Why Divorce is a Taboo in India?

Why Divorce is a Taboo in India
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Divorce the word sounds so opposing but does it is? Or it is a freedom from years of Adjusting and mental or physical torture? And why is a divorce in Indian culture still considered taboo?

In this article, we are going to touch every aspect, every angle of divorce, such as problems faced by divorced women in India.

Let’s begin.

In Indian culture, Marriage is seen as a sacred and spiritual part of an individual life.

It’s like a new chapter, a new beginning of an entity.

In Indian culture, Marriage is seen as the bond of two individuals for seven lives.

You must have heard Pandits ( Hindu priests) chanting Mantras and saying that the couple has now been companions for seven ages.

 It is a blessing that the couple lives happily together not only for this life but for the seven lives and their bond never gets broken.

But no one can pause the inevitable.

Some marriages fall apart and end up drowning in divorce due to numerous reasons, for instance, the first and foremost is an incompatibility between the couples, physical or mental torture, violence, Economic problems, Responsibilities or extramarital affairs.

But taking a divorce is an option or not?

Let’s find out.

Divorce Considerable or Not.

If we compare the divorce rate of western countries with India, Above 50-60% of marriages in Western countries end in divorce whereas in India out of 100 couples only one considers divorce.

But can we be proud of this Calculation or divorce rate?

In India, taking a divorce, especially for women is considered taboo or shameful.

It has been seen that people tend to believe that the feminine side must be at fault, people start to point at her character in the worst-case scenario her friends and family blame her.

But have you wondered why women always have to be blamed when either of the individuals is willing to take divorce?

Problems faced by divorced women in India

A divorced woman in India has to go through a lot of problems and challenges once she has been divorced.

The first and foremost challenge a woman confronts is how she will survive? How will she earn daily bread?

Most women get scared just by thinking of it and bow down against the situation.

Independent women somehow will manage but for the women who have taken care of children and spent half of their life in the kitchen, it is like the worst nightmare.

To tackle this situation, there is a provision for Alimony.

Also in the matters of divorce, it has been that even the family of the woman decline to take her girl back which is very cruel and disheartening.

Once she gets the tag of a divorcee, her percentage of getting married again also declines, she has been seen as untouchable or available.

From recreating her life to changing names in numerous documents, understanding alimony details, and consulting the children.

It is 100 times tougher than it seems just by reading it.

But the question still prevails why divorce in India is taboo?

Divorce in India is still seen as taboo because we Indians live in a community made up of friends, family, relatives, and neighbors & they have a tremendous impact or say direct influence on our lives.

Due to this, we are worried about adverse effects on the family reputation they could brew.

Also, Social stigma like giving more importance to married women compared to the divorced woman or behaving like untouchable in simple words once you are divorced you have lost all the respect and affection.

We think We have not yet crossed the line called “what will people think or what will they say”?

However, this new generation doesn’t believe in these kinds of tantrums and stigma, in today’s time both the individuals are financially independent and progressive.

They are very well known for their rights and values but still, we have a lot to cover. If you are also facing this problem then you should definitely meet an experienced divorce advocate.


We believe that we have touched on the vital point of the divorce and added value to your knowledge regarding this subject.

We hope that our country will soon recover from these kinds of stereotypes and stigmas “Seeing divorce a taboo” and emerge as a developed & progressive society.

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