How to Increase Views on YouTube: 10 Tips to Test Today

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In a world more and more dominated by video and video, getting the most views on YouTube should be at (it isn’t at) at the top of any content marketer’s agenda.

Before you make a statement, let me discuss the issue: YouTube views don’t keep the lights on. If you’re not sure about committing time and money to a platform that does not bring direct returns, You’re not alone. Under pressure to achieve short-term goals, many marketers prefer to skip YouTube and put all the money they have into paid search and social.

I can relate to these people. I truly do. However, we must acknowledge an unavoidable fact: without an abundance of top-of-the-line prospects, you’ll never be able to meet your goals in the long run. It’s essential to create content that helps spread the word about your business and helps build a sense of trust for that brand. You can also get free YouTube likes with SubPals.

YouTube is the ideal place for you to post the content. With this COVID-19 crisis creating a unique challenge to sell, this is the perfect time to focus on the top of the potential funnel market.

Here are ten ways to help you gain more views YouTube for the year ahead:

  • Create quality content (that no one else has made).
  • Think of it as a series and not individual videos.
  • Be familiar with YouTube SEO.
  • Join forces and collaborate with your fellow content creators.
  • End screens and use cards.
  • Create an article for your blog post to accompany each video.
  • Include timestamps in your video descriptions. Include timestamps in yours.
  • Make sure to spread the word on social media.
  • Don’t be stingy with your thumbnails.
  • Take a moment to think about your titles.

1. Create quality content (that no one else has made)

Yup. This is the best way to do it. This is my top method to increase views on YouTube.

Create great content. Create content that no one else has created.

I’ve chosen this as my top method based on the principle. If you’re looking hard enough–and it’s not necessary to be looking very hard to find all sorts of illegal and shady ways to boost your YouTube views. I’m sure that you lovely people wouldn’t consider stopping this to the ground. However, I need to be on the same page from the start.

The best way to be successful on YouTube is to make videos that people would like to keep watching, I’d add. In a nutshell: the focus is on the value. If you’re not able to provide our viewers with weight, you’re not suitable to use content marketing. It’s that easy. click here

2. Think of it in terms of the series, not individual videos.

Many YouTube creators arrange their content into playlists. What is the reason?

The reasoning is straightforward When you click on an embedded video in a playlist that’s in a playlist, the next one on the playlist will start automatically at the time the current video has ended. In the end, viewers can view various related videos without having to lift a finger. This naturally makes YouTube content creators happy since it results in higher ad revenues. However, it also makes you happy since it can translate to greater engagement and increased videos views.

It’s no surprise that collating several videos not related in multiple playlists makes an unsatisfactory user experience. Instead, I suggest creating a plan for the ideas for your YouTube content not in terms of the individual video, however, but instead by referring to the series. So, when time passes and you produce more content, it’s easy to organize your content into logical playlists. Your viewers will enjoy an effortless, enjoyable experience, and you will gain from an increase in views. Win-win!

Here’s an illustration. If I were marketing something like a baseball academy, I would concentrate on making a few videos. One would be about pitching, another about bats, another on being in the outfield, and others. Thinking about this idea from the beginning is the best way to get yourself set in the right direction for YouTube’s success.

3. Be familiar with YouTube SEO

Just like I said: YouTube is a search engine. Like every other type of search engine, YouTube utilizes a variety of rank indicators to arrange its results. Knowing YouTube SEO and the essential ranking indicators and how you can draw attention to them is a vital element to obtaining the most views for YouTube.

First of all, you must have keyword phrases. Without the target keywords, there’s no one to improve for. Once you’ve created your list of topics you’d like to tackle (thinking of a series! ), you can enter them one by one into your YouTube search bar. As you’ve likely seen previously, YouTube will generate a list of suggestions for search queries. Each direction has been searched repeatedly by actual YouTube users. Each one of them is, therefore, is a perfect opportunity to use as a keyword!

SEO to YouTube video titles

When deciding where to put your video within the results of an exact search query, YouTube looks at various factors; the most important one is the title of your video. It’s simple. If you wish for your video to be ranked for a specific phrase, that keyword must be included, ideally at the beginning of the title. This is because research suggests that beginning your identification with the desired keyword could result in a tiny increase in search rankings.

4. Join forces with other content creators

If you and another content creator aim for the same target audience doesn’t suggest that your relationships should be antagonistic. I would tell you to build a synergistic relationship–i.e., an alliance that benefits you. Remember that the primary purpose of YouTube content marketing will be to provide value to viewers and increase the number of potential customers at the top of your funnel. If you’re me, your capability to achieve this goal is not in any way affected due to the presence of a rival.

5. End screens and Use cards

Watching time is an excellent gauge of the viewer’s engagement. The more the viewer is absorbed in your YouTube video, the more engaged they are in what you’re talking about. If someone is interested in your content and is engaged, they’re willing to watch many more videos. The fifth strategy to get more YouTube views is using the end screens and cards. Let’s have a review of each feature.


The YouTube card can be described as a type of banner notice that appears in the upper right-hand corner of your video. It informs viewers of the related item of content. It’s an easy and effective method to increase user engagement and promote other footage without compromising the quality of the user experience.

Consider all cards as the YouTube equivalent to an internal link in your blog posts. While you’re self-promotional, you’re also directing your readers to an item of content that they could benefit from. Again, it’s an ideal win-win situation.

6. Create an article for your blog post to accompany each video

If you’re blogging is already a part of the content marketing strategy, and it should be, then why not create an article on your blog post to go along with every video on YouTube videos? Yes, it isn’t a perfect solution and will require additional time; however, the benefits exceed the cost. It’s an easy method to bring your visitors to your YouTube channel and generate an increase in the number of viewers. Additionally, for viewers who prefer to listen to a video rather than read it and read, incorporating videos is an effective way to increase the quality of your user experience. If you’re already sitting at your desk to create the script, the effort needed to write a blog post is minimal.

7. Include timestamps in your video descriptions. Add timestamps to your

YouTube’s YouTube Search bar doesn’t have to be the only option users can use to find relevant content. It’s typical to find YouTube videos via Google. It shouldn’t be a big surprise since many queries result in videos within the search results.

8. Spread the word via social media

There’s nothing new here, but sometimes the essential things can yield the most effective outcomes. The key to getting the most views for your video on YouTube is using social networks to advertise the latest content.

The problem is that this is the only thing on our checklist that everybody does. There isn’t a lot of knowledge about YouTube SEO. It is not everyone’s desire to sign up with a rival. Many do not care about creating authentically valuable content.

Everyone uses social media for advertising the popularity of their YouTube videos. This is why it’s crucial to be creative in your strategies. Let’s look at three ways you can go about it to make sure you are noticed on social.

9. Don’t be stingy with your thumbnails

People will seek out your content. Other people will stumble across it on your social media channels or website. Some people may discover your videos through the help of links from friends.

Naturally, however, many viewers will come across your YouTube videos by simply surfing the site looking for something to view. If your thumbnails aren’t compelling and unique that grab your viewers’ attention, you may not receive the number of views that you’d like. With this in mind, we’ll briefly discuss the steps to make an appealing YouTube thumbnail. You can also use Y2mate to download videos from Youtube.

10. Be aware of your titles

Your title for the title of your YouTube video, just like your thumbnail, needs an enormous amount of thought. While it’s not ethical (and ultimately ineffective) to use your video’s title to get users to click on it, you need to come up with something appealing. Do you have a list of all those looking for something to discover? Are they browsing YouTube for something interesting to see? They’ll scroll past you if your chosen title can’t grab their attention and motivate them to take action.

The game’s objective is to find a middle between being the two extremes of dishonest and dry. We’ve got a few ideas on how to get there.

Concentrate on the result

What can viewers leave having watched your film? What worth or benefit will they take away from your video? What will you learn from your research that will change how they live their lives? Consider these questions as you think of titles, and you’ll ultimately come up with an award-winning title.

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