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The digital art society by Scott Hughes

Art is defined as the visual presentation of creativity. It is a God-gifted talent. Therefore, no one can impose artistic views. Artistic thoughts can only be perceived by creative and art lovers. The attachment with any art is a talent and it is by birth. You cannot admire a masterpiece of art without having a love for art. So if you are an art lover you can identify the good pieces of art. Online Book Club is a platform for art lovers and book readers to share their ideas. On this platform, you can share your ideas and art pieces with other art lovers. You can also write reviews about the books you have read already. Many other writers and art lovers have posted thoughts about books on this platform. You can also post your original book reviews and stories if you are interested.

Books at the Books Club

The Online Books Club provides the best opportunity to read online books and reviews about the books. Many art lovers have posted reviews about different books. These books and reviews include:

  • HyperHealing by Avigail Gimpel M.S.
  • The Many Crimes of Walter Cleary by Brenda Godfrey
  • Georgina by Thomas Becker
  • Reflections During a Pandemic by Eugene Michael Giudice
  • Loving Myself and You by Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
  • Over the Devil’s Back by Melva Haggar Dye
  • Introduction to twi for American in diaspora by Patti amoh
  • The Fitness Force Method( Getting Real Results Today and Exposing some Fitness Myths) by Taye Johnson

These are only a few books which have been reviewed by the members of Arts and Books society by Online Books Club. You can find reviews of hundreds of books available at Online Books Club.

The Forums

You can join discussion boards of different forums at Online Book Club. These forums include:

  • Classic books
  • Non-fiction books
  • Crime, thrillers, mystery and horror books
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy books
  • Romance
  • Historical books
  • Drama and Poetry books
  • Graphic novels and Comics
  • Young adult fiction books
  • Children Books
  • Other forums

You can join any forum of your interest and start posting. You can create your own threads for discussion. It is a good way to make connections in art society, with other art lovers. You can improve your learning by other’s ideas.

The art and poetry contest

If you join Online Books Club, you will have the opportunity to join a free Art contest going to be held soon. You can register yourself for that art and poetry contest for free. You can easily submit your entries for the contest. The entries can be:

  • Short books
  • Short stories
  • Interest visual stories
  • Visual art like some panting or geography maps etc
  • Essay
  • The most important, Poetry

You can submit any of your original art piece but it must be unpublished before. In this way you will have the opportunity to win prizes ranging from $100-$1000.

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