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Job Scam and frauds are very common faults in the digital world. Many scams or frauds are designed very smartly to con people. Unfortunately, many people tend to become the victim of such scams.

Many online goons have made it a business where they can theft people and earn money. Now, as there are many frauds like these, the most famous and the easiest one is through job scam

Everyone everywhere is looking for OPT jobs and digital platforms are the vast space for such searches. And when everyone knows that, the online goons are active.

So, for the freshly graduated, entry-level candidates, or the ones who are looking to start fresh in a company, here we have some tips for you.

We have top 10 job scams signs which one can prevent when applying or looking for jobs.


  • Free jobs

The free jobs are the ones with the most attractive descriptions. The free jobs are also not so hard to find. They automatically pop into your email.

The warning signs in these jobs may include the confirmation of your selection before even applying for the job. You may not even find the company’s name or actual job profile after hours of research.

Free jobs are scams that tend to attract the most desperate candidates and then loot them or harass them.  These free Job Scam will poke you and point you until you block them. So, it is advisable to block them.


  • Asking for ‘security’ deposits – Job Scam

Many job scams come with handsome salary allowances. They even open the option to work from home with flexible hours. Very impressive!

But, with all such impressive money and comfort, they ask to pay some deposit to continue the selection. Some of such job openings also tend to be international companies, or working for international companies.

These are the red alert signs of scams. No company or small firm asks for an employee to pay the money before joining.

Even if not all the job providers with security deposits are scams but how can they be relevant. It’s a job, not a school admission.


  • No meetups – Job Scam

Companies hiring online or through any mode would like to meet or know their OPT candidates. The company which does not do that is surely a scam.

What kind of company would not like to test the candidate or ask some questions before hiring? It is the scammers and the frauds who don’t care about the candidate’s profile and skills.

All the stages of selection and recruiting take place through the screen. Because of the whole online procedure, a candidate can end up being a part of a scam and can’t even report about it.


  • Too casual

A professional attitude of a company or an employer who has contacted is the accurate attitude. Too casual or friendly symbols are a red sign which means scam alert.

Even it is not applicable for the candidate looking for serious employment opportunity. Too casual means it is just trying to make you like them and accept whatever they are asking for or offering.

Job scams are not always professional or hard to talk to, if they are too easy to talk to then that is not an option one should go for. Their way of communicating or asking for some information can also be a trigger warning if it is not through emails.


  • No information about them

When a candidate gets a job offer it is advisable to search about the company first. The research about the company can also reveal a lot about the company.

Not finding any information about the company or even their contact address surely is a scam. Not even finding their company online clearly indicates that the company does not exist.

Many fake companies have a fake address, email id, and contact details, it is better to check all of these before providing any information or paying any money to them.


  • Too many promises

No company offers bonuses, promotions, or vacation deals on the day of selecting or recruiting any candidate. Too many promises also mean that they are trying too hard for the candidate to like the company.

No company does that in real. A company tests the candidate and wants to see the effort of the candidate for joining them.

If a candidate finds too many promising offers then they should just know that it is a scam. Beware of such promises and offers, no company does that.


  • No contacts

Fake companies do not provide any mode for communicating with them. No contacts mean that a candidate can never ask, contact, or talk to them when they want.

The company will only communicate with the company through the same mode of finding them. A candidate can never find them. Not on any social media, on maps, or any platform which can show their exact location.

No contacts mean they will only start the conversation and disappear whenever they want.


  • Too many serious documents

There are some obvious common documents that a recruiter or a company asks for. Asking for the bank account details, address, or any government-related documents is common after the whole confirmation of a company and of the candidate.

If the candidate is not sure about the company, cannot find their address, or the recruiter’s identity is blurred then sharing all the documents can be risky.

No company asks for the documents right away. The whole process of recruitment takes place before the documents process.

Do not share the documents that contain all the personal information about yourself.


  • Nothing is straight

Every question or query asked by the candidate, if not answered straightly or simply ignored can be a symptom of a scam. Two-way communication should be noted by the candidate. 

If the whole process is going through loops then beware. If possible close the door on the employer or the company. Every candidate has a set of questions that need to be answered.

If they do not answer then it means they are not rightful or entirely honest with the candidate. Too much suspiciousness can be the indicator of a scam.


  • Small process or no process at all

An ordinary process of selection or recruitment takes time in an ideal company. Even if the company is hiring online, the recruiting process will not be for only a couple of hours.

An interview process for any company which is ethical and legal goes through lots of processes. If there is no process or just a few questionnaires for joining a company then it is a fraud.

A fraud company does not waste time in getting to know the candidate but quickly makes the connection with the candidate and gets their benefit. 

Notice their recruitment process and check the way they select or hire people. 


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