How To Create A Gamification Strategy In Your E-Commerce Store?

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You can hardly feel more satisfied than getting a level up in a video game. So why not use that same feeling of satisfaction and reward to your eCommerce store visitors?

As per a survey, 38% of online visitors opined they like it when stores include interactive features in the form of games along with the shopping experience. Moreover, 30% said they are more likely to buy from eCommerce sites that offer interactive features.

So, let’s find out what gamification can do for your online store!

What is Gamification

Gamification is the strategy of integrating game-like features and elements into a non-gaming context. The game-like characteristics can vary from leveling up to point-scoring.

Human nature is competitive; thus, you can expect gamification to be something many users can enjoy. People draw enjoyment from unexpectedly winning or participating in a fun activity. Engagement skyrockets and fun moments turn creative when they get this excitement on a website or an eCommerce store.

Gamification exists across industries. The ultimate goal of this strategy is engaging, entertaining, and educating an audience. In the process, customer engagement and loyalty increase while sales boost.

Gamification Strategy for Your Ecommerce Store

Following are some of the ways you can use gamification for woocommerce stores:

1. Gamification-Based Social Proofing

Social proofing is the impact that the people’s viewpoints around us have on what we do. When customers shop online, they can’t physically experience or touch the products before buying. Therefore, visual social proof and word-based is the need of the hour.

When eCommerce shoppers witness social proof elements in your website’s reviews and ads, they take inspiration to buy something from your site, and gamified social proofing does wonder!

Gamification can play a pivotal role in skyrocketing social proof activities. Through a gamified model, you can give rewards to your already active and registered users with ranks, points, and badges for submitting reviews, posting comments, and forwarding recommendations. It influences new visitors to shop from your eCommerce site.

3 Features of Gamified Social Proofing

User engagement

Gamification-based social proofing is key in increasing user engagement. These user engagement activities facilitate you in promoting available products or services for cross-selling/upselling or to new visitors.

Positive reviews

Once you succeed in getting positive reviews from registered users or subscribers, it will generate a wave effect with other users. Other users would join the bandwagon, and social proofing can operate in your favor.

Customers’ testimonial

When your customer endorses your prodHow To Create A Gamification Strategy In Your E-Commerce Store?ucts, the testimonial conveys to your target audience.

2- Gamification-Based Social Sharing

Social sharing is a trendy “word of mouth” capable of making a massive impact on your eCommerce business. When an internet enthusiast shares social media posts of a company or any brand, additional visitors see these posts and draw inspiration.

How To Reward Customers For Social Sharing

Points-based rewards

Reward your new or existing customers with gamification points strategy to share your products and services-based social media posts to create better exposure.

Discount Coupons

Discount coupon is an effective idea for brands to share their promotional campaigns on social media. It means when a netizen shares your post, he/she becomes eligible for a discount.

Leaderboards and Badges

Arguably, people are naturally competitive. Thus, leaderboards give users an incentive to take particular actions to rank up as an influencer.

3- Gamification-Based User Experience

You can define User Experience as an online user experience while interacting with a virtual product like a website, an app, or any computer-human-based hybrid system.

User Experience and Gamification: How Do They Work Together?

Gamification and user experience design share a common objective, i.e., interactivity. It’s a fact that shoppers don’t interact with books, television, and cinema in the same way, similar to what they do with an app or a site.

Following are a few of the best examples of apps or sites using gamification for a better User Experience (UX).

· Google News Badges

· Uber

· Nike+

· Foodzy

· Trello

· Reddit

4- Gamification-Based Brand Marketing

The utilization of gamification to optimize a brand marketing strategy is in trend, specifically in digital marketing. A campaign for content marketing can be more interactive and captivating if we include game-based elements (e.g., rewarding participants for a particular activity).

Gamification provides better interaction between any eCommerce brand and its customers! Involving users to interact continuously is one of the targets of brands. Several eCommerce businesses seek to share content to grab users’ attention and generate more conversions, which can be achieved through gamification.

Simple Ways To Implement Brand Marketing Strategy Through Gamification

Loyalty programs

It appears easy to start loyalty programs for eCommerce stores to incentivize loyal customers to generate significant revenue. It demands customer data for buying behavior, comprehensive audience research, and qualitative analysis for customers’ emotional attachment.

Referral contests

Referral contests are among the preferable ways to attract new customers. eCommerce brands and business owners can promise free shipping, and special discount offers to the customers who refer their offerings to other users.

Scavenger hunts

It is a fun and creative way to engage customers with your eCommerce store. A scavenger hunt gamification strategy takes place on the brand site to make shoppers see available pages and products.

5. Gamification-Based Sales Team Motivation

Imagine gamifying your whole sales team’s working process to grow your revenue.

A gamification strategy for a sales team revolves around healthy competition. To take your sales team out of their comfort zone, you can create a leaderboard challenge. With the challenge, they can earn a better spot against sales performance.

So, it’s better to reward gamification ranks, points, and digital badges to your sales team for reaching successful pitch delivery, desired targets, and overall revenue generated.

Wrap Up

Gamification has become A new normal for online shopping through eCommerce stores, and it’s effective. Gamification keeps your customers loyal and engaged and can bring new leads too.

Gamification doesn’t require you to be a top-notch coder for your eCommerce store. All it demands is a bit of creativity and knowing the correct gamification plugins to use to make your site funny and interactive for your customers.

So, start gamifying and level up your eCommerce store today!


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