Can I Use Parabolan And Deca Durabolin In The Same Cycle?

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The following article is related to two strong androgenic anabolic steroids used as a potent muscle mass building agents by individuals linked with body building and athletic fields. Each of the compound will be discussed with regard to their indications for use and cycles and their dosage for bulking along with the discussion that either they can be used together in a cycle. What effect will it have?


Parabolan is the trade name of trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or trenbolone cyclohexamethylcarbonate. Also known as tren hex. It is the drug belonging to the category of androgenic anabolic steroids. It also belongs to the nandrolone androgenic ester group. Its history dates back to 1960s where it was first introduced.

Indications For Use:

As is also known as tren ester so in terms of androgenic and anabolic characteristics it is 5 times more potent than testosterone so it was indicated for muscle gains among body-builders, power-lifters and performance athletes. It is also the only variant of trenbolone that has been used therapeutically by the medical practitioners. It helps by the following measures:
• Increases strength and endurance.
• Huge muscle mass gain in the form of lean muscle mass.
• Helps in muscle hardening and attaining an even toned body.
• Muscles are defined and it gives a ripped physique.

Available Forms:

It is available as an ampules or vials form of 76milligram per milliliter. Drug is to be administered intra-muscularly, where it acts as a long-lasting slow-release preparation from the muscles. After the administration there is the increase in the levels of drug in the blood serum followed by decrease in the surge, so further injections are required to maintain the levels.

Recommended Dosge And Cycle:

It is very hard to find this steroid in the drug market as there are very few to none pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the product. It can be very effective in the pre-competition phase as it targets the muscle and looks so considered as among the best options to use in the last stages of competition. Recommended Parabolan cycle is of 12 weeks, but this is the maximum limit. Recommended dosage per week ranges between 150 milligrams to 210 milligrams per week to have significant effect on the size and strength of the body. The dosage cycle can be divided into three types of consumers and is as follows:
1. BEGINNERS PARABOLAN CYCLE: The cycle lasts for 12 weeks with twice weekly drug administration. 76 milligrams of Parabolan are administered twice a week along with 250 milligrams of testosterone, followed by 2 weeks of post cycle therapy. Aromatase inhibitors are also included to cater for the side effects.

1. INTERMEDIATE PARABOLAN CYCLE: Duration of cycle remains the same but dosage changes 100 milligram of Parabolan is advised with 500 milligrams of testosterone, along with any aromatase inhibitor followed by 2 weeks of post cycle therapy.
2. ADVANCED PARABOLAN CYCLE: In this cycle type of cycling the strength of Parabolan is increased to 150 milligrams twice weekly, testosterone 500 milligram s administered. Aromatase inhibitor also advised. Followed by two weeks session of post steroid therapy.

Adverse Effects:

Parabolan side effects are more pronounced in long cycles and when used in higher strengths and the side effects are as follows:
1. Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, feeling blank or emotionless.
2. No appetite
3. Suppression to complete shutdown of natural testosterone production.
4. Acne
5. Oily skin
6. Hirsutism
7. Gynecomastia
8. Erectile dysfunction
9. Water retention
10. Altered cholesterol levels
11. High blood pressure
12. Pressure on kidneys
13. Very expensive
14. Rare to find (one might consult the underground resources but one has to be careful to avoid any fraud or bogus purchase)

Deca Durabolin:

it is the anabolic steroid with the active ingredient nandrolone decanoate. Also labeled as Deca steroid. Used in the form of esters.
Deca durabolin is indicated under the following health circumstances:
• Anemias (in cases of renal insufficiency)
• Osteoporosis (post-menopausal women and age related)
• Patients on long term corticosteroid therapy
• To treat breast cancer in women
• To increase lean body mass
• Cachexia or any muscle wasting disease

Availability Forms:

It is available as an injectable form in the form of pre-filled syringes with fixed needle. It is available in a yellowish oily solution form. Injections with different strength levels are available such as 50 mg or 100 mg.

Recommended Dosage For Cycling:

As it is an anabolic steroid so also used as a bulking agent and the recommended dose and time period for cycling is it can be used maximally up to 12 weeks with the dosage ranging between 200 to 400 milligrams per week. It should be accompanied with a testosterone of 500 milligram per week to compensate for the natural testosterone suppression. A deca cycle of 6 weeks with 400 milligrams of drug has also proven very effective.
Adverse Effects:
Adverse effects can be discussed under four main sub-headings:
• Fluid retention (swollen ankles and feet)
• High blood pressure
• Oily skin and hairs
• Acne and itching
• Deranged liver functions
• Nausea
• Increased or decreased libido
• Pain at the injection site
• Fats in the blood
• Changed liver anatomy
• Painful erection
• Penis enlargement
• Gynecomastia
• Enlarged prostate (difficult urination)
• Testicular atrophy
• Impotence
• Abnormal sperm formation
• Voice deepening
• Hirsutism
• Amenorrhea or irregular periods
• Clitoris enlargement
• virilization
• Early puberty
• Stunted height
• Penis enlargement
• Frequent erections

Can Parabolan And Deca Durabolin Be Used Together?

As both the steroids are really strong so stacking them together in a cycle is not advised at all for a beginner. Testosterone with Parabolan or deca durabolin is the recommended pair. As both the cycles have promising anabolic results but using them together can increase the amplitude of adverse effects. If you are an experienced steroid user then you can use both the steroids in the same cycle but you have to ensure enough testosterone is being taken alongside to compensate for the suppression. But the recommended cycle is to use either of the compound alone with testosterone.

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