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Kubet – A betting address that is extremely loved by bettors. As one of the leading trusted addresses today for you to rest assured to play games, relieve stress, participate in betting ….

Especially, in the past time in the huge game store. Poker is becoming an online game that attracts a large number of players at the house. However, new players will inevitably be surprised and do not know how to win. Therefore, in today’s article, we will share useful knowledge related to this attractive bonus game. From there, it helps you to participate effectively in the online disc jockey game.

What is Kubet’s online dice game?

Xoc disc is one of the folk games that appeared a long time ago in Vietnam, very popular in the Northern region. The game is currently popular with many people, especially on holidays, Tet, or at large gatherings for entertainment. The attractive disco game attracts players by its simple way of playing. The game will start with 1 plate, 1 bowl facing up on the plate, and accompanied by the indispensable 4 coins. Each coin will have 2 sides that are colored white and red. The player’s job is to bet on the color of the coins. Parity can be predicted as 2 white coins, 2 red coins is an even bet, and 1 white coin and 3 red coins are odd bets.

With the strong development of science and technology and to meet the increasing entertainment needs of people, online gambling was born. Although it is a new form of appearance, Kubet online poker game is loved by many people. Because of the convenience it brings, players can participate in betting anywhere. every time everywhere. This form of playing online should only need a device connected to the network to participate and is organized by the house. You can visit the home page of the house to register an account to play this game.

Fan-tan’s terminology you should know

  • Quadruple: only 4 coins of the same color as 4 white, 4 red.
  • Wealth is red.
  • Under is white.
  • Odd talent: only 3 red coins.
  • Odd and faint: only 3 white coins.
  • Even talent: only 4 red coins.
  • Even and faint: only 4 white coins.
  • Table of numbers or tables: is the parity statistics table.
  • Read the taste: is to predict the results accurately.
  • Breaking the bridge: is the change of playing strategy.

Instructions how to play online poker on Kubet

Tips to play a dice game from the masters. Before participating in this game, to increase confidence and want to play online poker “hundreds of matches hundred wins”. Players need to learn in detail about the rules and how to play the dice game. 

The rules of this game are not difficult, players just need to understand and note some points to be able to participate.

Basic rules of dice game

The rules of online Kubet poker are extremely simple and easy to understand. But to play you need to know a few rules:

  • On the disc jockey table, there will be 1 set of disc jockeys and 1 betting table.
  • The player will place a bet, then the dealer will conduct a dice.
  • Open the bowl to be able to determine the color of the coins and decide whether the player’s bet is won or lost.

Although only based on the color of 4 coins, there are many different bets in poker for players to choose from. Specifically:

  • Even bet: is a bet where the player predicts the outcome of 4 white coins and 4 red coins or 2 white coins – 2 red coins.
  • Odd bet: is a bet where the player predicts the outcome of 1 white coin – 3 red coins and 1 red coin – 3 white coins.
  • Bet on color: That is, 4 white coins, 4 red coins, or 3 white coins – 1 red coin, 3 red coins – 1 white coin.

How to calculate points for playing poker online at Kubet

As mentioned above, playing poker online does not perform the calculation of points like the Western card games that we often see. Instead, the rules of poker will determine the winner and loser based on the color of the coins appearing after the dealer shakes. If the player correctly predicts the colors of the 4 coins, he will win and proceed to receive the prize.

Bonus calculation rate

Regarding the payout ratio of disc jockey, it will depend on the betting door and the house that the player offers. That is why when you start to play poker, you need to carefully study the instructions and these payout percentages. Here are some suggestions that you can refer to:

  • Even bet: payout ratio 1 to 0.97.
  • Odd bets: payout ratio 1 to 0.97.
  • Bet 4 white coins: payout ratio 1 to 9.5.
  • Bet 4 red coins: payout ratio 1 to 9.5.
  • Bet 3 white coins, 1 red coin: payout ratio 1 to 2.5.
  • Bet 3 red coins, 1 white coin: payout ratio 1 to 2.5.

Strategies for online poker 

Although I know that the Kubet dice game always carries many elements of luck in each game. Just like the way to play is very simple, but not only because of that, but also let and bet according to emotions. Instead, bring yourself special games with a high win rate. Then players need to equip themselves with an effective green disc jockeying experience. Of course, this will be very simple for longtime players but will be very difficult for new players. So, the house has summarized and brought to players several ways to play poker below. Surely these will be extremely relevant information for newbies:

Learn how to listen to the sound of the disc 

This is extremely important and is considered a tip for playing poker so that new players can grasp the correct and effective bets for themselves. With the traditional way of playing poker, players need to pay attention to the sound of the disc shock and rely on the bass sound of the coins to decide on the bet. As for how to play poker online at Kubet, you must keep track of the previous results to find the rules from which to make the best choice.

Analyze and closely observe the players around before placing a bet

Tracking and observing the players around you will be a way for you to “pocket” for yourself the most effective and suitable playing method, the disc jockey algorithm. Having determined to play roulette at the beginning, determined to play less from the very beginning. Then pay close attention to the players around to see how they play, or spot the tricks they use. From there, it is possible to improvise according to the situation.

Calculating money for a suitable dice game

To collect the most money in your pocket from the most online poker game. Then you also need to know how to spend money reasonably. Do not waste money on unnecessary bets.

The best way is that you just divide the bet evenly in each game of poker at the Kubet house. Next, join a game room that matches your existing money. Only then will you be able to optimize the effectiveness of each bet you participate in. It also helps to minimize unnecessary losses.

Should play with a stop at the right time

After all, online poker is a game of chance. And players need to know how to play poker when to continue when to stop. Don’t be too greedy when playing dice. Because not everyone can win forever and not every bet will win a lot and earn a lot of money. Once you’re on the black line, it’s hard to get rid of the money, let alone get the bonus. So, know to stop if you see bad luck clinging to you. Stop to consider whether you should continue playing or not, the time is still long, as long as you preserve your capital, you can continue.

How to access the online poker game on Kubet

Step 1: Visit the website and log in to your account

Players access the home page link of the house. Click on “Login” in the upper right corner of the homepage. When the results are displayed, the player proceeds to fill in his account information. Then select the login section right below to complete.

If you are a new player who does not have an account to log in, you must first register for an account. How to register is also simple, just follow the registration steps according to the instructions on the website of the bookie. Or you can register faster on your computer, or phone with this gaming application.

Step 2: Search and enter the game Xoc disc online

Looking at the top of the home page, at the menu toolbar the player proceeds to select Game. Then continue to choose Game Portal and choose the game Xoc disc online. With just a few simple steps, players can join the game right away.

Step 3: Place your bets

Before starting to play poker, players must choose for themselves a bet. Then bet with the amount that matches your capital and choose to confirm. Once the bets have been placed, there will be a period of shuffling. When the time is over, the player will get the result of a win or loss.

Should you play online poker at Kubet?

This is a question that many players are interested in. Currently, many players want to participate in betting but do not know which address to choose. This is completely understandable because they always want to find the most prestigious and quality destinations. Because when you win, you can receive money quickly.

Kubet is the leading reputable online bookmaker in Asia with headquarters in the Philippines. The playground has received a license to operate legally in PAGOR and has been operating in the entertainment industry for many years. In the Vietnamese market, in particular, this is the house with the best position and capacity that is most appreciated. All payment transactions are processed quickly by the house system within 5 to 10 minutes.

Outstanding advantages when playing online poker games at Kubet

Participating in online poker or online gambling is all about playing for money. However, now many bookies offer this game but it is a game with virtual programming and makes you cheat. Therefore, Kubet is still a bright name for many poker players. Because playing poker online at the house will have many highlights. Specifically include:

Ensure the safety of customer information. The bookie has a legal headquarters and licenses to operate, fully paying taxes. Therefore, all players participating here are protected.

The operation of playing the disc jockey game is simple and easy. As long as you have a network connection and a smart device, you can participate in betting and play at any time.


Meet the needs of playing with a wide range of customers. Whether the player chooses a large or small bet, the house will agree and accept it.

Signing up for an account is quick and easy. In less than 1 minute, you have an account and become a member of the house quickly and easily.

Deposits and withdrawals are super fast. Depositing money into the house account takes less than 1 minute. Or withdraw money only takes about 5 to 15 minutes, extremely fast and safe.

Dedicated customer care staff to support online 24/24 including holidays or holidays.

Many attractive and interesting live casino halls for you to choose from a variety of tables with different bet levels.

Conclusion is the address for you to play online poker games at KUBET. This betting house is being interested in many players. Here, players not only experience vivid images and sounds but also can win big bonuses. Ensure the ripest green for players. Hopefully, the article has helped you choose the most ideal and perfect entertainment address. As well as help you understand how to play online poker effectively. So what are you waiting for, quickly register yourself an account here to bet and win a lot?

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