10 of the Top LinkedIn Ad Examples

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Advertising on LinkedIn is a fantastic opportunity buymalaysianfollowers to advertise your business or brand to a professional target audience.

However, with 80% of B2B marketers preferring LinkedIn Ads over all other platforms for advertising campaigns, it’s difficult to stand out the crowd.

For you to help you determine the most effective way to reach your desired audience with advertisements on Linkedin Here are the top 10 LinkedIn ads examples:

10 Amazing LinkedIn Ad ExamplesTo give you some ideas to help you plan your next campaign, Here are 10 LinkedIn Ad examples from brands and companies who showed an eye for innovation and design as well as recognition of their targeted people:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Apple
  3. Wix
  4. Grammarly
  5. UiPath
  6. Gymshark
  7. GoDaddy AU
  8. Salesforce
  9. Later
  10. Flo

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#1: Airbnb’s Host Video is Awesome! Ad

Airbnb illustrates how video ads can be a potent storytelling tool to tell the personal experiences of people that are resonant with the audience.With a video that they use to showcase one of their hosts’ personal stories of helping their neighbors, Airbnb is showing a more authentic, human-centered side of their business.

Videos on LinkedIn has five times the engagement than other kinds of posts. This makes LinkedIn an ideal ad format to increase brand recognition and ensure that people are watching your content.

Additionally, the simple call to action button can help bring people to the Airbnb website as well as their support local business initiative.

#2:Apple’s Stopping the scrolling Carousel Ad

Carousel ads are a fantastic method of telling an interactive tale. A recent campaign Apple employed a carousel which is a combination of a short, snappy intro text with striking illustrations to draw LinkedIn users to pay focus.Apple draws users in by using its “11 reasons to get the Mac” strap that entices them to click through every slide to learn more.

Through eye-catching graphics and an interactive format for ads and a call-to-action button on the final slide, Apple does more than just hold Linkedin customers’ interest, but also brings them to their website and products.

3. Wix.com’s striking single image ad

Wix.com immediately captures LinkedIn its users’ eye employing bold colors and their own brand in their single-image ad.Because of the font’s size and their own tools for creating websites within the image, viewers immediately understand what the ad and, consequently, the company is about.

The larger format of 1×1 square images can also be used on mobile devices. The majority of LinkedIn users accessing LinkedIn via mobile devices this is an excellent illustration of how a company can adapt their marketing strategy to suit the needs of their customers.

TIP: Make use of LinkedIn Analytics which is the platform’s built-in analytics tool to discover more about your users’ demographics. This will allow you to refine your content strategy, and also determine the LinkedIn Ad type will work most effectively for your campaign.

#4 The Lead Gen Form of Grammarly

Leap Gen Forms can be an effective method to generate quality leads. These are forms that have been pre-filled with LinkedIn information about your profile which can be linked to ads with a single image as well as video advertisements as well as conversation ads and many more.Grammarly’s ad with a single image employs a case study of a client to encourage LinkedIn users to learn more about their service.

With a lead generation form, which is attached to a simple but powerful single image advertisement, Grammarly can gain new leads and advertise their company as an industry leader in their industry.

#5 The Informative Conversation Ad of UiPath

Another highly effective LinkedIn Ads example is from UiPath an international software firm that is specialized in the field of automation technology. They utilized a conversational advertisement directly to their intended audience’s inboxes to generate leads and increase website traffic.In sharing a report which identifies UiPath as a leading company in their industry, UiPath is positioning itself as a trustworthy and successful company that prospective customers can believe in.

They have a range of interactive responses in their conversation ads to provide users with a variety of pages for landing. All in all, this provides an excellent interactive experience for users.

#6: Gymshark’s funny Video Ad

With humour and fun images the fitness brand Gymshark created a video advertisement to advertise job openings within their business.In less than a minute it combines animated voice-overs and humorous animation to provide viewers with a glimpse of the Gymshark personality. Include a lead text, which starts with a question. This instantly draws LinkedIn users interest and makes them want to find out more about Gymshark and its job opportunities.

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#7 GoDaddy’s Client Success Single Image Ad

GoDaddy shows it is LinkedIn Ads don’t always have to advertise products or services. The web hosting provider employs a single image with a lengthy introduction to tell a powerful tale about one of its customers and the challenges they encountered when they set out to achieve success.A large number of influencers and companies that use LinkedIn for business are enjoying the status of viral by publishing long articles about their journeys in the field along with the lessons that they’ve gained through the process.

Although this kind of inspiring blog post can be a great source of entertaining content, it could also be utilized to be a powerful marketing method to generate leads, boost sales and increase brand recognition.

#8: Salesforce’s Stat loaded Carousel Ad

Statistics make a great choice for LinkedIn’s business-focused users. Salesforce has shown that important statistics on their knowledge can be turned into enjoyable and interactive with an ad with a carousel.Statistics are an excellent way to bring the credibility and impact of an LinkedIn Ad campaign. Salesforce makes use of their data to answer questions they think their customers are interested in.

Combining important numbers with attractive illustrations on each card makes this advertisement stand out in your LinkedIn feed.

#9 The Eye-catching Event Video of Later Ad

We can’t give a shout-out to one of our top Linkedin Ads without mentioning one of our own!Although video advertisements are fantastic to promote products and services, or giving customers the opportunity to learn more about the culture of a business but they also serve as an innovative way to promote an event coming up.

Videos are a great way to keep viewers’ interest for a longer. This is great news in the context of the LinkedIn algorithm. The longer the Linkedin user is engaged with the content they are viewing is, the higher the likelihood to be promoted to a larger viewers.

Later’s engaging graphics, fun text along with a call-to action that leads visitors to an event’s page creates a lively and informative ad that stimulates registrations.

#10: The Empowering Single Photo Ad

The app for women’s health Flo illustrates that even simple ads can be most efficient.Flo makes use of a single image advertisement featuring their latest Slack Emojis to advertise their message of wellbeing and empowerment. With an engaging introduction text, which makes use of topical emojis and a unique message that immediately draws attention to it.

Flo is also a hyperlink to their blog which makes this single image advertisement ideal for increasing traffic to your website and increasing brand recognition.

Here are a handful of great LinkedIn Ad examples that show how businesses and brands have employed their advertising campaigns to attract new leads, increase visitors to their websites sell products, increase brand recognition.

These businesses and brands show that by Click Here understanding your ideal audience and exercising your imagination and creativity, you can achieve huge outcomes through LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn Ads plan.

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