How secure are combination locks?

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A combination lock is suitable for protecting an object with a low or moderate risk of theft. The castle deters a casual thief. As a rule, however, professional burglars are not deterred by a simple steel bracket.

If you, therefore, own very noble valuables,german shepherd teeth problems you should lock them in a safe and take further security measures – for example in the form of an alarm system or radio alarm system.

How much does a combination lock cost?

Which combination lock you choose depends primarily on the intended use. If you need a simple model, you can get cheap combination locks for as little as five euros. Versions from renowned providers cost on average between 20 and 30 euros.

Electronic number padlocks are particularly cost-intensive. The price of numerous models is on average 100 euros.

How secure is the QTTO combination lock?

The QTTO combination lock has 4 numbers and not 3 numbers as is often the case, so this combination lock offers higher security.

What is the diameter of the bracket of the Burg-Wächter 99 Ni 50 SB?

The bracket of the Castle Guard 99 Ni 50 SB combination lock has a diameter of 8mm.

How many number rollers is the Abus 158/50 combination lock equipped with?

The Abus 158/50 has four reels on which you can set a digit between 0 and 9.

What is the security level of the ABUS 165/40SB combination lock?

The ABUS 165/40SB combination lock has a security level of 4 and is considered a robust lock for everyday use.

Is the Oria combination padlock weatherproof?

The Oria combination padlock is weatherproof and very robust. grooming your german shepherd offers 10000 combinations that can be selected as the setting of the number combination.

How long is the bracket of the Fretrecy combination lock?

With a bracket of 6.5 cm, the Fretrecy lock has a high degree of flexibility. It is suitable for gates, cabinets, suitcases and much more.

What materials is the ABUS 145/20 combination lock made of?

If you want to buy this combination lock, you get a robust product. The bracket is made of steel and the lock is made of solid aluminum.

Which grades did the individual combination locks receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal combination lock test winner from the following list:

First place – satisfactory: Padlock by Burg-Wächter – exemplary Internet price: 7 Euro

Second place – satisfactory: Combiflex 2501/65 from Abus – exemplary Internet price: 16 Euro

Third place – good: 155/30SB from Abus – exemplary Internet price: 8 Euro

Fourth place – good: 145/30 by Abus – exemplary Internet price: 10 Euro

Fifth place – good: CP50 2.5 by Squire – exemplary Internet price: 32 Euro

Sixth place – good: 35837 from Abus – exemplary Internet price: 38 Euro

Seventh place – very good: 99 Ni 50 SB from Burg-Wächter – exemplary Internet price: 17 Euro

Eighth place – very good: GA1001 by Grifema – exemplary Internet price: 7 Euro

Ninth place – very good: 158/50 by Abus – exemplary Internet price: 19 Euro

Tenth place – very good: 165/40SB from Abus – exemplary Internet price: 14 Euro

In the comparison table for the combination lock comparison, all grading groups are equally represented. In descending order, you can look at 5 “very good” combination locks, 4 “good” combination locks plus 2 “satisfactory” combination locks. A decision-making aid may be the price-performance winner GA1001 from Grifema, which costs a total of 6.99 euros.

In the combination lock comparison, the manufacturer Abus has the most combination locks in the product table with 7 out of 11 different products.

From how many different manufacturers can the best product be selected in the combination lock comparison?

In the product table for the combination lock comparison, which was compiled by our editors, you have the possibility to select a combination lock from 4 well-known manufacturers.

How much do the combination locks cost on average in a product comparison?

On average, you can spend between 38.25 euros and 6.99 euros for a combination lock. We recommend our price-performance winner GA1001 from Grifema, because for 6.99 euros you get good quality at an adequate price.

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