10 Best Places Buy TikTok Account Safely & Cheap in 2022

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Like it or hate it, we have to admit that TikTok is growing rapidly. And what grows big, of course, opens up an opportunity for business. So many people have chosen to find the best place buy TikTok accounts for sale. To gain a following them quickly on TikTok.

Best place to buy TikTok accounts

Mid Man

Mid Man is one of the best place buy TikTok accounts.

With more than 6 years of experience working in the activities of buying and selling social media accounts. Mid Man is committed to bringing to its customers the three core values of Safety, Quality, and Sale Growth.

You can buy TikTok accounts from other users when Mid Man is the intermediary. The purchase and sale will be fully guaranteed by Mid Man on safety and security issues.

In addition to a TikTok account, you can purchase additional YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for sale.


Famebolt is another name that you can try if you want to buy a TikTok account.

If you need to buy a TikTok account for your business, Famebolt can provide it for you. Or if you just need an account to have some fun with TikTok. Famebolt can also provide you. With many different prices, you can easily choose. Depends on what you want and the price you have.

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Looking for a TikTok account to buy? Then 123accs can also help you with this.

123accs is rated by users as one of the sites where the process of buying and selling TikTok accounts is very easy and simple. In addition, these TikTok accounts have all been verified for safety. You can use these accounts with complete peace of mind.

ACC Farm

If you need to buy a large number of TikTok accounts then ACC Farm is a good choice for you. The price is still very cheap, no matter how many accounts you buy.

ACC Farm will help you create a large number of TikTok accounts according to your requirements. You will be supported as soon as there is any problem. As one of the best place buy TikTok accounts, ACC Farm is a place you can trust.


Fameswap is a pretty well known name. What people like about Fameswap is the ability to choose an account that fits their needs.

You just need to use the filter and select the criteria you require. Fameswap will then show you the accounts that best match your requirements.

Swap Socials

SwapSocials is the next place that you should refer. Not only TikTok, SwapSocials also offers buying and selling accounts from many other famous social networks.

Security on SwapSocials is also very good. This is something you can completely count on while buying a TikTok account and want to be safe.


Fame Seller is another name on the list of the best places to buy a TikTok account.

Fame Seller has a very fast transaction time. Once the payment has been completed, you will receive your TikTok account in less than 1 hour. In addition, Fame Seller also sells many accounts of other social networking sites. And they also sell resources for the website.

Social Tradia

Social Tradia is also a place you can go if you want to buy a TikTok account.

At Social Tradea, the cool thing is that you can contact the seller. If you want to renegotiate the price, you absolutely can do it. Buying and selling at Social Trade are also very easy. You just need a PayPal account or credit card. That’s it, you are ready to participate in Social Trade.

ACCS Market

ACCS Market is a place where you buy a TikTok account as if you were experiencing a service.

You make your request about the TikTok account you wish to own. They automatically contact you as soon as possible. They will get back to you to agree on the details. If the agreement is approved by both parties, then you will own a TikTok account.


Woorke, a longtime name in the market of buying and selling TikTok accounts.

Woorke is trusted by many people because their support service is very good. You will be guaranteed 24/7 support. In addition, the TikTok accounts from Woorke all have real followers. So it is very difficult for these accounts to be blocked by TikTok.

In addition to being one of the best place buy TikTok accounts, Woodie is also a place that provides many other services for social.

Is buying a TikTok account really safe?

Buying a TikTok account is a very fast way for you to grow your TikTok channel. However, many people will be concerned about the safety of this purchase.

To make it easy to understand, whether this purchase is safe or not will largely depend on you. You just need to choose a reputable seller, understand what you need to do and that’s it.

And once you own a TikTok account, respect TikTok’s terms. Every day, many accounts are blocked for violating these rules. As long as you know these terms, you will not be locked out of your account.

What should I attention to when buying a TikTok account for sale?

As mentioned above, in transactions you must always be careful. If you adhere to the following, it will be very difficult for you to be scammed when buying a TikTok account for sale :

  • Choose an account that matches the content you want to develop
  • Verify the account and password are correct
  • Change the password immediately after the transaction
  • Payment via PayPal

Those are the basics I need you to know before getting into a TikTok account sale. Now let’s find out which places you can trust to buy TikTok accounts.


Hopefully, in the article, you have chosen for yourself the best place buy TikTok accounts. Always remember to be careful and wise when buying or selling anything online, and the same goes for buying and selling TikTok accounts.

Glad to share with you interesting knowledge through our articles. And look forward to sharing more with you.

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