Bubble tea: The unique variety of flavours  

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Bubble Tea: What is it, and How to Make Your Own | Pique Blog

Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, boba-milk tea, or Yung-marc) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that was first introduced in Taichung in the 1980s. Most bubble tea recipes include a tea base that has been blended or shaken with fruit or milk, as well as chewy tapioca balls and fruit jellies. Cold tea and fen yuan, a sweetened tapioca pudding, were the earliest known “bubble teas.” In this write-up, you will get to know what bubble tea is made of along with the unique varieties of flavours.

Bubble tea has taken the world by storm! What began as an Asian drink craze has quickly spread to the rest of the world! Bubble tea shops are currently rising on street corners and in malls, as well as being integrated into existing companies. Because they don’t want their customers going to their neighbour’s shop merely to buy bubble tea, many shops are now adding it to their existing menu. It’s simple to add to the menu, simple to prepare for the customers to return for their favourite bubble tea drink. It’s that simple! Bubble tea satisfies your thirst, provides you with something to chew on, and entertains you all at once. So, get in touch with us and order bubble tea online from our platform.

What Is Bubble Tea Made Of?

A base of black, green, oolong, or white tea is used to make bubble milk tea, which is then blended with milk and sugar. It’s also noted for having huge tapioca pearls, however, it can be made without them. The ability to create bubble tea with different teas, tastes, and garnishes is part of the enjoyment. These three flavours are commonly found on bubble tea menus:

  • Milk Tea – For a creamy beverage, blend teas, fruit tastes, or herbal flavours with sweetened milk (almond milk tea, honey milk tea, strawberry milk tea)
  • Flavoured Tea – There is no milk but sweetened teas with added flavourings (jasmine green tea, honey black tea)
  • Juice – Fruit juices that aren’t made with milk (passion fruit, mango, kiwi)

Flavours of Bubble Tea

The tea, milk, and bubbles alone provide an infinite number of taste variations for bubble tea. Depending on the drink, powders, flavoured syrups, and fruit purees can also be used to add taste. So, to taste the different flavours, buy bubble tea from The Tea Planet at an affordable price. 

The variety of boba flavours is growing by the day. Looking through the menu at your local boba shop can be rather overwhelming. However, there are so many different boba tea flavours and topping combinations to choose from that this flavorful drink can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Black Tea

Black tea, milk, sugar, and tapioca pearls make up the classic bubble tea flavour, which is a must-try and must-have on any boba cafe menu.


This brilliant green tea with tapioca pearls has a pleasant, grassy flavour and is visually pleasing.


When compared to matcha or other green tea powders, Jasmine tea has a milder, herbal, slightly sweet flavour. Monin Honey Jasmine Syrup is the perfect sweetener to go with your jasmine tea.


The delicious, tropical flavour of mango milk tea is ideal for first-time bubble tea consumers. Monin Mango Purée makes it simple to produce mango milk tea in a matter of minutes.


This creamy, rich drink has a stunning purple colour and is a traditional Boba flavour, with a vanilla-like flavour.


Melon, or honeydew, bubble tea is sweet, refreshing, and mildly flavoured, making it an ideal summer drink.


Monin Lychee Syrup has a melon-like taste and adds a subtle sweetness and acidity to boba tea.


By adding those unique tapioca pearls to Monin Chai Tea Concentrate and any choice of milk or creamer, bubble chai tea enhances the regular iced chai latte.

Thai Tea

The Thai tea Boba is a delicious spin on the standard black tea. Thai tea’s signature orange colour and sweetened condensed milk give it a sweet and strong flavour.


Lavender’s flowery overtones blend well with tea and lemon in this lavender bubble tea. Monin Lavender Syrup can help you achieve the perfect lavender taste balance.


Another flavour that is ideal for Boba newbies is strawberry bubble tea. Monin Strawberry Purée is great in creamier bubble tea beverages, while Monin Strawberry Syrup is great in dessert bubble tea drinks.


Monin Passion Fruit Purée’s tropical taste adds acidity and tanginess to bubble tea that balances out the sweetness.

Final words

The drink has changed through the years and can be made in a variety of ways. Each tea business has a unique set of recipes that distinguishes them from the competition. Milk, cream, ice cream, shaved ice, fresh fruit, syrup, flavoured powders, soy milk, black tea, and/or green jasmine tea are among the components.

Which bubble tea drink is the finest of the many options available? It depends on your taste and what you enjoy, as it does with any meal or beverage. Using the highest quality bubble tea supplies available is the most critical element in making a superb bubble tea drink. Bubble tea drinks are not all made equal, so make sure you get your drink or supplies from a reliable bubble tea store. As a result, we recommend you order bubble tea online from the tea planet.  

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