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When something is wrong with your home, your first thought may be, “Oh no, what is this repair going to cost me! “When it comes to plumbing, you might think” the plumbing repair costs are going to put me in debt! ” But getting a rough estimate of how much plumbing repairs will cost can help you feel prepared, mentally and financially.


There are many factors that go into pricing plumbing, so there is quite a bit of variation in how much you might have to pay.




Several criteria influence the pricing of plumbing repairs. To obtain a clear and precise estimate, it is recommended to call a plumber directly and describe the nature of the fault. However, there is a basic formula to roughly estimate the cost, even if each professional applies their own price. On average, a one-hour intervention costs around € 39 excluding tax. To find out how much you will be billed for your breakdown, all you have to do is multiply the estimated number of hours by 39 euros. If the average price is known, it is more difficult to assess the duration of the intervention, which nevertheless represents a major detail. It is, therefore, more advisable to ask the plumber by phone to explain the problem.


A plumber sets the cost of his intervention according to his own experiences, skills, etc. If he is called urgently, the professional can increase his rates. This urgent intervention involves disrupting one’s professional schedule, working on a public holiday or on Sundays, etc.


The hourly cost of plumbing troubleshooting:


The hourly cost of a plumber’s intervention is between 40 and 60 euros. It must be multiplied by the number of hours required for the breakdown in question to know the price of the service.


What you need to know about this type of billing is that the plumber will charge at least one hour of work, even if he has spent less than 60 minutes on the premises. Each hour started is due. Also, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to favor flat-rate invoicing.






 Average plumbing repair costs

The average plumbing repair tends to be around $ 175 to $ 450. However, there may be a bit of a disparity. Simpler jobs can cost as little as $ 50, while more complicated repairs can cost around $ 500.


The overall average tends towards the cheaper side, as the majority of plumbing repairs are very basic and easy to fix problems.


However, for major plumbing repairs that involve system-wide fixes, you could pay around $ 1,000.

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 The costs for a plumbing repair can include:


Work for work

Parts and supplies to fix the problem

Spare parts or devices

Service and diagnostic fees

Permit fees

Transportation costs for the old plumbing

Typical plumbing costs by type of service

To get a better idea of ​​how much you might have to pay, you need to identify the problem. The problem could be anything from a blocked shower drain to a major sewer pipe malfunction.


Due to variations in the length of a repair and its difficulty, different repairs have very different prices. Here are the average plumbing repair costs are broken down by type of repair.








Drain plug

$ 150 to $ 350


Toilet problem

$ 180 to $ 400


Repair of water pipes

$ 400 to $ 2000


Leaky pipe

$ 150 to $ 800


Drain line problems

$ 300 to $ 1000


Well pump repair

$ 350 to $ 1350


Septic tank problem

$ 300 to $ 2500


Broken water heater

$ 200 to $ 900


Sewer problem

$ 1000 to $ 5000



 How much does it cost to repair a burst pipe?

The average cost of attaching a burst pipe is $ 90 to $ 150, depending on the ease of access to the pipe.


Burst pipes not only cause a flood of water, but they can also spill out of your wallet. Even the smallest leaks can damage your property and belongings, which means fixing the plumbing right away could be the least costly of your problems. This is where the value of an experienced and reliable emergency plumber comes in, calling on their expertise to solve the most difficult (or urgent) pipe-related problems.


The telltale signs of pipe leaks vary from loss of water or boiler pressure to wet spots on walls and ceilings. A burst pipe will be more obvious, with water gushing out, especially if your home has a pressurized system. While burst pipes are usually the result of freezing temperatures, the majority of pipe leaks are due to small fractures and pinholes that occur with age.


Whether it is plastic or copper pipe, the solution in most cases will be to replace the length of the damaged pipe. Repairing an easily accessible burst water hose will cost around $ 150. Without visible access, the work is more delicate and it can cost you on average 250 €. These hard-to-locate leaks are where the expertise of a plumber comes in handy.


For minor leaks, repairs to the affected area may be possible. But, if an older pipe is damaged in one area, it is likely to fail again in another. So replacing the entire pipe is usually the best option.


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Baths and showers can suffer from a range of problems and each specific problem has its own price tag, from leaks to heat and water pressure issues. A plumber should be able to help you with any issues you have, but for some issues it will be important that they be registered to work on a gas system, assuming this is what your central heating is working on.


Blockages in tub or shower holes and pipes can be cleared by a plumber. If this is something you’ve tried to fix before and couldn’t fix, a professional should have the drain and multiple holes unblocking equipment to sort the problem out quickly and easily.




What do you have to pay?

Plumbing requires a wide range of skills and a lot of technical know-how because it is one of the most varied occupations. More than just pipe fittings, plumbers are called upon to solve a wide range of different problems, from leaky faucets to installing new fixtures.


Whether you are having a new bathroom or kitchen installed, a professional plumber is a vital cog in the process, ensuring that all pipes and leaded connections are in the right place. This means that everything can be easily adapted while ensuring the best water flow throughout the house. Plumbers will also install heaters and common appliances like dishwashers and washing machines – again making sure drains and faucets are where they belong.


Then there’s the nightmarish scenario of burst pipes, or the irritation of leaky faucets and blocked shower heads that need to see. A plumber can come to your aid here and resolve these more immediate issues with a repair or replacement. Most plumbers tend to charge an hourly rate for the work they do.

Calling a professional: the best solution!

In the event of a pipe problem, the best reaction is to call in a professional. Expert in this field, he will be able to offer effective and lasting solutions to make you quickly find the comfort of your home.


An expert in the field

However, you should not call on the first plumber you come across. You must entrust your pipes to an expert in the field such It must be a plumber with many years of experience.


If you live in a rental, you should hire a plumber who has been responsible for maintaining the building’s drain for years. He will be better able to make an accurate and rapid diagnosis of your situation since he already knows the current situation.


A local plumber

We also recommend a local plumber. This can affect the speed of the care and therefore your safety and that of your home. A simple leak can degenerate into water damage quite quickly.


A professional is an available day and night

Online, you have a variety of professionals just a click away. Preferably check their availability. In an emergency, it is always preferable to have a provider available day and night.

Be careful, however, these are free providers. Also, fees may vary depending on the hours of intervention. In particular, an increase will be requested in the event of repair during public holidays or outside office hours.


Compare quotes to make sure you make the right choice

To be sure you are making the right choice of plumber, compare quotes online. By playing with the competition, you will be able to benefit from a service at a lower price but of quality. Rely on the opinions of former customers and the ratings given by the community to sort the different profiles.


For pipe unblocking in Paris, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of a quality plumber. To facilitate research, stick to your region, or even your neighborhood. To do this, use the search boxes on the dedicated sites.

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