How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in 2022? (+Ways to Save)

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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in 2022? (+Ways to Save)

Although Facebook advertisers continue to check now  feel the impact of iOS 14’s impact, iOS 14 was updated earlier this year; it is still an excellent platform for companies to be seen by new users and encourage them to turn into customers. It doesn’t matter if this is your first venture into advertising through Facebook or trying to figure out how you can get the most value from your budget; knowing the complexities of Facebook advertising costs is essential in ensuring that they remain affordable.

  • We’re here to tackle some of the questions below:
  • What will Facebook ads cost in 2022?
  • What is it that makes Facebook advertisements worthwhile?
  • What factors affect my Facebook advertising cost?
  • What is it that makes Facebook Ads worthwhile? Cost?

Advertising on social media generally can be beneficial. However, let’s take an in-depth review of some savings advantages Facebook can offer over other platforms, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Facebook is the one that remains well-known.

  • The platform has 2.8 billion users across the globe; Facebook currently ranks as the most popular and most prominent social media platform on the planet.
  • This is when you compare it with YouTube (2.3 billion), Instagram (1.3 billion), and TikTok (7.3 million).
  • and the most commonly employed

Facebook is the one with the best spread of users compared with other social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. This means that you can reach a more significant number of demographics by displaying ads.

  • Age distribution of Facebook in comparison to LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Precise targeting
  • Targeting precisely means less Facebook advertising costs.

If you are looking to reach people within a 15-mile distance from a specific area or Zipcode, you can achieve this. If you’re trying to target parents with children 3 to 5 years old who enjoy Ice cream, you can also do that. We’ve not even considered the lookalike or custom audience.

Flexibility when budgeting

Facebook offers two different types of budgeting options to suit various advertising strategies. Lifetime budgets work for ads that are run according to a set schedule or with a fixed budget and end date, as well as daily budgets that are ideal for optimizing the duration of campaigns and the ability to plan and pace around an ever-changing budget.


Facebook ads are among the efficient advertising options for any company, regardless of whether you spend 10 dollars each day or thousands. With remarketing, testing, and reporting options, You have the tools to maximize every penny you spend.

Here are the average CPCs on each of the four leading social media advertising platforms for 2022.

  • Twitter: $0.38
  • Facebook: $0.97
  • Instagram: $3.56
  • LinkedIn: $5.26

We’re breaking down the costs of Facebook advertisements in terms of costs per click (CPC) as well as cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) as well as the cost of engagement (CPE). Be aware that these are the averages for all sectors!

Average Facebook CPC 2022

The median Facebook CPC for the year 2001 is $0.97. The CPC ranges from $0.50-to $3.50.

For Advertise clients for clients of Advertise, the average CPC in the first quarter of 2022 was $1.20, but it fell to $0.80 in the second quarter of 2022. We observed similar trends in 2020 across all client accounts.

  • Average Facebook CPM 2022
  • A typical CPM for Facebook across all branches is $11.54.
  • This is slightly more than the average we’ve seen at Advertise and Advertise, with CPMs between $6.50-and $11.50.
  • Facebook CPE 2022

The median Facebook CPE for 2022 is $0.11. CPEs for clients of Advertise range from $0.01-$0.05.

Factors that affect the price of Facebook advertisements

Like Instagram advertisements, Facebook ad costs are affected by various elements.


  1. Campaign goals

Facebook campaign goals are a significant aspect of pricing because they correlate to the target’s worth and where the users are.

For instance, Brand Awareness or Engagement campaigns cost less than low-funnel ads such as Conversions, which drive purchases. It’s much easier to get the user to take notice of an advertisement than to convince them to click and open their wallets and then make an order.


  1. Size of the audience

Facebook ads targeting more extensive and more encompassing viewers will typically be less expensive than those targeting smaller groups.

It is common to see less cost in prospecting, high-funnel cold-audience campaigns than retargeting, lower funnel, and warmer-audience campaigns because these audiences generally tend to be less targeted and smaller in size, consequently more aggressive.

Facebook ads audience projection

  1. Budget for the day

If your budget for the day is lower than the average, it could be longer to wait for the Facebook algorithm to leave the learning Phase. Because of this, the prices for new ad sets tend to be higher upfront since the system can determine how your customers interact with your advertisements and how to optimize them for maximum effectiveness. If your ads are loved by your audience, Facebook and Instagram will give you lower prices in the future.

  1. Click-thru fee

Click-thru rates (CTR) also play a critical and vital role in your Facebook advertising costs. Suppose your CTR falls, particularly for a campaign targeting websites traffic. It could result in more expensive costs since Facebook recognizes that there could be a disconnect between your intended audience and the messages you are using in your advertisements.

A healthy CTR on Facebook is around 2percent. The more your CTR rises, the less your CPCs will be in most cases.

  1. Seasonality

In the past, during the last quarter in Q3 and Q4, prices are likely to increase temporarily because the landscape of advertising changes to coincide with the holiday shopping season. The competition increases as businesses increase their budgets to get more impressions which means that costs rise for all brands’ advertising.

Remember that when you plan your budget for the year. If you’re not e-commerce-related or running promotions towards the final quarter this year, you can plan what you’d like to do to maintain the presence of your business or cut back.

How can you lower Facebook advertising costs?

Check out our complete article on this subject; however, here are the top 3 suggestions recommendations:

  1. Make a full-funnel approach

If you want to make the most of your budget, ensure that your campaign objectives are funnel-appropriate. It is generally accepted that the Awareness and Consideration campaign is ideal for the top of the funnel. Consideration and Conversion campaigns align with the middle of the funnel, and Conversion campaigns work best for conversions that occur at the bottom of the funnel.

Start by launching upper-funnel campaigns to get more people to your targeted market at a less expensive cost. Then, work towards conversion-focused campaigns optimized for the events that drive purchases.

Facebook ads objectives funnel

It is important to note that certain brands could undoubtedly launch a Conversion campaign targeting audiences in the upper funnel that are priced lower or items that be a great impulse purchase.

Customers may purchase the first encounter with a brand via Facebook. However, the majority require more interactions from a brand to ensure you can build confidence, highlight your advantages, and convince them to buy.

  1. Make use of Automatic Placements to enable the Automatic Placements setting

While it’s tempting to select the location you would like your ads to show up on Facebook’s Facebook website, the most efficient option for saving money is to set the standard Automatic Placements setting. The fact that you aren’t doing this is among our top 7 mistakes on Facebook ads that cost money.

If you can appear in all places, Facebook can get a better idea of the areas that will best place advertisements, thereby reducing the cost of advertising. Also, you’ll get through the learning process faster to apply information-driven optimizations for money as quickly as you can.

The targeting requirements for your ads will stay precisely the same regardless of the location. This means that Facebook will provide ads to users at a lower rate and a lower cost, resulting in increased profits.

Automatic placement setting on Facebook ads

  1. Run Facebook A/B testing

It is also possible to reduce costs at the ad level through A/B testing the elements in your ads, one at the moment, to learn more about what’s working and what isn’t working. Check the headline, text, images, landing pages, etc.


Facebook isn’t a set-it-and-forget kind of platform. Therefore it is best to try and seek out more effective outcomes continually. Conducting tests at the ad level will help increase the engagement rate and CTR and increase your budget even further.

  • Facebook a/b test example using headlines
  • How much will Facebook ads cost you by 2022 (recap)
  • Budgeting, exposure, targeted advertising, flexibility, and affordability make Facebook ads well worth the expense.
  • For advertisements on Facebook for 2022, the mean CPC is $0.97, The mean CPM is $11.54 The typical CPE is $0.11
  • Factors that impact the Facebook cost of ads include campaign goals, the size of the audience, the cost per day, click rates, and the season.

There are various methods to get the most out of your Facebook advertising budget to align your objectives to your funnel using an Automatic Placements setting and A/B testing your advertisements.

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