Study in Australia – International Student Costs and Expenses

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Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students to commence their post-secondary studies at. The country hosted more than 624,000 foreign students in 2017. There are quite many reasons for international students to study in Australia, despite it being, unfortunately, one of the most expensive countries to pursue higher studies. According to an estimate, students usually need AU$20,290 each year for living costs alone if they choose to study in Australia, according to the student visa requirements of the country. Meanwhile, the tuition fees at Australian universities and colleges vary depending on where you opt to study in Australia and what you want to study, along with the level of program you will be studying. Read further to find out how much a student needs to have in his hand to study in Australia and a breakdown of all the costs of studying and living in the country.

Cost of Study in Australia

According to the official website of Study Move, the average annual tuition fees for international undergraduate students to study in Australia in the year 2018 was AU$30,840 (approximately US$22,170), and AU$31,596 (approximately US$22,700) for foreign postgraduates. The Australian Government’s Official Website for International Students, Study in Australia, has stated the per annum tuition fees for international graduate students as follows:

  • Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600);
  • Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$10,060) to $37,000 (US$26,600).
Level of Study Average Annual Tuition Fees in $ AUD
English Language Studies 300 per week (varies with course length)
Technical and Further Education (TAFE) 4000 – 22,000
Vocational Education and Training

(Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Certificates I to IV)

4000 – 22,000
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree 15,000 – 33,000
Postgraduate Masters Degree 20,000 – 37,000
PhD 14,000 – 37,000

Study in Australia Visa Costs

The cost of the Student Visa (Subclass 500) of Australia for international students currently is AU$575 (~US$414). To study in Australia, you will need to obtain the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and any dependents such as parents, spouse, or children as it is a requirement of the Australian Study Visa, which needs to be valid till the end of your period of study in Australia. OSHC Australia provides a search tool that students can use to compare the medical insurance offered by different authorized providers. The cheapest option, however, for an undergraduate student choosing to study in Australia for a duration of three years, starting from March and finishing in December, with no accompanying members, was found to be AU$2,149.10 (Approx. US$1,550).

Accommodation Costs

There are different accommodation options you can choose to live in if you choose to study in Australia. The average cost per month for these options is listed below:

Accommodation Options Average Cost Per Month
Home Stay AU$ 440 – $1,080
Guest Houses AU$ 320 – $540
Student Halls of Residence AU$ 320 – $1000
Apartment Rents AU$ 1700

Transportation Costs

As you opt to Study in Australia, you need to be fully prepared to travel back and forth from your city on a daily basis as an international student in Australia. One might have to pay to travel from university to work, then back to your place of residence. As far as modes of transport are concerned, there are public buses and trains running around every city in Australia. If you want to study in Australia, you can buy a monthly travel pass for public transport that will averagely cost around AU$145. However, if you plan to pay for per day traveling, the average cost then will be AU$4. Traveling in a taxi, however, is the most expensive option for students undertaking a period of study in Australia. It will cost them around $2 for a kilometer. So, if you are luckily living somewhere near to your university, it will be best to use a bicycle for commuting as a student. The city streets in Australia are designed such that they fully assist the moving around of bikes and cycles in the city.

Other living expenses in Australia

To live and study in Australia, one must also look into the other expenses they’ll have to bear apart from studies and accommodation, such as food, utility, and entertainment. The average weekly costs for these are mentioned below:

  • Groceries and food – $140 to $280
  • Gas and electricity – $10 to $20
  • Phone Network and Internet – $15 to $30
  • Public transport – $30 to $60
  • Entertainment – $80 to $150

The average budget for the most popular student cities in Australia

If you choose to study in Australia’s finest student cities, then these will be your average starting/minimum monthly costs depending on your expenses:

  • Sydney:  1,900 AUD
  • Adelaide: 1,300 AUD
  • Brisbane: 1,400 AUD
  • Melbourne: 1,500 AUD
  • Canberra: 1,400 AUD

So, now that you know how much it might cost to study in Australia, you can properly deal with your finances and then plan your travel, study, and living budget accordingly. In order to further assist you with living and studying in Australia, there are numerous scholarships, bursaries, and grants available to international students who want to study in Australia. Mainly, the Australian Government, higher education institutions, and other public or private organizations provide these scholarship awards, with certain application criteria, making them available to all prospective international students. The Study in Australia official website is also a very resourceful way to help students explore the full list of these university and government scholarships in Australia.

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