Medical Website Design: Detailed Explanation of Medical Web Designing

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As governments around the world are working their best to bring the internet to their respective lands, the number of internet users is bound to increase. Due to such a drastic increase, the importance of this commodity has multiplied within a few years.

The Internet is one resource that has changed the face of our lives. Bringing in the maximum comfort, convenience, and information, almost everything around the world has been associated with it. In this scenario, the medical industry can make the best use of the internet to gain clients as well as spread the right medical information around. 

Following this, there has been a sudden rise in demand for quality medical website creators. However, creating the perfect medical website is no cakewalk. There are a plethora of factors that you should take care of. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

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Types of Medical Websites

Before developing a medical website, you should be well versed with the several kinds of websites that exist. There are a bunch of medical categories under which your theme can fall. Therefore, read below to know these types. 

  • Portals and Catalogues

You could be creating a website that is solely devoted to promoting and managing a particular hospital. These websites have all the necessary information about the hospital, including the facilities it provides, its staff, working hours, location, etc. 

All the information on such websites is mostly hospital-specific. You should try your best to avoid any general information about the medical industry here. 

  • Medicine Centric Websites

This sort of website would have data or logs on doctors and even hospitals. Any patient can go through this website and get any important information related to them, including reviews, and even the history. The patient can even collect information about diseases that the doctors or the hospitals have treated before. The website also keeps a scope of raising queries from the patient’s side. 

  • Marketplace 

This sort of website is more like an online strolling platform where you get all the information about a doctor. From the kind of reviews he gets, to what his qualifications are, this website would tell you all. You can also book your appointments for a particular doctor and follow up pretty easily. 

  • Practitioner’s Website

This website is built to provide a medical professional with a platform to promote his work and skills. On the website, the doctors get to demonstrate the specialization they have gained in either a particular field or as a general physician. It may also include some previous clients’ testimonials and reviews. You may also find important headlines related to the medical industry on this website.

Important Medical Website Design Factors

What are some of the most important factors that a medical website design should consider? Let’s find out:

Use of the Website

Before designing a medical website, it is important to understand the use of this website. Depending on the use, you would be able to specify the type of people visiting the website. And thus, the interface would be decided. For instance, a website that would be used as a portal would require a simple yet efficient design. 

Bright colors and confusing graphics would not work in such a setting. The website needs to have a properly placed search box and help section. As such websites would get all types of people, the design should appeal to everyone.  Moreover, important navigation tools and calls to action should also be carefully placed.

Video Message

The whole idea behind building the website should be to make the work as little as possible for the visitors. Therefore, apart from putting up the written content, add a simple video message for the patients. The video should not be more than two to three minutes. 

Through this, the message would be easily conveyed and you would get more visitors due to convenience. The video should include all the information you have put but in the shortest way possible.


The website should have pictures from the laboratories or hospitals that you want to promote. The real pictures of the interiors of such places make a better impact. The visitor gets more familiar with the place they want to visit.

You should include real-time photos of the medical team as well. However, make sure you provide explanatory captions for each photo. Otherwise, understanding the point of the photos would get difficult for the visitor.

Attractive Marketplaces

Although a medical website should be designed as simple and efficient as possible, a marketing website can sure have a little spark. Websites that promote doctors should use peaceful but impactful color themes.

The visitors should be appealed to search for a doctor or a specialization by looking at the website. The platform should also show that the information that they have is genuine and they have all the necessary information about the doctors on the very page.

You can also provide an option for patients to choose their symptoms instead of searching for the specialized doctor themselves. Make sure to add a real-time photo of each doctor or team while giving a description.

Ease of Information

As has been already mentioned, the website should provide information to the visitor or the patient in the easiest way possible. Therefore, apart from adding videos and images, you should also add text in simple language.

Try to use common words and even the sentence formation should be simple. An easy-to-read content goes a long way for all types of websites. Moreover, if you happen to use a term that is not very common, try to give a short explanation at the bottom of the page.

In Conclusion With

Medical website design requires some amount of planning and research before you get on with it. As these websites address patients, the content should be tight and accurate. The scope of making mistakes in the case of medical websites should be very low.

If you are thinking of designing a medical website, follow all the points mentioned above to design an aesthetical, functional, and accurate product.

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