9 PTE Academic Tips to Help You Score Better. Know Them Now

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Book PTE Academic Test. Prepare for it. Clear the Exam.   

It is not this easy. You wouldn’t even realise the time flies by. You cannot jump onto directly facing the PTE exam – A right approach is needed. 

 You need to be quick & decisive to start your preparation on time. And remember, clearing the PTE tips takes strategic planning and preparation. 

 PTE Exam = 70+ Questions > 20 Tasks > 4 Sections 

 So, the number is not 4 sections, it is 70+ questions. Before you get further, note that you need to know the PTE test format, the question types, and the skills that are assessed in each question. Know how each question is scored. 

 9 PTE Tips to clear the PTE exam on the 1st attempt:   

  1. Choose a balanced Preparation 

 I am good with speaking English I can prepare for the PTE speaking later. 

I should begin with the PTE listening section it is the lengthiest of all.  

 If you are also among the test-takers who think like this; then it’s time you need to come out of your assumptions. You cannot oversee or neglect any section in the PTE academic exam. Every section in the PTE exam is equally important. 

 And moreover, you cannot ignore any task as 11 out of 20 tasks are integrated PTE tasks. Or in other words, 11 out of 20 tasks contribute to the score of more than one section. (Communicative Skills). 

 If you focus on a few and ignore the rest; you put your desired/targeted PTE score at risk. And you may end up being disappointed.  

  1. Choose Preparation Materials (Not material)

Do you feel that just like the exams that you have attempted in your school/college by relying on and preparing with a single practice material/book?  

If you are doing this, you need to add other practice materials to help you prepare better. 

And all of these are professionally taken care of by platforms like PTE Tutorials

 Yes, With PTE Tutorials you can prepare with  

  • FREE Exam Memories materials that cover all the previous years and most repeated PTE exam questions. 
  • E-books on each task that helps you understand the task better and the details of the skills that are assessed. 
  • YouTube videos that include webinars & tips by PTE Experts, questions from different tasks, video-recorded examples on how to attempt the task, and the story of the PTE score achiever. 
  • Telegram Group has more than 22000 test-takers who come up with questions that you might miss during your preparations. 
  • A comprehensive mobile app that has AI-scored sample questions for practice. 

So, why prepare with one when you can prepare thoroughly with different platforms.    

  1. Improve your Time Management skills

The PTE academic has reduced its time from 3-hours to the 2-hours exam, but there is no significant difference in the number of questions.  

And to answer more than 70+ questions in 2-hours, you need to learn time management skills from day one.  

  1. Experts’ Guidance 

Finding the right answer to a question sometimes can be tough. And finding out your strengths and weaknesses on time is tougher.  

It is only possible with the experts’ guidance. Join the experts with PTE Tutorials’ Online Coaching.  

  1. Add mock test to your list

Preparing without having an understanding of your progress can minimize your chances of scoring your desired PTE score.  

And it is possible with the mock tests that help you  

  • Understand the exam format in detail 
  • Test your time management skills  
  • Get familiar with the real test environment  
  • Understand your possibilities of grabbing the targeted score.  

Keep room for taking a mock test at least a week before the actual test. 

  1. Keep Error Log 

Keeping the error log will help you keep track of how often you make the same error and the time that you take to learn how to avoid them. 

It will help you improve better. 

  1. Follow the instructions

When you prepare for the PTE academic test for days together, you jump directly to answer the questions as soon as you see them in the actual test. 

But that’s where you can go wrong. You might miss important information like the word limit & marking etc. 

Stop. Read the instructions and then start answering the questions.  

  1. Know how to use notepad

If you get anxious in the exam, the PTE tips that you learnt vanishes. Your concentration level drops and you might make mistakes. This especially happens in the listening section. 

At this time, make use of the notepad. Practice writing as you hear. Note down the keywords, connecting words, etc.  

  1. Left-click on the mouse is needed. Know where. 

Clicking the Left-click on the mouse is going to be an often scenario in your PTE exam. 

Yes, in 14 out of 20 tasks you will have to use the mouse left-click to cut, copy, paste, drag, select, and deselect the options. Keep room to check if you haven’t made any mistakes. Do not panic while reviewing on selecting the wrong options. You can de-select before moving on to the next task. 

Conclusion: Things you need to act on 

Include all these in your to-do list from day one of your PTE preparation. Do not keep anything for the last day’s preparations. All these will help you prepare a better and result-oriented study plan for your PTE preparation. 

If you still fear taking the PTE exam; join Online Coaching with PTE Tutorials. 

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