11 Tips for Instagram (Influencers Don’t Want You to Know About)

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Are you bored with reading Instagram tricks all over the internet?

I know that I am.

“Post consistently.”

“Use hashtags.”

“Create quality content.”

Please. Let me know something I’m not aware of.

Since I honestly take a look at the successful Instagram profiles of various Instagram influencers. I feel like they’re trying to hide something.

They must be applying methods to ensure that their content is beautiful.

They should be using secrets to grow their Instagram accounts.

They must be doing something more than the standard Instagram guidelines you read about and read about.

But the fact is they’re likely not divulging their organization’s secrets.

The offer is valid until today.

I’ve been looking through the Internet all day and night, searching for the most secret Instagram strategies that influencers don’t discuss.

I’ve discovered some fantastic Instagram strategies – for stories and growth that can help you make your content unique and help you grow your Insta quickly. If you’re looking to find out what these Instagram strategies and techniques offer, Read on! I swear that you’ll learn something new! You can also get free Instagram followers with TurboMedia.

  1. Get an extensive background on Stories

Snap a photo of something random, or choose an image from Your Photo Library.

After that, click to draw a pencil, and hover over the color you want. After that, you tap with your fingers and hold it in place. The entire background will be changed to one solid monochrome color that is ideal when you’re writing an instant message, making it stand out while still blending into the color scheme from your other Stories.

2. Additional colors from the color range

Have you ever thought you could be more colorful than the 27 standard ones available on Instagram Stories?

You can have all the colors of the rainbow If you’d like!

To unlock these, press the drawing pen once more, and after that, select the color you are offered, then keep your fingers in place. Within a few seconds, you’ll see a vast selection of gradient colors you can pick from. Keep your finger on the screen and move it left and right until you locate the shade you like.

It’s a fun wheel trick that you can utilize to create the background behind your text.

3. 3D impact on fonts

While technically, there’s no 3D effect in Stories, you can make it to the point that it appears as realistic as it does in reality.

Then, click on our preferred draw pen icons. Note down what word (or the phrase) you’d like to write in one of the fonts available. Make sure you select a black color. Place the text wherever it is required to be.

You have to write a second time the exact sentence (or sentence); however, you should choose an alternative color, like blue. Place it over the initial word; however, just a little to the left to see your background font. These are two fonts laid on top of one another.

4. Zoom into like the pros

I used to believe that to zoom in on Instagram, it was necessary to apply two fingers to the screen to zoom out, but not anymore.

Once you are ready to record when you are prepared to record, press the record button, then move your finger upwards to the display.

I had no idea it was that simple!

5. Turn the screen

Have you ever wondered how these influencers’ screens change quickly while making Stories or going Live? All you have to do is tap the net two times while recording then your smartphone will start taking a selfie within a second!

6. Make sure to use different fonts on Stories

Although Stories provide only five officially available fonts that include Classic, Modern, Neon Typewriter, Classic, and Strong, There’s a trick that you can employ to circumvent adding additional types of fonts to your content.

The first step is to ensure that you’re using the Safari (or Chrome) browser is active on your phone.

Open the Instagram app, navigate to Stories, and choose (but don’t upload) the image you would like to publish.

Suppose you’re using an iPhone; double-tap your Home button to see two open tabs simultaneously. Open your browser and then open this site: CoolSymbol.com. Select the “Fancy Text” “Fancy Text” option and enter whatever you wish to write about your story. This text will be automatically changed to multiple fonts. You need to go down the page, pick the one you like, and then select “copy.”

It will also be saved onto your clipboard with the font you choose.

After that, double-click on the Home button and return to the Instagram application – the Stories draft remains there!

In it, click the icon for text (“Aa”) and then tap and hold it on your screen, where you see the cursor blinking is, then click “Paste.”

7. Use animated fonts for Stories

If you’ve learned how to use different fonts in Instagram Stories, did you also know that it is possible to create animated videos?

Yep, that’s right.

First, you need to download HypeType, the app that lets you add animated text to your pictures.

Here’s how to utilize it. It’s pretty simple, really:

  1. Install the app and then open it (duh)
  2. Select the image you want to use from the Photo Library
  3. A cartoon textual fragment reads “Double-tap to Edit.”
  4. 4. Double-tap
  5. 5. A window will be opened to allow you to write your text
  6. 6. You’re in the know about what to do
  7. After you’ve completed the process, when you’re done “done” icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  8. 8. You’ll be able to see the initial image along with animated text
  9. 9. click on the “T. “T” icon. You’ll be able to switch fonts and experiment with animation
  10. 10. Once you’re done saving the image, select “save” (same blue icon) and then choose to save the image to your smartphone.
  11. 11. On Instagram, go to Stories, then click on Stories, then upload the animated content

Easy. Peasy.

8. Utilize your image’s color scheme to make the background of an amusing letter

Every smart Instagrammer recognizes how important it is to use a visually consistent theme. One cool Instagram trick for Stories is to design distinctive backgrounds that you can use for fonts inspired by the color scheme of the image you’re sharing.

To accomplish this, it is necessary to apply similar techniques to the drawing pen that was previously described.

Then, choose the image you wish to post and think of an idea for a phrase you’d like to write. It could be something simple and easy.

After that, click the icon for text (“Aa”) on the right-hand side of the screen and begin typing the beginning letter. Make sure that your font has been set to Strong, Classic, or Typewriter. The next step is adding a background to the font by clicking the icon at the top left corner. Once this is completed, select the pen drawing icon, and you’ll get a tool to appear. Moving the device around the image will change the background, for the pen will shift depending on where you “land.”

Once you’ve picked your background color for the initial letter, proceed to the next until you’ve typed the word alphabet by alphabet.

It may seem like it’s a long process initially. However, it’s much more efficient than you imagine. It also looks great, and it’s visually akin to the image, giving an overall feel and look to your content!

9. Create the effect of an ombre/rainbow.

Beware: this may require some hand gymnastics. After you’ve mastered the technique, however, making a vibrant rainbow or subdued ombre effect is a piece of cake in the text!

Here’s what you should do:

  • Write down your text
  • Choose all of your text
  • Make sure you hold your thumbs up on any color in the color scheme suggested
  • Place your left thumb onto the cursor for text
  • Move both fingers simultaneously to the left
  • The letters you write will change color

10. Make changes to stickers using a tap them

Okay, this one’s pretty simple; however, you can alter the Instagram stickers that appear on Stories by tapping them for those who didn’t know that. They’ll either move OR their color.

In Stories, you can continuously tap anything to change the look and appearance of stickers. Make sure to remember this easy Instagram trick to distinguish!

11. Make your hashtags inaccessible for you to post as many times as possible.

The addition of hashtags to your stories is among the most effective Instagram strategies for growth. If you follow this advice, it increases your chance of being featured using the hashtags you choose to use and, in turn, boosts your exposure and could bring more followers.

When using numerous hashtags in Stories may appear inconsiderate; if I said to you that you could turn them disappear, would you use hashtags?


Many people avoid using hashtags in Stories since they look somewhat snarky. But, if I said that you could hide them, would you choose to use ALL of them?

I thought so.

It’s not difficult to do by following these easy steps:

  1. 1. Always pick the image you’d like to send out
  2. 2. Enter any hashtag
  3. 3. Set it up in an area with an unobstructed background
  4. 4. Highlight the hashtag in the text
  5. 5. Tap on the icon for drawing
  6. 6. Move it across your screen closest to the background of the hashtag as you can until the hashtag coincides with the background


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