Freelancers: How to Hustle and Find Success

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As a freelancer, it’s vitally important to learn how to hustle and find success. 

But here’s the thing. 

This doesn’t come naturally to everyone. 

In fact, most people who are just starting out on the freelancer path have only had experience working an hourly job. 

And let’s be honest—that working by the hour vibe is a lot different from the typical create your own success vibe that freelancers must embrace in order to achieve their dreams.

Therefore, learning how to hustle is a crucial and challenging skill that all freelancers should focus on learning. 

But how do you do it? 

How do you embrace that hustle and success mentality when you don’t really have a lot of practice at it? 

These are great questions. 

Of course, you can always binge some Gary Vaynerchuk videos to get a super-dose of that hustle mentality on a daily basis. 

You can also read awesome blogs, such as this guide to starting a freelance business, to get a better sense of direction.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

There’s a lot of ‘mindset stuff’ that you’ll want to iron out as you begin this journey. 

So let’s dive into it and really pull back the lid on what it means to find success and ‘hustle mentality’ as a freelancer. 

1. Get Motivated

Everything really starts with motivation. 

In fact, Zig Ziglar might have said it best:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Think about what you want to achieve for yourself. 

Think about how much money you’d like to make, and what you’d like your life to look like in the future. 

Think about your overall purpose, and what you’d like to be known for at the end of your life.

These questions can really help to motivate you and give you some added ‘drive’ to succeed. 

As a freelancer, it’s incredibly important that you learn to cultivate daily motivation for yourself, by any means possible! 

Once you get motivated, it gets a lot easier to hustle and find the success you’re looking for.

2. Start Writing Down Your Goals

Making a plan is another crucial and important part of the hustle mindset. 

This is why it’s crucial for freelancers to learn how to set goals for their life and business. 

Without goals or a plan, you’re doomed to drift listessly in the vast expanse of opportunity. 

People who make plans and write them down, by contrast, end up achieving a lot more than those who don’t. 

There are even scientific studies to back this up. 

Long story short, start writing down your goals and pursuing them. 

It really matters! And it’ll have an impact on your level of success. 

3. Cultivate Hope For Your Future

As a freelancer, it’s important that you have hope and believe that your endeavors will lead to success. 

If you don’t believe in yourself or in what you’re doing, you’re going to struggle with motivation and drive. 

So make sure to do what it takes to inspire yourself—and to be hopeful on a day-to-day basis. 

This is a crucial step that many freelancers overlook.

4. Study Other Successful People

One of the great things about our modern world is that it’s easier than ever to study people who have already succeeded at the types of things you want to succeed at. 

You can start by reading biographies of famous successful people you admire. 

Need some inspiration? Start with The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon—the story of Jeff Bezos and how he created the global company that changed online shopping forever. 

You can also watch interviews of famous successful people, or just in general set yourself to the task of studying how they achieved success, and then emulate what they did. 

This can give you a great deal of direction, and help to give you a powerful advantage in life. 

5. Create A Mission Statement

Many of the world’s most successful people adopted a mission statement for themselves that helped them to figure out what type of work they should be doing, and how they were going to set themselves to the task of performing that type of work. 

For example, Will Smith is somewhat famous for his well known mission statement:

“Improving lives.”

Everything he does, he runs through this filter. 

He asks himself—is this work going to improve lives?

And if it doesn’t meet his standard, he doesn’t do it!

Adopting a mission statement can help you to put the full force of your beliefs behind what you’re doing. 

And this is incredibly powerful when the time comes to hustle and work hard.

6. Start Getting Intentional About How You’re Going To Spend Your Time

One problem that a lot of people run into when they first embark on a freelancer journey is wasted time

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to waste time on things that aren’t going to help you grow your business. 

For this reason, it’s important to be intentional about exactly how you’re going to use your time. 

Once you start to nail this down, you’ll start to get a lot more done. 

And you’ll start to find that embracing that hustle mentality is really just a force of habit.

7. Stay Healthy

Another important thing that all freelancers should remember is this:

Staying healthy will help you to stay productive. 

Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, and make sure you get enough exercise.

Make sure that you’re socializing with loved ones, and that you’re investing in yourself as well as in your business. 

This all matters, and it will help you to hustle harder and find success that much faster. 


There you have it.

Seven tips for how freelancers can hustle harder and find success faster. 

All that’s left now is to get out there and get to work. 

We believe in you. 

You’ve got this. 

It’s time to execute and create the life you truly desire for yourself.

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