Looking for the Reasons to Get 2205 Duplex Pipe? If Yes, See Its Top 14 Applications Now

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Are you a seasoned administrator accountable for overseeing various operations in your oil or gas industry? Next, do you need to replace your current pipeline due to leakage or corrosive issues? If yes, you must be having certain expectations from the “next” product. Right? Can we ask what they are? Now you might say your “next” inventory should be “tough, sturdy, and corrosion resistant,” right? So, if those are the qualities on your expectations list, it could be wise to buy 316L or 317L stainless steel pipes from a well-established industrial material dealer in the USA. But, if you want to get inventories that will prove to be even more reliable and durable from 316L or 317L steel tubes in the long term, we would suggest putting your money on 2205 Duplex Tubes. “But, why?” you might ask. Well, it’s for the simple reason that once you Get 2205 Duplex Pipe from a well-known industrial material supplier in the USA, you can reap multiple benefits over 316L or 317L stainless steel products.

Now, if that didn’t satisfy you and you expect a rock-solid answer from us, we would suggest sifting through the following paragraphs straight away. So, let’s see first:

What is 2205 Duplex Pipe?

Well, 2205 Duplex Pipe is a duplex stainless-steel tube in the simplest terms that consists of 21% chromium, 2.5% molybdenum, and 4.5% nickel-nitrogen alloy. Ok? Got it? Now, do you know what the famous qualities of this pipe are? If not, we must tell you; it offers high strength, high impact toughness, and most importantly, excellent overall resistance to stress corrosion. Thus, it is a highly suitable product for your oil or gas industry which you must buy from a trusted industrial material supplier now. Please remember that once you Get 2205 Duplex Pipe from a renowned distributor in the US, you can rest easy with leakage or other issues for decades to come. Ok? Now let’s move to:

What is 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel?

Well, 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel is a duplex steel product in layman’s terms that constitutes 22% chromium, 3% molybdenum, and 5-6% nickel nitrogen. “Now,” if you compare it with its other counterparts like austenitic stainless steel pipe, you will realize that 2205 steel pipe performs better than them when it comes to pitting or crevice corrosion resistance.

What is the chemical composition of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel?

The chemical composition of this type of stainless steel is:

C≤0.030 Mn≤2.00 Si≤1.00 p≤0.030 S≤0.020 Cr 22.0 ~ 23.0 Ni 4.5 ~ 6.5 Mo3.0 ~ 3.5 N0.14 ~ 0.20 (austenite-ferrite type)

What are the advantages of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel pipe over 316L tubes?

Before anything, you must know that 2205 duplex stainless steel offers superb performance in pitting and crevice corrosion resistance when compared to other products like 316L or 317L stainless steels. And the biggest reason for that is the composition of 2205 Duplex stainless steel that enables it to offer high corrosion resistance and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than austenitic stainless steel tubes.

And the tale doesn’t complete here because once you Get 2205 Duplex Pipe from a prominent seller in the USA, you can make the most of its extraordinary capabilities, like its 2X compressive strength than that of austenitic stainless-steel pipes. Not only that, if designers want, they can also reduce the former’s weight compared to the latter, translating into remarkable performance down the road. Lastly, note that 2205 alloy is “mostly suitable” for the “temperature” ranging between -50 ° F / + 600 ° F. However, if you want, you can utilize it at even lower temperatures but under severe restrictions, particularly for welded frameworks.

How are the machinability and weldability performance of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel pipe?

Just to let you know, the feed rate and cutting speed of 2205 duplex tubes are the same as its 316L rivals when operated on high-speed machines. However, if you use a carbonized knife throughout the process, the cutting speed of 2205 duplex tubes reduces by almost 20% “when” compared to 316L.

Besides, as far as the welding of duplex 2205 pipe goes, let us tell you that it is better at it. “But, how?” you might want to know. Well, the Duplex 2205 tube has good weldability; still, its welding procedure needs an overhaul so it can maintain an excellent phase balance and steer clear of the deposition of harmful metal and non-metal phases after welding.

However, as far as the present scenario is concerned, it can get welded in:

  1. GTAW (TIG)
  2. GMAW (MIG)
  3. SMAW (“stick” electrode)
  4. SAW
  5. FCW, and
  6. PAW

What are some “common” places to use this product after “you” Get 2205 Duplex Pipe?

  1. Pressure vessels
  2. High-pressure storage tanks
  3. High-pressure pipes
  4. Heat exchangers (chemical processing industry)
  5. Heat exchanger pipes
  6. Oil and gas pipelines
  7. Sewage treatment systems.
  8. Classifiers
  9. Bleaching equipment
  10. Storage and processing systems (pulp and paper industry)
  11. Rotary shafts
  12. Press rolls, blades, and impellers in high-strength, corrosion-resistant environments
  13. Cargo boxes for ships or trucks
  14. Food processing equipment

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you learned several things through this textual content, be it the definition of 2205 Duplex pipe, its benefits over 316L or 317L tubes, or its myriads of use cases. So, if you found this content piece knowledge-intensive and want to shop 2205 Duplex tubes now, we recommend talking to the most reputed stainless-steel distributor in the USA.


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