How to Start a Blog Post? Best Ways to Write It Professionally

How to Start a Blog Post?
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Well, you have done it, fella! You have purchased your domain and installed your WordPress plugin.


Now, what’s next?

The answer is pretty much simple!  You have written and published tons of blogs that are similar to the niche in which you are working on……


The most intriguing and time taking moment arrives when you cannot come up with an idea as to what to write, and how to begin.


This is the part where we come and help you out, right from scratch. Follow away this blog from start to end, in order to attain fulfilment regarding the blogging aspect.


Generate Ideas


There comes the 1st step, which is quite detrimental and tough. In this step, you should ask questions like this to yourself.


Who is your audience?


Who do you want to target through this blog?


What do people love to read these days?


Does this idea match the theme of your blog?


What is the hot-selling topic these days?


For example: If your blog is about Hollywood celebrities and gossip related to them. Then Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Italian wedding must be the most searched and talk of the town topic among your audience. So writing a blog about them will be a fabulous idea, indeed to grab traffic and make your readers happy too.


Create Outline


Now that you have abundant topic ideas about the subject of the blog, this is the phase where you point down the content of the blog. Although, we recommend the 1st post of the blog should be written which is loved by the writer. As in this manner, you have prior knowledge about the subject and also have a strong grip over it.



The outline should be like this;



  • Section #1
  • Main point
  • Additional information

Section #2

  • Main point
  • Additional information



This is the most common blueprint that is used for ages. Implementing this in your blog will give an accurate structure of the information being in the alignment.


Ps: segment your information.


Write your post


Once you have developed your ideas, comes this step now. Here you have developed the pointers that you have written in the outline step. Just keep writing, keep your creative juices flowing. Because in this the goal is to write only without worrying about the grammar or structure. There should be no distractions and hurdles while attempting this step.


If you have the urge to edit the lines for typos and all, just shrug that off. Because the foremostnotion is to write without thinking about secondary things. Once you have hit your target of words, that’s what you have to celebrate and be proud of.


Grammar and content


Here in this part, you will cross-examine your work as a critique. Every minute thing should be read twice to ensure the content is error and syntax free. Though, this step is now mostly done by software which is computed well by the AI technology. And agencies like Assignment help UK happen to have the premium membership of such interfaces. One more thing which you can do is to eliminate any wordiness from your post. And, try to make a balance between information and your point of view. Because too much of anything, makes the entity lose its chief essence. Even tiny thing like forgetting the capitalization of letters makes the reader lose focus.





After you have written and edited your content, there comes the most significant step of composing a blog post, is to write the title/headline.


Certain things should be kept in mind while crafting a headline


  • It should be short
  • It should be attractive/ eye-catching and unique
  • Your whole content depends on the title of your blog, so be creative
  • Avoid using crammed words
  • Don’t do grammatical or spelling mistakes on it
  • Stick to the theme of the content
  • Clickbait should be avoided
  • Don’t misguide your reader through the heading
  • Try to grab attention through it
  • Question techniques can be used
  • Stick to the soul of the content
  • Be true and loyal to the subject
  • Don’t sensationalize
  • Don’t make a fake approach, try landing legit assignment help uk


Add related pictures and graphics


To be honest, pictures are what attracts the reader most, writing takes a secondary seat in this. Through pictures and graphics, the reader of the blog gets an idea, of what content is going to be and if it is related to the picture provided then they will surely read. Because, at the end of the day no one like plain Jane, everybody loves a bit of sparkle and a breeze of fresh air.


So always try to incorporate pictures and graphics. If you don’t have any pictures and stuff, so many websites offer royalty-free images and if you want to be the legal owner of some images then you can purchase the bundle from portals like; Shutterstock, Stock, and some other too.

Always remember at the end of the blog give credit or mention the photographer’s names and credentials.


Optimize your content for SEO


You have written a flawless blog post, put so much effort into it, and it is not optimized. All your efforts go down the drain, forget about reading, and no one will go to search about it. Why? Because it is not search engine optimized (SEO), you haven’t used any keywords, and the configuration is not augmented. If you want your blog to be read, generate traffic, and be on Google search pages, then use SEO guidelines.


Hit the Publish Button


Before you hit the publish button, just remember that you have set the timetable for the blog posting 1st. You will be opting for a twice a week format or any other, so be specific about it and follow it religiously. If you can’t remember the routine of posting, take help from Google calendar or programming helper.


In the conclusion


Working out a blog post is not that arduous task, all you have to do is to follow the guidelines prescribed by the pro-writers of the blogging world. This will help you be at the top of your game and attain fulfilment in the content field. For more guide here

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