10 Quick Tips for Off-the-Chart Instagram Growth

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10 Quick Tips for Off-the-Chart Instagram Growth

With 1 billion users on the platform comprar seguidores twitter every month, and more than 200 million Instagrammers who visit at least one company profile each day, Instagram is a must for companies. The main question is, why would you not like to build your brand using the platform?

Particularly in the present, when social media is now a requirement and more and more people remain at home, the amount of time we are spending online is increasing. Instagram is becoming an online social space and an enjoyable distraction.

Instagram growth high hummingbird

Suppose users watch videos of the extremely fashionable Algona coffee being made, seek a break from their home, or use Instagram to pass some time between mealtimes. In that case, your company can engage with them through Instagram and have the chance to grow in doing it.. Here are 10 strategies to boost Instagram growth that you can begin working on right now.

1.   Post often and frequently

If you don’t consistently post and consistently post, your audience’s expectations will decrease. If you are posting every day for a time, but you don’t update for months, your followers will either be confused or may have forgotten about you completely. They may not even follow you once you decide to post again.

Create a plan and ensure that you stick to the project. This brings you to the following point.

2.   Utilize a scheduling tool

Post regularly is essential for growth, but it’s much more difficult to say than accomplish. For huge growth on Instagram, making a plan in advance and using a tool for scheduling is the most efficient option. Not just posting your Instagram content before posting saving you time, it will also lessen stress and reduce the chance of mistakes.

Fortunately, Instagram makes this simple for all social media marketers. Instagram includes a scheduling function within the Facebook Ads Manager, and there are other tools for posting available that come with additional helpful growth tools. Take a look at this list if looking to use the services of third-party social scheduling software to keep your followers interested.

3.   Try out Instagram Live

Did you realize that 82% of users prefer to watch live videos rather than read an online post?

It’s a blessing that Instagram Live makes this possible, and there are many reasons to consider giving it a shot.

Instagram Live Q&A Example

One reason is that Instagram Live videos earn you the first place in your followers’ news feeds. Instagram Live videos will also instantly send out push messages to followers, letting them know that you’re living. And last but not least prior, Instagram’s algorithm seems to favor accounts for businesses that use this feature by boosting the organic engagement of their followers and making their accounts more easily discovered.

4.   Collaboration with other brands

Is there no better method to speed up your Instagram expansion than to join forces with a brand that already has a huge following? It’s like two-for-one advertising since you are exposing it to your existing audience, and a completely new audience will also be exposed by forming a mutually beneficial partnership.

To establish business-oriented partnerships, you must ensure that the businesses you want to work with aligning with your company’s goals. It is equally important to develop an action plan before submitting partnerships. What will the relationship bring to your partner? What kind of partnership will the Instagram marketing campaign be like?

Check out the below example taken from Outdoor Voices, a women’s activewear brand and dance-related company, Melody Dance Fit. This is a perfect match since the service and product make sense with exercise classes and activewear. They also collaborated to develop a program called “Virtual Recess,” where people participate are wearing Outdoor Voice clothing while providing an Instagram live dance class. Genius!

Instagram growth virtual recess

5.   Run contests

The idea of an Instagram contest is a different way to increase the exposure to your account and grow your profile. Why? One reason is that people are amazed by free things! If you give anything for free, people are more likely to participate. Giveaways and contests perform great when they are posted on Instagram. You can ask people to experience various ways that will boost your followers and engagement levels. For instance, you could request those people:

Comment and tag your friends

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I am awestruck by your posts.

Please send us your posts or stories.

Another benefit is that these contests and giveaways don’t always have to be elaborately planned or complex to conduct.

Here’s a fantastic illustration of a contest I have seen recently, hosted by a health blogger I follow.

As you can see, the idea behind her contest was very easy to follow, and entry was as simple as liking a few of her posts and then tagging one of her friends. As a reward, she entered participants in a raffle for the chance to be the winner of the books of her club.

This is fantastic because participating in the contest doesn’t just increase the engagement of her posts but also makes her brand known to more potential followers since users are sharing their stories with new people who might not be following her already.

6.   Becoming An Instagram Story regular

Similar to Instagram Live, Instagram Stories should be your best friend! Why? Firstly, 500 million users use Instagram Stories every day, with one-third of the most-watched stories being from companies. Reports continue to grow in popularity, and displaying your company’s name in them allows your followers another opportunity to interact with your company. Additionally, you can create Instagram Story ads to promote your business to a bigger public.

The other aspect that is wonderful with stories is that they’re easy to make. Making an Instagram Story requires only an image or video to share with minimal risk since the story only lasts all day long. It is also possible to save older Instagram Stories to share on your account in relevant groups if you wish to extend their lifespan, as shown in the example below.

7.   Create an Instagram page that is cohesive. Instagram page unified

This tip is crucial to Instagram expansion: You must ensure that your Instagram page is amazingly consistent and pertinent to your business. People love consistency.

The best way to accomplish this is to ensure your lighting and background remain consistent throughout the shooting or filming process. For example, if you’re involved in fashion marketing, you should not take photos of your clothes against a different background every single post. Maybe you’re looking for an organic look. In this scenario, you might want to shoot a model in the same field or forest or even in the same areas for a chance to show new trends. The lighter backgrounds are generally more appealing when shooting with natural light; you need to make sure you’re taking pictures in the open air or near the window, however, not in direct sunlight since the glare could be too intense.

Look at the picture that follows from Crew. This feed evokes a nautical feel with the blues, stripes, whites, and regular beach and waterfront backgrounds.

The second step to give an even appearance to your feed is to use similar Instagram filters or edit methods to edit each post. This will help your pictures look unified. Determine which filters will best suit the look you’re looking for. You can also play using your editing tools. I generally enjoy making my edits by making the photo brighter by applying some saturation to enhance some of the colors, then a tilt-shifting to focus on the photo’s subject.

8.   Make use of hashtags

Another quick and efficient (and cost-free) method to increase the number of followers on the reach of your Instagram account is to utilize hashtags strategically. Instagram posts that use hashtags have a 12.6 percent increase in engagement compared to posts without hashtags.

Has tagging is extremely effective because it assists in categorizing similar content, making your content more easily recognizable. This is the reason has tagged posts receive so much more traffic than posts without.


Instagram hashtag with yogurt and Granola

If you’re unsure how to utilize hashtags most efficiently, read this guide on Instagram has tagging to help you become an expert.


9.   Pay to play

I know I realize that you were looking for opportunities to grow your business which didn’t involve opening your wallet, did you? Although it’s certainly possible to naturally expand your Instagram account, even investing a small amount could yield a significant return. What exactly is that? First of all, Instagram allows you to limit your budget, direct your ads to a targeted audience, and pick from various ads formats (story ads, videos, photos ads, carousel ads, etc.). Sponsoring a single post could bring in a substantial amount of attention.


With all the possibilities and options for how you advertise, it could be daunting. Start small by promoting one of the most popular organic posts on your feed to a targeted group of people, then monitor the performance, and then review the results.

Even if your budget may be low, however, the ROI could be significant, so try experimenting with paid content to boost the growth rate of your Instagram.


10.                     Give back

Last but not least, but certainly not least, one of the most effective ways to increase growing your Instagram profile is to display the caring and genuine aspects of your company, especially in the current time.

your business can assist others even in a small way, why not do something to help?

it’s creating masks for medical professionals, donating to the local food bank, or providing meals to nurses on the go, There are a myriad of ways to help your community.  you’re doing this, should you not be sharing what you’re doing with your customers? It will demonstrate the compassion behind your company, but it may also motivate people to do the same in return!

This is a beautiful instance from Boston-based restaurant café proprietor Joanne Chang. He is doing an amazing job to assist our hospital employees in a time when her business is certainly struggling. This kind of generosity of spirit is truly inspirational.


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