What do I need for school enrolment? The big checklist!

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Surely you can still remember your first day of school. A lot of new things came to you and you also got a fancy satchel and a well-filled school bag or sugar bag full of sweets. cool gadgets for your room now your child is ready and you as a mother or father have to make sure that everything is prepared for school enrollment. So that you don’t forget anything, we have prepared a few suggestions and a checklist for school enrollment that will support you.

Preparation before school enrolment

First of all, of course, some preparations have to be made at home. Aside from designing a workplace for homework, you also need to mentally prepare your child for school.

You can discuss and practice this with the child

Explain to your child what to expect at school now.


  • If he is afraid, then listen to him and clarify all open questions. You can also talk about your own school days.
  • How does the child get to school every day? If you bring it there, you can accompany it to the entrance. If he has to walk or take the bus, then you should explain the way to school several times and practice with the child.
  • Is your child already independent and responsible enough to treat their student ticket and their satchels and pencil cases carefully? So that nothing is lost? You can also practice these things in advance.

Setting up the workplace

Your child now needs their own desk in the nursery where they can do their schoolwork. Involve your child in the purchase. But make sure that the table is ergonomically designed and can grow with it. The chair should also be comfortable and supportive of posture. In addition, there is a specialist consultation in good shops and your child can try there right away.

What else do you need to prepare?

You will have to do some shopping to buy the necessary exercise books or books and the satchel. We list these things separately in the checklist. It is important that you include your child in the purchase. Then you only choose items that he likes and will take care of.

Depending on how you want to organize the school enrollment ceremony, there are further preparations to be made here. Of course, you’ll need to get a school or sugar bag and the items you want to pack in. Your child should not be present so that he remains surprised.

Do you want to celebrate separately afterward? Then you should book the rooms and order the catering or prepare everything for a party at home.

Checklist: What do I need to start school and what do I have to pay attention to?

The school will usually provide you with a list of everything you need to buy for your child. Above all, the required booklets and the contents of the pen folder are mentioned there. But there are also things you have to think about yourself.

The following errands have to be done:

Make or buy and fill a sugar bag

Plan your school enrollment ceremony and write and send invitations

Get furniture such as a desk and chair

In addition, separate accessories (pen holder, desk pad, recycle bin, a pinboard for notes or the like)


  • Satchel
  • Pencil case
  • Sports bag
  • Gym bags


Make sure that your child can choose the color and motif for the bags. The satchel should be ergonomically shaped and equipped with reflectors. Then your child will be clearly visible even in the dark.

The pencil cases are already filled with the necessary things. If the school wants something extra or wants to leave something out, you’ll need to add or remove that. (For example, a circle will not be necessary from the beginning and the children should not write with a ballpoint pen.)

Ideas for the school bag:

At the beginning of school, there is the obligatory school bag or sugar bag, which may be filled with everything that pleases the child’s heart. It is best to be careful not only to pack sweets but also small toys and school supplies.

For example, hairbands or jewelry for girls and key chains or breast pouches for boys. In addition, funny erasers or a funny sharpener come into question. Of course, you know best what your children are particularly happy about. But there are no limits to your imagination.


This is what comes into your pockets:


Sportswear according to specifications, usually T-short, trousers and sneakers with white soles for the sports hall


Bread box

This comes in the satchels:




Homework booklet


Pencil case

Paintbox with a water cup and brush

Sketch block

This is what comes into the pencil case:


Pencils and crayons




Filler with spare cartridges


Then the rule is: LET GO!

By starting school, your child takes an important step towards independence. Support him by constantly motivating him and giving him certain freedoms. But don’t accompany it like a chuckle. Practice the way to school and make sure that you go to school every day well-rested. This is the best way for it to master the new challenges.

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