How You Should Clean Your Car’s Interior?

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Making your car dirt-free may be tiring, but it can protect you from bad odor, dullness, and car inefficiency. You may not afford to hear bad reviews about a car from your friends, family, or any passenger with you just because it doesn’t get cleaning. A cleansing car can eliminate accumulated dirt, grime, or food remnants inside the vehicle. Being a top company of car dry clean in Gurgaon, we ensure to provide some car’s interior cleaning DIY tips for our customers. 

Though there is no better alternative than expert car detailing, if you also want to attempt car cleaning at home, we can help you by providing some effective tips. Proficient car detailing is expensive; however, users can clean their car similarly to professionals with a bunch of machinery and cleaning solvent. 

Individuals with children and pets at home may discover it complicated and tedious. But you must set aside your naughty kids or pet and think about your vehicle cleansing/detailing. Moreover, if you are a heavy car driver, it also requires monthly car cleaning as a mandatory job. 

Things You Need for Complete Car Interior Cleaning at Home 

Scroll down to know a few essential things for DIY interior car cleaning 

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Towels, both cloth and paper
  • Foam brush 
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Window cleaner
  • Vinyl and/or leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Trash bags
  • A bucket of clean, warm water
  • Gloves (if applicable)
  • Eye protection or face shield (if applicable)


How to Maintain Your Car Cleanliness at Home with DIY Methods 


Bring Trash Bags and Hand Gloves

 Pick everything unwanted in the car that has grabbed the car’s space unnecessary. Make sure to eliminate dusty apparel and shoes during the task. Pick up all waste products and throw them in the trash bags. Remember to wear hand gloves to prevent becoming sticky and dirty because of trash collection. 

Eliminate Entire Trash Inside the Car 

Do a manual inspection of the car’s internal area and pick up visible trash. Inspect all areas deeply, and you may find trash beneath the seats, carpet, floor, or seat gaps. Pick up bottles, wrappers, waste paper, used tissues, or other materials that vacuum cleaners cannot tackle. 

Take Out and Cleanse Floor Carpet 

As an expert firm for car dry clean in Gurgaon, Keyvendors recommend individuals sanitize or clean the floor carpet of the car. Take out the car’s floor mat for cleaning. Perform dusting and vacuuming before giving cleaning/washing treatment. Keep mats on the canvas or wet cloth instead of the filthy ground. You can also apply carpet or upholstery cleaning solvent for car carpet cleaning. 

If your car has silicone, rubber, or vinyl carpet, it is good to use a jet pump or normal pipe wash to remove additional grime. Bring a bucket and combine a mixture of some cleaning droplets and warm water. Dissolve a gentle scrubber or foam brush in the mixture and wash the mat. Cleanse them properly and allow them to dry in the air before installing them back in the car. 

Wipe Out Interior Glass And Windows 

With the support of microfiber cloth and eco-friendly window cleaning solvent in a spray, bottle users can abolish vapor from a window inside. Remember not to apply ammonia-based cleanser as it can spoil the car’s interior glass and plastic. It is easy to prepare a window cleansing solution by blending water and gentle detergent. The solution can efficiently wipe out dirt, patches, and mud present.

Cleansing The Center Console

Cup holders are frequently found in the center console, which can grow untidy. Let the accessory immerse in hot water with a mild detergent if it’s detachable. With a washcloth, scrape it thoroughly. Rub it away with a microfiber sponge and carefully rinse it with clean water. Reinstall the console after it has dried.

Use a spotless cotton swab that is only pretty wet to wash the gear lever and other controls. Use an old brush or foam brush, a wet wool pad, or a wet napkin rolled and encircled by the point of a blunt knife cutter or plain hairpin to access tough spots.

Debris and Grease From The Panel Should Be Cleaned.

Vacuum the dashboards as often as feasible with cleaner and soft brushes to get dusty tight spots near fans and switches. Eliminate any grease and stains with a moderately moist microfiber towel following wiping.

Clean The Steering Wheel.

Using a sanitizing sponge, eradicate microbes from your rear wheels and gear change buttons. Use a fresh microfiber pad for buffing and drying.

Disinfect Fabric Car Seats

Start by vacuuming every seat thoroughly if you have fabric car seats. Pretreat badly soiled sections with carpet cleanser or apply the stain removal instructions for a particular discoloration.  While vacuuming away the leftovers, pour the mixture into the affected spot and leave it for a minimum of 60 minutes.

After the severe stains have been cleansed, wipe the whole seat as per the fabric cleaner’s guidelines. Rub the solvent into the material using a scrubbing bristle, then effectively remove the solvent and debris with a damp washcloth rinsed in distilled water.

Door Handles Should Be Washed

The door boards could be made of a mix of fabric, rubber, or leatherette. Scrub off the edges and the compartments with a moist ultra-soft towel. Always remember to wipe out the trunk or sliding door. While vacuuming cleansing leave the doors unlocked so that the trash and allergens fall to the exterior of your vehicle.

Get Rid of Lingering Odors

In the end, if your vehicle still stinks, you can spray powdered bicarbonate of soda on the upholstery and fabric seats. Leave it on for between 4 and 5 hours before sweeping it off.

 To eliminate odors, one can also use sodium bicarbonate or carbon cloth in a covered, sealed box. Drill slots in the top and position them below several of the seating. Almost every fortnight, the materials are updated.

If the stink is too bad, you might have to invest in a specialized upholstery odor eliminator. Suppose a persistent, unpleasant smell, such as mildew, continues. In that case, it’s best to take the vehicle to a competent detailer because natural spots that have been absorbed into the seatbacks can develop into a fungal problem that no amount of final polishing will repair.

Why Should You Detail Your Car?

Maintain Car Resale Value: Detailing can preserve your vehicle’s natural shine and appearance, whereas routine servicing will keep it functioning well. Detailing safeguards your car’s external paintwork and internal fixtures, and fittings cleanse contaminants and smell that you cannot eliminate on your own and usually maintain its resale value.

Detailing is similar to car care and maintenance. It is bound to preserve the clear layer on your vehicle from collapsing. If you nurture your vehicle, it will endure the car’s lengthier and more substantial worth. It ultimately safeguards your capital.

Safety: In damp conditions, window finishes can make a massive impact. Moisture can bounce from the glass rapidly, increasing visibility significantly. Because very few grime and contaminants adhere to the window, it will stay spotless. Headlamps diminish over time, and based on your location; this can be difficult to avoid. The glasses grow foggy as the Ultraviolet protections on the headlamps peel off throughout time. 

car dryclean gurgaon

Process of Car Interior Detailing at Home

Clean The Dash and Console Using Car Cleaning Gel

The consoles of cars accumulate a layer of pollution. Fortunately, they’re simple to clean with a microfiber sponge and a brush, dusting, sanitizing wipes, or even all disinfectants. The most enjoyable method is to use a vehicle cleansing gel or epoxy. Squeeze it into narrow areas like ducting or central corners and amaze at the smoke and dust it gathers.

Disinfect Seats Thoroughly 

To remove traces of daily transit beverages and street snacks, use fabric cleaner, a sturdy bristle, and lubes. Based on how much destruction your guests have inflicted, you might want to focus on particular spot-removal options.

Seat Belts Should Be Cleaned and Disinfected

One may not think much about your seat belt unless you splash sauce or other sticky things on it. Unfortunately, these required restrictions become dirty quickly and potentially contain a slew of germs.

Stretch seat belts as often as feasible before fastening them in position to disinfect them. Wipe the surface with a small brush to remove the solvent. Finally, clean the seat belts with a damp washcloth and allow them to air dry.

Closing Thought 

However, vehicle interior cleaning is a struggling task, but one can do it easily with the help of the tips mentioned above. But if you want car detailing and cleaning, always consider expert car dry clean in Gurgaon with Keyvendors.


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