Ways to interact with Instagram followers to increase popularity

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In recent years, the world has seen a number of start-ups succeed. While much of their success is due to the quality of the products and services they offer, some of them are also due to their marketing efforts on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Instagram marketing strategies are not just about promoting efforts, but also about trying to interact with the following. This article will guide you through all the top Instagram loyalty tips to help your startup gain more Instagram followers. Plus, if you want to grow fast and easy, you can always Buy Instagram Followers. But first, let’s understand what Instagram engagement is and why it matters.

What does Instagram loyalty mean and why is it important?

Loyalty to Instagram can be defined as the interaction between your target audience and your Instagram content. There are a variety of metrics offered by Instagram, which allow businesses to measure their loyalty, such as:

  • Shares
  • Comments
  • followers
  • Saves
  • Click-click
  • DMs
  • Branded hashtag
  • Reports (labeled and unlabeled)

These metrics provide information about how your target audience is interacting with your content. Simply put, when the numbers are high, it proves that your audience really cares about your content and is actively involved with it, not just seeing it.

Instagram algorithm also boosts pages that have high loyalty. Therefore, if you want your startup Instagram page to be viewed by more people, you need to start paying attention to the aspect of loyalty.

Now that you know what Instagram viewer means and its importance, let’s look at some of the ways you can interact with your Instagram followers to increase your startup popularity.

1. Find out who you are creating content for

Before you start creating and posting content on Instagram, it is important to know your target audience. You can find out more about the demographics of your target audience by conducting an audience survey. This is a complex process that involves:

  • Gather data for existing audience and social media customers
  • Use social media to find conversations related to your brand
  • Research the social networking channels used by your target audience
  • Control your competitors
  • Understand what your audience wants from your Instagram page

2. Be authentic while engaging

Businesses once relied on elegant marketing campaigns without authenticity. These days are long gone. Today, if you want to see your startup become more popular on Instagram, you have to be authentic.

Being authentic on Instagram means sharing content that gives your target audience a glimpse of the real people who are just starting out. For example, behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your team working will allow the public to trust your name

3. Write captions and use hashtags to bring your brand personality to the fore

Captions and hashtags play a key role in highlighting the personality of your brand in front of your target audience on Instagram. Therefore, make sure you use them well. Instagram allows users to compose 2,200-character captions, which is more than what you need to tell compelling stories. Simply put, the more engaging your stories are, the more likely your Instagram followers are to comment on your posts.

You can also include up to 30 hashtags for each post. Hashtags play a vital role in Instagram, as they allow the public to find pages and related content. However, remember not to fill all your posts with hashtags. It is also important to use relevant hashtags, as irrelevant hashtags can lead users to report your content.

4. Videos bring more devotion than photos

When Instagram first appeared, it was primarily a photo-sharing app. However, as time goes on, it has evolved into something more. Today, Instagram users prefer to engage with video content rather than images. So be sure to post videos often.

If you are worried about imperfections in your videos, do not worry! A little flaw will bring the authenticity of your brand to the fore. There are a wide variety of video editing tools out there that you can use to add this extra varnish to your videos as well.

5. Use the Carousels feature

Instagram Carousels feature allows users to post multiple images in a single post. If you want your photo-based posts to be impressive, there is nothing better than Carousels. The feature also generates a lot of user loyalty (on average, more than three times the loyalty generated by regular posts).

There is also a lot of help available on the internet, which will guide you in creating Carousels posts for greater user loyalty. You can also choose from free templates that make it easy to develop Carousels posts, if you are a beginner. Therefore, make the most of all the resources available to maximize user engagement on your startup Instagram page.

6. High quality images are a must

While Carousels videos and posts create more user engagement than regular photo-based posts, that does not mean you will not pay attention to the latter. Remember, old-school photo-based posting is still the easiest to edit and access, and whatever dedication it creates will contribute to the total numbers.

However, you cannot expect users to interact with a post that consists of a low-quality image. So before uploading a photo to Instagram, make sure it is high quality. You can even use Insta built-in filters or a third-party photo editing app to decorate these photos before posting.

7. Build real-time user engagement with Instagram Live

In the last 2-3 years, live videos have become incredibly popular. This has led all major social media platforms to add live video features, allowing users to connect with their audience in real time. The best thing about live videos is that they are very effective in getting them more familiar with the audience.

Instagram recently added a Live Shopping feature, which allows businesses to sell their products and host live videos. Do not hesitate to welcome all viewers to your live videos with their name

8. Share user-generated content

Social media platforms allow Instagram followers and start-ups to engage in conversations, not just words. For example, if a user tags your name in a post, you can post that content as a story the tendency to share user-generated content results in unique ways for the names to connect with their audience.

Your audience will appreciate that you want to share their content, which will increase your chances of sharing yours. The new audience will also notice how you are sharing your audience content, encouraging them to follow your start.

9. Respond to DM and comments

However, just because it is difficult does not mean that you should skip it. Not responding to your followers’ messages can make them feel that you are not interested in them. As a result, they may stop watching your Instagram page.

Ideally, it would help if you spent a few hours each week responding to all DM comments and messages. You do not need to be exaggerated in your answers. Just saying “thank you” in a respectful comment is sometimes all a follower wants to hear from you.

10. Stay in strategic post times

So, you just wrote an exciting post and I look forward to posting it. However, you received a lukewarm response from your Instagram followers after it was posted. What could be the reason?

In all likelihood, you posted the post at a time when the majority of your target audience was asleep. This is why posting at strategic times is vital to ensuring that your posts are visible to your audience. After all, if your followers can not see your posts, there is no real chance they will get involved with your content.

11. Include action prompts in each post

Regardless of the type of post you are sharing, it is important that you do so include incentives for action on all of them. Sure, some of your followers can interact with your posts, whether or not you have a CTA. However, many will need a boost to interact with your posts.

Also, make sure that the prompts for action reflect the personality of your brand. Simply put, get creative and find new ways to encourage your followers to do what you want and need.


So that’s almost all for this Instagram post and startups. Before signing up, we would like to inform you about SociallyGo services. At SociallyGo, you can Buy Instagram like to quickly grow your startup Instagram page.

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