Many Types of Diets That Cause Decreased Libido and ED

Erectile Dysfunction: An overall issue in man
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Does Diet Affect Libido?

There is no doubt that the best way to keep your libido and male erections healthy and every day is to get a healthy body. Obesity body shape rather than people of healthy body shape, 2.4 times higher risk of testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone is a type of androgen that exists not only in men but also in women.

Rich in testosterone makes it easier for you to build muscle and promotes a stress-tolerant constitution. In addition, testosterone has the effect of increasing libido and erection.

In other words, a slim, healthy, and chewy body should have a higher libido and other physical functions than an unhealthy obese body.

However, since I started dieting, my libido has disappeared. Have you ever heard rumors that the frequency of fluttering has decreased?

Voice Of A Person Who Felt A Decrease In Libido On A Diet

Does dieting reduce libido? What kind of diet causes erectile dysfunction?

Let’s take a look at the voices of people who have lost their libido due to dieting and losing weight.

Also, it seems that not only men but also women may feel that their libido is lost due to dieting.

It seems that some men have lost their physical desire for their partners due to a short period of improvement in their apparent obese body shape. I should have lost weight for my health, but as a result, I lose my libido, and my satisfaction with my intimate life with my partner decreases.

If you healthily lose weight, your physical functions such as libido and erection should increase. Why does dieting reduce libido?

Three Types of Diets That Cause Decreased Libido and ED

Dieting is not a bad thing. The problem is how to diet.

What kind of diet will reduce libido? Here are four types of diets that have a risk of erectile dysfunction.

Sugar Restriction Diet

One of the most popular diets these days is the low-carbohydrate diet. A long time ago, it was also called a carb-free diet. It limits rice, pasta, bread, etc., which are rich in sugar, and switches to a diet centered on vegetables and meat.

Since sugar is easily converted into energy, unconsumed energy is stored as visceral fat. Therefore, it is one of the diets that women who do not want to do hard exercise on a daily basis but want to lose weight do relatively often.

But in fact, a low-carb diet risks even shortening your lifespan, let alone diminishing libido.

Glucose is also an energy source for the brain. Sugar restriction is a very dangerous dieting method with the risk of deteriorating body function and brain function due to lack of sugar.

Weight loss due to excessive running

Aerobic exercise such as running and jogging is useful when you are sure to lose weight.

Certainly, aerobic exercise such as running and walking also has the effect of improving blood flow, so it is an exercise that has been confirmed to have an impact on ED. Cenforce 200 and Fildena 100 of improving erectile dysfunction.

However, dieting due to excessive running or jogging is also a major cause of decreased libido. Why does running too much reduce libido?

Decreased testosterone levels due to excessive exercise are called exercise stress hypotestosterone disease, and symptoms such as decreased physical function and sleep disorders have been confirmed.

However, aerobic exercise is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. How many kilograms can we avoid the risk of loss of libido?

The amount of testosterone is the highest become is of the order of 100 km a month running.

You lose weight rapidly in a short period of time.

Most of the human body is water. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is not difficult to lose 10 kg in a month.

If your energy expenditure from exercise exceeds the calories you consume, you will lose weight. In other words, if you exercise without eating, you will lose weight in a short period of time.

By drinking a large amount of water every day for several weeks, you will be forced to change to a constitution in which a large amount of urine is excreted every day. Even if you don’t drink water in the middle, a large amount of urine is excreted every day, so you can force your body to become dehydrated and lose weight dramatically.

It is not important for athletes to lose more than 10 kg in a couple of weeks using this drainage method. By the way, when you finish weighing and drinking water, you will rebound 10 kg in a day.

A diet that loses weight and loses weight in such a short period of time will harm your health and shorten your lifespan.

The human body has a mechanism that puts the highest priority on maintaining good health. Therefore, if the body is in an unhealthy state due to a radical diet, all the energy required initially for libido and erection will be used for the recovery of the body.

Decreased libido due to a rapid diet occurs for the same reason that libido is lost when you are sick or injured.

Cortisol is secreted by an unreasonable diet.

You may have come to understand the characteristics of the diet that lead to decreased libido and the onset of ED.

All diets that reduce physical function have in common that they put an excessive burden on the body and force them to lose weight. All energy is commercialized to recover the body due to an unhealthy state, but excessive dieting can also cause frustration and stress. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 150 are effective for improving intimate function.


I wanted to tell you this time because dieting is dangerous! It does not mean that.

Excessive weight loss, which can be harmful to your health, is dangerous, and a healthy diet can be expected to improve libido and erection.

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