Which Ring Style Would Look Best On Chubby Fingers?

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Shopping for rings is never easy. You must consider many factors, including the size, design, style, and setting. 

Finding a perfect ring becomes even more difficult if you have chubby fingers. That’s because not all ring styles can suit all hands. 

For instance, a bulky wide setting ring may not compliment a hand with long slender fingers. Similarly, wearing a minimalistic ring on wide fingers can’t add the right amount of sparkle to your hand. 

But, if you find your correct size from the ring size chart and learn a few handy tips, you can buy a gorgeous ring in no time. After all, there must be a ring somewhere made just for you. 

5 Steps to Measure the Size of the Ring Finger

Chubby and wide fingers have more surface area. That’s why you should wear rings that can look visible to flatter your hands. But how can you ensure the right size? 

For this purpose, you can use a ring size chart that keeps you from physically trying different rings. Also, if you’re buying online, you need to know the precise measurement offered by the ring size chart. 

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a printout of the chart image, making sure its scale matches the physical scale.
  2. Cut it along the dark lines with the help of scissors.
  3. Make a small opening on the dotted lines to pass the pointed edge
  4. Tug the paper gently around the ring finger and get a comfortable fit.
  5. Note down the measurement

Now, you can choose the ring according to this measurement.

11 Diamond Ring Styles That Suit Chubby Fingers

If your fingers measure a nine or more on the chart, these ring styles can be ideal: 

  1. Marquise Shape Ring With Three Stones

The marquise cut ring in a three-stone setting can adorn your hands with a classic and romantic look. In addition, this ring style is great for slimming your fingers visually.

The ring comes in multiple metals, including white gold, silver, and platinum. You can choose suitable metals in hues that look best on your skin tone. It’s an everyday wear ring that may look stunning at formal events too.

The ring can cover your wide fingers sufficiently and features a balanced width and height. 

  1. Double Diamond Ring

If one diamond doesn’t seal the deal, why not wear two? Double diamond engagement rings are gaining popularity as more celebrities opt for this style. The ring features two stones that symbolize the marriage between two lovers forever. 

It’s an ideal wedding ring choice for chubby fingers as it’s blingy yet elegant. Moreover, the ring has a modern feel to it. 

You can wear this ring with contrasting colored diamonds to join the double diamond bandwagon. 

  1. Oval Halo Diamond Ring

An oval halo ring increases the stone size and thus looks appealing on chubby fingers. That’s because these rings feature elongated oval-cut diamonds compared to the same carat stones.

In addition, they are more sparkly and can be worn conveniently for an everyday look. They are a classic choice for women who love wearing vintage and regal jewelry. 

  1. Diamond Tiara Ring

The diamond tiara ring has a unique design that looks stunning on wider fingers. It has a wide setting and can create an illusion of slimming your fingers.

The ring has an edgy V shape and a magnificent diamond-studded crown. You can wear this ring in white gold, silver, or platinum.

The ring can be an excellent choice for casual wear as it is not bulky. Yet, it’s glamorous and a show-stopper. 

  1. Baroque Wedding Ring

Baroque rings are renowned for being classy, decorative, and artistic. And it has become a popular choice of wedding sets nowadays. In addition, these rings are usually nature-inspired and have an antique vibe. 

With this ring, you can expect a lot of intricate details. Additionally, they come in multiple metals. 

These rings are an incredible combination of pavé and micro-pavé with clusters, large diamonds, and halos for a dramatic finish. 

So, if you have chubby fingers, this ring can bring you all the attention. 

  1. Geometric Proposal Ring

Geometric rings have angular shapes, including triangles and squares. These rings are spectacular statement pieces as they are unique and edgy.

Wide and chubby fingers look flattering with these rings. That’s because these engagement rings feature sharp edges and clean lines and enhance the brilliance and shine of your diamonds. 

Additionally, geometric designs can accent a diamond’s shape or cut. 

  1. Halo Engagement Ring With Double Shank

This halo ring is embellished with blingy lab grown diamonds. It’s crafted to offer your hands a luxurious and elaborate feel. 

It features a double shank with studded diamonds to make this ring stand out from the crowd. 

You can wear this ring in silver or platinum or choose gold or rose gold for warmer hues. The ring can cover more area and is ideal for chubby fingers.

  1. Modern Contemporary Style Ring

Fashionistas love wearing rings that are trendy and can catch attention. So. if you’re a chubby-fingered girl, modern contemporary rings can turn all heads to your hands. 

These rings are bold, elegant, and romantic – all in one frame. 

You can choose a serpentine or wraparound ring that’s embellished with diamonds. The ring features a high-fashion setting and a new twist on the classic stone rings. 

  1. Etched Diamond Ring

Etched rings with wide bands are excellent for personalizing your rings. These rings feature unique shapes and patterns crafted using the chemical wear-away technique. 

You choose a ring with rope, leaves, or swirls for a feminine and soft look.

Usually, etched rings come with milgrain. It creates a beaded border around the metal’s edges to create a mesmerizing vintage look. 

  1. Swirl Diamond Ring

Swirl rings have beautiful and intricate designs. They combine a round-cut center diamond with a bypass shank to give a fluid effect.

As a result, the metal appears to be flowing and swirling around the stone. This ring can be great for wedding sets as it symbolizes the union of two souls.

It’s sparkly and can look appealing on your chubby finger.

  1. Channel Setting Ring

Channel setting rings are similar to a pavé setting. That’s because these rings feature bands adorned with smaller diamonds.

The rings have a groove with stones to create a distinct and eye-catching look. They are elegant, classic, and can flatter any hand that wears them. 

With a center stone, the channel diamond ring can be ideal for wider fingers as they look prominent and add enough sparkle. 

Final Thoughts

Chubby fingers require special designs so your jewelry can become more visible. The ring styles in this list are ideal for women with broad, short, and chubby fingers.

Moreover, these rings can be customized and worn with different metals to suit varying skin tones. You can even mix these styles and create a unique wedding set that suits your personality. 

So, measure your ring size and search for the best ring inspired by these wedding and engagement ring styles. 


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