How to maintain or improve your mental health?

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You are reading this It means you are facing some mental health issues, or you might have had some
issues in past. In our life we all have to face mental health issues in our life due to many reasons like
social life problems, Financial problems, Family problems, job & career problems, and many more to
count. Other than all these reasons our physical health also contributes to our mental health. The
mental health of human beings and the physical health of human beings are interconnected, which
means if you are suffering from any mental health issue then you may affect your physical health as well
and if you are suffering from any physical health issues then it impacts your mental health as well. And
due to this, you will not be able to live your life with positivity and happiness.

What are the reasons which can impact your mental health?

1. Job – the job which is not suitable for you, but you have to continue working on that job for
living your life and to support your family. Many people get the job which is suitable for them
and they love to do their job but not everyone is lucky, for some people like us it is very difficult
to find the job which we can do happily and also which fulfill our financial requirement.
2. Loneliness – this is one of the major reasons nowadays for mental health suffering. Due to this
pandemic of COVID-19 (CORONA), many of us did not get a chance to meet our friends and
other family members who are living far away from us. Also, getting separated from a life
partner or losing your loved one due to any reason who was very closed to you will put you in
3. Physical Health suffering – If you are suffering from any kind of physical health issues like bone
fractures, Slip disc, skin disease, etc. so if you are able to maintain physical health it will be very
difficult for you to focus on your mental health.
4. Financial crisis – when we say the financial crisis it doesn’t mean we are not having jobs or
business for our daily expenses but even though we are earning we get into uncertain expenses
like high medical expenses, unplanned expensive trips due to some urgency that we cannot
avoid, business which is growing in terms of clients but you are investing more than what you
are earning. So, all this can impact your mental health easily and it is quite difficult to prevent it.
These are some reasons which can impact mental health and many more reasons are there which can
be very dangerous. But it doesn’t mean that you can not cure it, you should start improving your mental
health first by identifying and knowing the reason which is impacting your mental health.

What should you do to maintain or improve your mental health?

So now you know some of the reasons, may or may not be you are suffering from mental health due to
any reason. And if you want to maintain or improve your health then the first step to it is to know what
is causing you to your mental health.

  •  List down the reason which impact you.
  • How it is impacting your life.
  • Which is the MAJOR reason which is highly impacting you to live your daily life.

Some of the ways to improve or maintain your mental health.
1. Exercise – as in the first paragraph I have mentioned that our physical and mental
health are interconnected. If you are overweight or physically not active then in the long
run you may get into high blood pressure, diabetics, joint pain, laziness, etc.
So, start exercising on daily basis. It is not necessary that you must go to the gym for
physical training. You can do it at your home, it can be yoga, stretching, aerobics, etc.
If you have time then you can go out running, swimming, cycling and you can also do the
laughing exercise which can greatly improve your mental health.
2. Communicate – This is a very important part of everyone’s life that they need to
communicate or share their problems with family and if he/she is not comfortable to
share the problems with family then share with a best friend who understands your
feeling. The thing you should not do here it that do not to share your problem with
everyone and do not speak about your issue to any unknown person from social media.
3. Sleep – One should have enough sleep which helps the body and mind to get the
physical and mental strength to work on the next day. You sleep early so you can get up
early and for that, you have to plan your day with discipline so you can complete all your
task on time and live a balanced life by getting enough sleep.
4. Hobbies – This is one of the best way to maintain or improve your mental health and it
makes you happy, also it will motivates you to participate in activities other than your
daily routine activity and diverts your mind form your stress and pressure. You read
books, watch movies, go out for cycling, going to gym or yoga classes, cooking,
swimming and many more to count.

Concussion –

Whatever you are doing in your life and whatever problem you are facing in your life, you will
have to be positive to fight it because if you will not try to overcome your problems it will
impact your mental health. So, first thing you can do it start communicating with your family or

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