space coast.

With dedicated sections on news, sports, business, and lifestyle, Space Coast Daily offers comprehensive coverage of Brevard County that both informs and entertains readers. The site aims to highlight all the space coast has to offer to residents and visitors.

The History of Space Coast Daily

The History of Space Coast Daily

Space Coast Daily has been Brevard County’s premiere news source since its founding in 2015. The digital media company was launched to fill the void left after the closure of Florida Today’s print edition and provide comprehensive coverage of news and events on the Space Coast.

Space Coast Daily started as a local news and events blog but has since grown into a full-fledged media group. In addition to the Space Coast Daily news site, the company now includes Space Coast Daily TV, Space Coast Daily Magazine, and Space Coast Daily TV. The TV and video production arm produces local shows like “The Morning Show” and covers rocket launches, Brevard County news and events.

The driving mission behind Space Coast Daily is to highlight all the best Brevard County has to offer. Whether covering a launch at Kennedy Space Center, a surfing competition in Cocoa Beach or a charity fundraiser, the team aims to spread the word about events and news in the community. Space Coast Daily has become the go-to source for information on openings and closings of restaurants and businesses, updates on new residential and commercial developments, local politics and government news as well as the latest events and activities happening each weekend.

Over the years, Space Coast Daily has built up a dedicated readership, with hundreds of thousands of monthly pageviews and an engaged social media following. Through its comprehensive coverage of all aspects of life on the Space Coast, Space Coast Daily has cemented itself as Brevard County’s top source for news and information and an integral part of the local community. The company looks forward to many more years of serving readers and highlighting all the things that make Brevard County a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Why Space Coast Daily Is a Top News Source for Residents

Space Coast Daily is Brevard County’s leading digital news source. For over a decade, Space Coast Daily has provided local news and information to Brevard County residents through its website and daily email newsletter.

Award-Winning Local News Coverage

Space Coast Daily’s team of experienced journalists provide in-depth coverage of important local news and events in Brevard County. Their news reports and exclusive interviews have earned numerous awards from the Florida Press Association over the years. Space Coast Daily covers local government, business, environment, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment news with journalistic integrity and community spirit.

Connecting Brevard Businesses and Residents

In addition to news reports, Space Coast Daily’s website and newsletters feature local event listings, job openings, classifieds, and promotions from Brevard County businesses. This helps connect local companies with potential customers and clients. Space Coast Daily also highlights interesting residents and organizations making a positive impact in Brevard County through feature stories and video profiles.

Reliable and Relevant Local Information

For Brevard County residents, Space Coast Daily is a trusted source for news and information that directly impacts their communities. The Space Coast Daily team aims to report news and events in an accurate, fair, and timely manner. They focus on issues and stories that matter to Brevard County locals. Whether it’s traffic and weather alerts, local job opportunities, or updates on community initiatives, Space Coast Daily provides relevant local content that readers can use and rely on.

Access Anytime From Anywhere

The Space Coast Daily website and email newsletters make their content easily accessible on any device with an Internet connection. Readers can stay up to date with the latest Brevard County news and information wherever they are – at home, at work, or on the go. Space Coast Daily’s digital platforms allow them to reach more readers and keep the community well-informed.

For its dedication to local journalism and service to Brevard County, Space Coast Daily has established itself as the area’s leading and most trusted news source. Residents turn to Space Coast Daily as their go-to resource for relevant, meaningful, and impactful local news coverage.


As a resident of Brevard County, staying informed about local events and news that impacts you and your community is important. The Space Coast Daily provides comprehensive coverage of all things related to the Space Coast region so you have a trusted source for the information that matters most to you and your family. Whether you want breaking news updates, in-depth reporting on key issues, coverage of local sports, entertainment options, or events, the Space Coast Daily should be your go-to news source. They are dedicated to providing accurate, timely, and important news and information to Brevard County residents. For local news you can count on, be sure to bookmark and follow them on social media. Staying connected to your community has never been more vital. The Space Coast Daily makes that easy.

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