What Is the Difference Between Hiring and Recruiting?

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Hiring and recruiting take place when a company or an organisation is expanding its horizon. The expansion of any company requires a trusted workforce.

At that very moment, a company plans to start recruiting or hiring new employees. But there is a difference between these two and similarities as well. The similarity one can easily guess is that both terms are related to professional interactions and getting selected for a job.

Now, when we discuss the difference between hiring and recruiting several base concepts can help.

Definition of Hiring

Hiring is the term used when the company or the employer is seeking and filtering candidates for their vacancies. 

Hiring is done for filling a specific job profile. And this can take place if a previous employee of the same post resigned or was terminated.

In this process, multiple candidate options are considered by the employer to find the perfect fit among hundreds. Hirings is often advertised and posted to have an easy and quick process of candidate hunting. Job postings are also one of the ways for hiring people.

Job postings can be done through multiple sources including online and offline.

The free job posting, free advertisements, contests, and many more ways are popular among employers for hiring. Hiring processes can be done for every department in the company

Hirings is fast and easy to conduct and are available very much more if compared to any other term. And candidates do find hiring efficient when the company is famous or known. 

Definition of Recruiting

Recruitment, unlike hiring, is a plan and long process. Recruiting an employee requires lots of work. Research, analysis, comparison, and many other steps are taken before recruiting any candidate. 

Recruitment is a process that requires a long time working and managing the selection of candidates. Candidates are attracted to the job openings or vacancies available in the company.

Recruiting also involves making a suitable connection with the candidate and making the network stronger. Talent searching is one of the most important tasks when it comes to recruiting. 

The recruitment is a long and serious process as it does happen often or for just any small department or role.

How to perform the hiring process

The hiring process should take place without taking a lot of time in planning or research. Hiring can take place from smaller to bigger departments and roles.

The hiring process for any company should be based on the vacancies available in the company.

The whole process should be managed to save time and select an eligible candidate. An eligible candidate can be selected based on their education qualification, skills, experience if any, and interview at last.

Hiring involves maintaining the image of the company and respecting the demands of the candidate.

On very short notice, every available candidate should be valued. The communication should be clear between the candidate and the interviewer.

Many candidates wish to know everything about the company and the job role before accepting it so it should be communicated.

How to perform the recruiting process

As recruiting is a very long process, the way to succeed in recruiting requires different kinds of efforts.

Hiring can be done with a small team of people but recruiting requires a larger team. The whole team working together for recruiting future employees can put up some good work.

Performance is needed before and during recruiting new employees. As the process of recruiting can be long, it is important to maintain the culture between the team so that it can be represented to the new employees as well.

The maintaining and balancing of the whole recruiting process can make the process productive.

Professional and formal contacts with the candidates can create a good impression during the recruiting process.

The whole process of recruiting takes place continuously. The success rate of any candidate must be measured based on the requirement of the job.

Recruitment should not become an easy task for any candidate, as the recruiter will select and choose according to the requirement. The recruiting process is more competitive than hiring.

A talent pool for hiring

What is a talent pool? The job posting is the first step to begin a hiring process. After posting the job, all the CVs and resumes are collected by the recruiter. 

The talent pool is the platform where the recruiter or the team collects the documents of their selected candidates. All the referred candidates are also stored for preferences in the talent pool.

As hiring can be done for every small department in the company, all the selected or preferred candidates are saved in the talent pool of the company. 

Hiring pool or talent pool for hiring can work very efficiently to select candidates and hire them.

A talent pool for recruiting

Networks of talented and eligible candidates are stored in the talent pool by recruiters. In the long process of recruiting, all the selected candidates are chosen for long term and permanent employment.

The entire market is kept in check by the HR team looking forward to recruiting new candidates for their company.

All candidates looking for a job or have been working in the past in the same field are kept in check with the help of the talent pool.

All the employees registered under the market or the industry can be found here for the preferences. Pre-screened or pre-selected candidates can be listed and found easily in such talent hunting pools.


Hiring and recruiting may sound similar to many but very different. The hiring perspective is different from the recruitment perspective.

The hiring for the low-level management workers is selected better with the process of hiring because it is a short and simple process. Recruitment is done with the aim of a long term process and selection.

OPT Jobs in USA are of multiple choices and backgrounds. After their academics are over, many can also apply for internships and get a full-time reputed job.

Hiring can be done by advertisement and fast result provider actions but on the other hand, recruitment requires lots of research and work.

Both terms are differently used and practised in the field of selecting candidates and providing jobs.

The difference in the table form

Hiring Recruiting
  • Definition: Hiring is among a mass of candidates who applied for a particular job or position.
  • Hiring can be done for all the departments despite their importance in an organisation.
  • Hiring takes place more often than recruiting.
  • Chances of permanent employment are lesser.
  • The selection process is similar for all the candidates and quick.
  • Definition: Recruitment takes place between a particular bunch of candidates.
  • Recruitment is only for a particular position or a higher department of the company or organisation.
  • Recruiting depends on an occasion or a particular requirement.
  • Chances of permanent employment are higher.
  • The selection process is long and difficult.


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