5 Safety Tips When riding with Lyft : Get there Safely

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Today, many people use ride-sharing as their favorite means of transportation. Specifically, people use ride-sharing through Lyft due to many reasons. For example, they like the ease in availability, convenience, low cost, and efficiency. 

However, this does not rule out that ride-sharing isn’t dangerous. On the contrary, they pose a significant number of risks, including ride-share accidents.

As you use ride-sharing, remember your safety comes first. Keeping your safety in mind will ensure your Lyft journey runs smoothly no matter where you go. 

1. Verify the Vehicle Details

Before getting into a Lyft driver’s car, ensure the proper descriptions on the app line up with the vehicle. 

The app provides specific details. Confirm these details when your Lyft arrives.

You may also want to share with a friend the vehicle details. That way, someone knows that you’re ride-sharing. You lose nothing by sharing the same information with someone close, even as you enjoy your ride. 

Confirming the details is integral, especially in the event of an accident. If the driver were to get into an accident, you will likely need to recall specific information. 

Some of the details to remember when ride-sharing include: 

  • Car plate registration number
  • Name of the driver
  • Make of the car
  • Color of the car

It’s always a smart idea to keep your safety in the back of your mind. Whereas it’s easy to get a Lyft and not think anything of it, memorizing key details could prove vital. 

2. Travel with a Friend

During travel and ride-sharing, there is always strength in numbers. Unless the occasion is a secret, get on board with a friend, family member, or colleague. Not only is riding with another person more economical, but it makes you feel more secure. 

A driver is less likely to put your life at risk when more than one person is in the car. It is also easier to get assistance from someone you know in a ride-share accident.

3. Confirm the Driver’s Identity 

There is no harm in asking the driver’s identity. You don’t want to get into a car with a person who isn’t the driver! 

When asking for the driver’s name, don’t act rude. Instead, be as polite as possible and point out that it’s in the best interest of both parties to confirm who they are. 

Ensure the details match up to what the app provided. If they don’t, find out why that may be. 

In case you experience any resistance in formalities, politely decline the ride. After refusing, you may choose to contact Lyft to let them know something is amiss with the driver. 

4. Fasten Your Seat Belt

You can never predict what may happen while in the car with someone else. Lyft drivers should be safe drivers, but not all of them are. Everyone makes mistakes, so you must stay safe in the vehicle.

So, take all the necessary precautions by putting on your seat belt. With a belt on, you can reduce the impact if a Lyft accident were to occur. Also, if a friend riding with you doesn’t have their seat belt on, don’t leave until everyone’s belts are fastened. 

This simple act may very well save your life. If the driver begins to speed, you should remind them to go the speed limit. After reaching your destination, if the rider made you feel unsafe, you can let Lyft know.

5. Be Aware of the Route

If you’re familiar with where you’re going, you may have a particular route that’s the best. The driver may prefer to use a GPS, which is fine. But if you know of a safer way, urge the driver to choose that one instead. 

If there’s any suspicious behavior and the driver is taking you to the wrong destination, ask for them to pull over. Your safety is number one. If you feel that’s being compromised, it’s best to get out of the vehicle. 

Another safety tip is to share your location and movements with a trusted friend. They have apps sharing your whereabouts, so loved ones know your location.


Safety while taking Lyft rides is always essential, even if you stick with the same drivers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling during the day or night. There are many safety tips you should consider. By being cautious, you can ensure your safety and potentially avoid accidents.

But it would help if you also remembered that no matter how careful you are, accidents still happen. In addition, personal injuries occur, and it’s hard to know which steps to take next. 

If you or a friend get injured during a Lyft ride, an attorney can offer advice. In addition, an experienced attorney can ease your stress by compiling evidence in your favor.

For example, they can help you with:

  • Getting details from witnesses
  • Analyzing the accident scene
  • Prove liability
  • Follow up on the medical report

Hopefully, you won’t get into an accident while ride-sharing. Yet, it’s still vital to know how to respond in the event of an accident. And, you must know what to do if you don’t feel safe. 

Remember the following safety tips before and during your Lyft ride. It’ll ensure your safety and help you enjoy the ride!

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