The Good as well as the ugly of Email Marketing

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The Good as well as the ugly of Email Marketing

As marketer I am aware of the ways and when(Buy Facebook likes uk) I’m being targeted. One way that most of us are targeted each day is through emails.

We get so many emails that Google one of the biggest companies. Has provided us with three mailboxes to manage things. And this isn’t enough!

This is what I’m seeing from emails, however there are some great, and some than a few bad ones.

Most of the emails I receive are ugly. It’s not just the normal ugly, this is Clint Eastwood staring you down in a three-way fight. That’s pretty bad.

This article is a summary and not a look-up of some genuine emails that I’ve received in the past couple of months.

Hope these examples provide you with the idea of the best ways to send more efficient messages as well as the main reasons for why marketing via email can fail.

*Cues up Ennio Morricone’s score from the beginning**


The Good

Let’s start with the positive because, hey that’s our goal to assist you in executing better at email marketing.

We’ve been huge fans of BuzzSumo for quite a while and frequently use their service to manage and curate the quality of content. In my own experiences as an subscriber BuzzSumo’s emails for me were perfect.

They provided billing statements and also contacted me whenever they made significant changes to their service (which isn’t very often).

However, aside from that, the other emails I received from them were just alerts that I requested. BuzzSumo kept in contact but didn’t hound I to increase my membership.

Deliver me messages that weren’t relevant to my subscription level. Each email I received seemed to be logical.

A while later I realized that I did not have the money to subscribe to BuzzSumo, so I canceled my membership (which was a simple and painless process, and by the way and a bit of transparency goes very far! ).

After a few weeks I had cancelled my subscription I received the following email from James who is the co-founder of BuzzSumo:

Buzz Sumo Email

If this is an automated email or not, as it is most likely or if it actually was sent by James personally this is a great approach.

To avoid making me mad by not letting me simply cancel my subscription, BuzzSumo let me go , and allowed me to have some space. After a few minutes, time , they come into my account and give me something.

As I mentioned I am a fan of BuzzSumo. I’ve been paying for the service for a long time and they realize this, they also know that I’m going to turn down the free trial.

I agreed and they again provided me with access to their Pro Version of their software.

BuzzSumo is risk-free and has nothing to lose. The worst thing that could happen is that I sign up for two weeks, and then return to my free account.

If I decide that I can’t continue without a paid subscription , and decide to sign up again, then BuzzSumo will re-engage me by sending me a short email with freebies that are carrot-dangle.

It’s not complicated and it’s brilliant.

The Bad

This is more general however, when it comes to marketing through email, the biggest negative is that we receive lots of emails.

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I glanced up the Promotions tab on the personal Gmail account and noticed that I’ve got 17 email messages (and counting) as of today. My inbox shows that I’ve glanced at one and I’m thinking it was an accident.

Seriously what am I suppose to go through 17 emails after I’ve finished my work day and all the emails it entails? It’s crazy! Yet , here I’m telling you that email marketing can be a powerful strategy.

What’s going on?

Email is an excellent communication tool. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to) make it out of the clutter or) to block out the noise, however it’s not less useful for personal and business tasks. In some way it’s going to take less emails.

Can-SPAM as well as CASL – strict anti-spam emails laws that target businesses as well as marketers – have been helpful greatly.

However, marketers have to be in control of the situation by taking matters into your own control when it comes to creating and sending out marketing messages.

The Ugly

I’m not sure if my mind is calm enough to write about this , but here’s my attempt.

In my free time I play every day fantasy hockey. If you’re not familiar with it the concept, everyday fantasy games are single-day competitions in which players create real-life athletes, with the possibility of a salary cap.

they’re awarded prizes based on the amount of points earned by their teams. If you’ve heard about companies such as DraftKings as well as FanDuel then you’re familiar with what I’m talking bout.

I signed up to the demo version of an software which helps players select the best team members (because winning is enjoyable!). When I signed up for the free trial version, I was overwhelmed with emails:

There are several things that are very, very wrong with this picture however the primary and most obvious is that it’s an excessive amount of emails, all in all.

Eight emails in just eight weeks, plus on a few days, there were two emails. If you’re not giving out actual gifts on each of the twelve Days of Christmas, it’s just not acceptable to send this many mail to the people you want to reach.

The other big thing to avoid in this flood of emails is the topic. I’ve said I play every day fantasy hockey, so what’s the problem? These emails are related to or about the NBA or NFL but I don’t play football or basketball fantasy sports, so I don’t have a need for these messages.

These guys are aware and ought to make it their top priority to understand how their users are using their product.

They don’t, and as there’s been no attempt to segment their lists or communicating with a meaningful message I’ve already unsubscribed from their service and will not be signing for premium versions of their software.

A poor email marketing strategy literally prevented them from gaining a new client when they successfully converted me to the free trial. Isn’t that ugly?

Email is a regular part of the majority of our daily lives and isn’t going away. Inboxes full of spam and emails that we do not read are an element of the fight we wage on our email inboxes.

The secret to effective email marketing is figuring out the right balance of frequency, timing and an email that is logical.



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