Types of custom boxes for small businesses and techniques to customize them professionally:

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These days’ people have developed an interest in businesses. Every person wants to start a business to try their luck. But some of them succeed in it. Now, the key to success is to know what’s in demand. But most importantly, we should know how to represent our customers. When we visit a market, we witness numerous products. But one thing about them is different, their packaging. Now, at the most basic level, we could say the packaging is a thing that protects the item. But in reality, it serves many purposes. Let us discuss some of them.

Packaging keeps the item safe from invisible harmful factors. For example, it provides a shield against radiation or moisture. And hence can make the product last longer. It keeps the product safe from every customer. Not everyone can touch the product. So it is safe to say that you can only feel the product you bought. And hence it provides hygiene.

It showcases the product’s features and its benefits. How would a customer know what the product is for? But when the packaging is suitable and professional, it guides and informs the customers. Many new sellers ignore the basic things about packaging and do not benefit from it. Let us discuss the type of boxes one should use to introduce their product in the market. And techniques to customize custom boxes for small businesses professionally.

Type of custom boxes:

Every person has different ideas for business. And with different ideas and approaches, each person tends to sell products on demand. Other than that, the ongoing trends also affect a person’s choice of which product to sell. But one thing makes an immense difference, and that is the packaging. If many people sell the same thing, then the packaging would be the one that represents you. Many well-known brands sell the same product, and their packaging is the one that makes a difference. But to define ourselves professionally, we need to use the right box. Let us discuss different types of boxes for our businesses.

Two-piece boxes:

These packaging boxes wholesale are known for their sturdy nature. They are firm, organic, and recyclable. Meanwhile, these packaging boxes get used for elegant and luxurious products. Sellers use these products for:

  • Jewelry items like necklaces, earrings, bracelets,
  • Gift items,
  • Candles,
  • Expensive chocolate etc.

Now the question is, what material is used to manufacture them? Mat board is used as a sturdy sheet of fibers that secures the products. It is a thick paper-based packaging sheet whose material is recycled. Mat board also manufactures metalized or magnetized foil which is a variation of rigid boxes.

Sleeve boxes:

These are the boxes that we often see at bakeries used to sell macarons. Meanwhile, these custom packaging boxes are getting manufactured in varying shapes and sizes. And hence sellers are suing them for the different products due to their unique appearance. What do they look like? Sleeve packaging is all about a sleeve that acts as the lid to the box as it covers the container. The product stays secure and fresh in the container as the sleeve protects it from contamination. Many sellers also get these boxes custom-made to add a window in them. And in this way, the product could showcase from inside the box.

Gable boxes:

These packaging boxes get used for food items. You must have seen them at popular food chains. In recent times wide varieties of packaging have been available in the market. Bottled and jarred packaging is one of them. Bottled and jarred packaged goods are the companions of people for a long time.

Techniques and Tips to customize packaging professionally:

Some of the well-known techniques never fail in impressing the customer. They require modern technology. And many packaging companies already facilitate their customers with such methods. These printing techniques are:

  • Digital printing.
  • Screen printing.
  • Engraving and Embossing.
  • Flexography, and gravure.

Now, during personalizing, make sure that:

  • the logo is visible and looks promising.
  • Notice whether the logo is of suitable size or not.
  • Consider the placement of instruction and the font used.
  • Use the right and elegant color.
  • Keep the theme simple yet elegant.

Features custom box packaging should hold:

Let us discuss some features that should be present in our packaging boxes. These features allow us to highlight our product and showcase it professionally.


A packaging box must always be cost-effective. As we start a new business, we are always short on money. And if we do have enough money, we still prefer to use it carefully. In the beginning, you might not know what is to come. So always go for a cost-effective approach. Many packaging companies could provide you with a perfect packaging box at a suitable price. The only thing you need to do is to find the right company.


During shipping, we need to pay charges. And if our package is heavy, we would have to pay a lot. However, you must have noticed that many new sellers sell lightweight products. The reason? Well, it is simple.

  • First, they are easy to manage.
  • Secondly, sellers do not have to pay additional charges or taxes.

So make sure that the packaging material you choose for boxes should be:

  • Lightweight, yet sturdy and
  • Durable yet flexible.


Make your packaging box impermeable for the sake of your product. Almost every product loses one or two specialties when getting prefaced to moisture. And hence many sellers print a warning to keep the product dry. But during shipping, a product goes through a lot of situations. So be wise while choosing a box.

Can be custom built:

Always study your product size and shape before getting yourself the box. The box dimensions always make a big difference and can also affect our customer’s choices. Now, use long-lasting and firm custom boxes for small businesses. And bring a significant change.


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