The global parcel delivery market has a value of more than $400 billion in 2020.

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Depending on the nature of your business, you could be receiving a large number of deliveries each day. Pallet delivery can help improve your experience with inbound goods in a number of ways.

For a rundown of seven ways that pallet delivery could benefit your business, keep reading.

What Is Pallet Delivery?

Pallet delivery is a form of delivery where items are loaded and shipped attached to a wooden pallet. It has become the most widely used form of distribution globally as it offers several advantages.

1. Convenience

When shipping products one of the main things to consider is loading and unloading. When palletising items, you can stack them efficiently and move them around with ease.

This means that the sender can prepare one or more pallets to sit together in a truck and take up as little space as possible. Depending on the product pallets can sometimes be stacked for convenience.

This carries over at the other end. When deliveries arrive pallets can be unloaded and easily stored away in a space-saving fashion. If you have a single pallet delivery, you will very rarely have any trouble finding somewhere to store it.

2. Easy to Move And Handle

Pallets and forklifts work incredibly well together. Most pallets are specifically designed to be easy to move around, which benefits both those sending the pallet and those receiving it.

If you don’t have a forklift available, a pallet truck (sometimes called a pump truck) is a much smaller and cheaper option. They require very little training to use and can make moving pallets a breeze.

Pallet shipping also makes it easier to protect fragile items, which is ideal if they need to be moved by a forklift. Pallets can be wrapped securely to minimize the risk of anything falling off.

3. Specialised Courier Services

Bubzy offers a very high level of service, improving the overall experience of your pallet deliveries. These days speed is one of the most important aspects of deliveries, and with Bubzy next day pallet delivery is readily available.

We do what we can to ensure you have the most streamlined delivery experience possible. When possible we can even provide Same Day Pallet Delivery Essex.

On top of this, we can also offer

4 Hour Couriers

Business to Business

Europe Express Courier Service

On-Boarding Courier Service

4. Improved Inventory Management

To keep everything running smoothly within your business, your inventory management needs to be as close to perfect as possible. Pallets make it easy to store and separate goods, keeping things organised and simplifying stock takes.

If you know that a pallet holds a certain number of a specific product, you won’t have to get an employee to spend time counting individual units, which could potentially save hours of man-hours.

This can vary depending on your products, and whether or not pallets are mixed, but most of the time works to your advantage.

This works for sending goods out too. If you are sending a large volume of products, knowing how many are on a single pallet can save a huge amount of time.

Bubzy also offers a full tracking service so you can monitor outward and inward deliveries in real-time.

5. Better for Goods

This isn’t something everyone takes into consideration when sending products by pallets and only applies to certain items. Some goods benefit from having some ‘breathing room’ in the form of air circulation.

When pallets are being shipped they can be packed in quite tightly and shut in the back of a truck for hours. As most pallets are slatted and have gaps at the bottom for movement with forklifts, this allows for more airflow around the goods.

This is especially useful for goods shipped via international pallet delivery companies as they can spend even longer in confined spaces.

Sometimes it’s possible to transport pallets on an open pallet delivery trailer, which helps to further eliminate this issue.

Well-built pallets are also very stable, which can help prevent damage to goods. As pallets sit in the back of trucks during transportation they are subject to high speeds and movements from the truck turning and braking.

A stable, well-wrapped pallet will have no issue with these forces, meaning you can trust your goods will get to their destination without any damage.

6. Environmentally Friendly

A lot of businesses these days are very conscious of their impact on the environment. Unfortunately, shipping goods always leaves a carbon footprint to some degree.

Because of this, it is beneficial to reduce that carbon footprint as much as possible. When pallets are put into circulation they will often be used over and over until they are too worn or damaged to stay in circulation.

Pallets can be easily damaged, making them unsuitable, or even unsafe, for transporting goods. When this happens they can still serve a purpose – people often use old pallets to create DIY furniture such as beds and outdoor sofas.

7. Efficiency

Pallets are small and easy to store. If you have a lot, you can stack them outside out of the way and just take them as and when you need them.

When stacked with products, they can be easily moved, and empty pallets are light enough to move by hand.

The cost of new pallets is never too high, and often businesses don’t even need to purchase them. If you constantly have goods coming in on pallets, you can reuse them and save on costs.

Should You Use Pallet Delivery?

Ultimately, that decision is down to you. Based on the information above, you can look at your goods and deliveries, and determine if pallets are the best delivery format.

If you have any questions about Bubzy’s pallet delivery or other delivery services, click here to get in contact today.

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