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Loose Diamonds Factors - Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity
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What is Loose Diamonds For Sale?

A loose diamonds for sale is a diamond that has been cut and polished, but not yet made into a piece of diamond jewelry, like an engagement ring, earrings, bracelets, or other jewelry. When you buy a loose diamond, you’re only getting the diamond.

Gemistone Jewelers is the best place in the USA, UK to sell loose diamond jewelry. We have the experience and skill in diamond evaluation to accurately appraise your stones and provide you with a fair selling price, whether it’s a ring, pendant, or earrings. No diamond is too large or small! Come visit any of our locations and we will give you an immediate assessment of your diamond resale value.

About Gemistone Jewelers Loose Diamond Selection:

Gemistone sells a wide range of loose diamonds for sale in various shapes and sizes. We specialize in finding the biggest and best diamonds for our customers’ budgets! The many types of loose diamond shapes that we have are:

Most Popular Diamond Cut on Gemistone

Round Diamonds:

The round or “round brilliant” cut diamond is made up of 57 facets. It is the most common and popular cut on the diamond market, but also the most accomplished cut.

Some consider it to be the perfect diamond because of its proportions, its symmetry, and its polishing which maximize its brilliance and therefore its brilliance. And this diamond cut is most popular in made for the ring, earrings, solitaire single diamond necklaces, etc.

Oval Diamonds:

The “oval” cut is a modified round diamond, composed of 55 facets. Therefore, if it is very well cut, it can achieve a very high level of gloss. The oval diamond combines the cut of the “round brilliant” and the “marquise”.

Cushion Cut Diamonds: 

The “cushion” cut is a trendy diamond. It has a square or rectangular shape, with rounded corners and large facets which increases the brilliance of the stone.

Namely: For colored diamonds, the “cushion” cut is an ideal shape because the intensity of the color spreads throughout the stone.

Radiant Cut Diamond:

The “radiant” cut is a rectangular-shaped diamond, with cut sides, composed of 70 facets. The “radiant” shape, its proportions, and its facets highlight this diamond and intensify its brilliance.

Emerald Diamonds: 

The “emerald” cut, very elegant and less common, is a rectangular shaped step cut, made up of 57 facets. The wide table of the emerald cut reveals the transparent beauty of the diamond.

Princess Diamonds: 

The “Princess” cut diamond is also very popular because of its pretty square shape. Its brilliance is as impressive as that of the round diamond; that is why it is very often used for engagement rings. Despite everything, its 4 corners remain fragile and give crimpers anxiety.

Marquise Diamonds:

The “Marquise” or “Shuttle” cut, oval and slender, with conical ends, is made up of 55 facets. It offers a high level of gloss and light reflection. The marquise gives an impression of grandeur due to its double points.

Pear Diamonds:

The “pear” cut is a very flattering shape, made up of 57 facets. It is a very popular shape that is inspired by the “round brilliant” cut and the “marquise” cut. The “pear” cut is also very frequently mounted as a pendant. Like a “drop”, it is positioned in the slight hollow of the neck of the woman who wears it.

Asscher Cut Diamonds:

The “Asscher” cut is an octagonal diamond, composed of 74 facets. It has a similar size to the emerald, but it is a square pattern. Due to its proportions, the “Asscher” cut diamond reflects light better and therefore has more brilliance than the emerald shape.

Heart Shaped Diamonds:

The “heart” cut is the romantic cut par superiority. The heart diamond is a changed version of the classic round diamond. It has 59 facets.

We have loose diamonds for sale available of all shapes, sizes, and prices. The best way to see our unique selection is by calling us today or mailing us for more information at Let us know what you are in the demand for and where you would like to be budget-wise.

Our diamond specialists will do the rest and help you get the diamond of your dreams. So whether you are looking for the main diamond for an engagement ring or you would like to get a pair of matching loose diamonds for some earrings then Gemistone Jewelers is your diamond source!

What Elements Affect the Price of a Loose Diamond?

No matter why you are selling your diamonds, there is a slight moment of stress when parting with the precious stone. Multiple people have a sentimental attachment to these stones, as they are often gifts from loved ones or heirlooms passed down from the generation before them. When it comes to selling a diamond, several people stress the value of their stones.

At the Gemistone, we understand that each diamond carries with it a story of a lifetime, which is why we are transparent about what criteria we use when valuing a stone. While many factors make up the overall value of the diamond, it is the characteristics we base our estimation off of:


Diamond Cut refers to the proportion and finish of your diamond. Because cut affects how a stone collects and reflects light, it helps in capturing the diamond’s fire.

Three basic terms can describe the cut of your diamond:

Built-Up Diamond cuts are distinguished by long tails that are proportionately larger than the diamond’s head. This traps light within the diamond, which then reflects out of the lower half, giving the impression that your diamond is a deep well of light.

Flat Diamond cuts are, as the name suggests, flat. Because their tails are short and their heads are little, the diamond appears flat. Light is caught on the diamond’s edges and then released at the bottom, resulting in a diamond that seems dull.

The most precious diamonds are ideal cut diamonds, which absorb light wonderfully and allow it to travel around the diamond before reflecting out. This results in a stunning shine and sparkle that catches the eye. Ideal cut diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which we gladly accept:

  • Cushion Cut
  • Round Cut
  • Princess Cut
  • Oval Cut
  • Emerald Cut
  • Marquise Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Heart Cut


The clarity of a diamond is measured by its clarity. Each diamond is assigned an F or I rating. Because F diamonds are perfect, they are exceedingly valuable and difficult to come by. Inclusions in diamonds do not necessarily imply that the diamond is precious. Inclusions are used in certain cuts, such as the emerald cut, to show off the inside of the diamond and give it a unique aspect.


While many people believe diamonds are always clear and colorless, they can also have a yellow tint. The majority of yellow diamonds are of poor quality. When determining the worth of a diamond, we look for color grades of J, K, and L. These diamonds are virtually flawless and have a beautiful gleam about them


Diamond Carat refers to the size of the diamond. For instance, the ever famous 1 Carat diamond weighs about 0.20 grams. The larger the carat of the diamond, the too costly it is. Discover our 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings collection at Gemistone Online store at a very attractive price.

Diamond Certification

If you or a loved one received a certificate when the diamond was purchased, it can provide a more detailed account of the diamond’s history. This grade report will be considered when determining the value of your diamond.

Condition of the Diamond

Diamonds, like most things, deteriorate over time. The number of chips or abrasions on the diamond may be little or substantial, depending on how well it was cared for. A diamond that has been battered will need to be recut to remove the flaws.

Market Demand

Depending on the trends, diamond values can increase or decrease based on characteristics and shapes. Some diamonds are in higher demand than others, so understanding what cuts are selling will help you decide whether it’s time to sell yours.

The We Offers Competitive Prices for Your Loose Diamonds

The professionals at Gemistone Jewelers have been in the diamond business since 1991. We are in the business of making dreams come true by helping people find their forever diamonds get a fair price on their loose diamonds, and offer great service. If you are looking to get gorgeous and timeless loose diamonds or fine jewelry for your loved one, contact our team today!

Conclusion: Best Places To Buy Loose Diamonds

If you’re in the need of loose diamonds, the most essential thing to know is where to buy from. We have great niche options if you’re looking for rare and unique diamonds, high-quality cuts, or Fancy Color diamonds.


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