Why Should You Choose eBay for Business? Top 5 Benefits of an eBay Store

Why Should You Choose eBay for Business
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What exactly is an eBay store?

With COVID-19 causing havoc in the lives of millions of people, merchants were compelled to move online and begin selling on eCommerce or online marketplace. Several sellers increased their sales by using eBay shops, which are one of the greatest ways to sell your things on eBay. With a plethora of possibilities, it increases the value of your brand and aids in the development of client loyalty.

You may reach over 185 million worldwide active users by selling on eBay. Let’s go a little further and find out more. How can I start an eBay store? How much does it cost to create an eBay Store? And any relevant queries about eBay Storefronts!

Compare to other marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, or Walmart, eBay is quite a competitor. They have a good selling and managing system and a tremendous amount of customers. Also, eBay is quite affordable when it comes to expense, it’s a bit higher than the Etsy cost but much lower than Amazon and Walmart. 


Over the following few months of 2021, you’ll notice new and interesting enhancements from eBay under their Spring Seller Updates in an attempt to help you give a terrific and promising shopping experience to your customers. The addition of videos to browse item pages and storefronts is a much-welcomed development that everyone is looking forward to.

The functionality will be released first for purchasers on the App, and will subsequently be extended to encompass PCs and mobile sites. It will allow you to promote the brand while also driving customer engagement and sales.

An Overview of eBay Stores

Creating an eBay shop gives you a consolidated spot on the marketplace where your customers can locate the many items you have to sell. It provides you with an online presence without requiring you to go through many complicated and time-consuming web design sessions while developing your business.

eBay store

The eBay shop membership includes your own search engine. The search engine allows purchasers to do searches inside your shop, reducing competition on the eBay marketplace.

When you do not have a shop membership, the listing shows as seen in the picture below.

When you purchase a shop membership for yourself, your listing will look like this. The most noticeable alteration here is the inclusion of a “Visit Store” option.

Why should you buy from the eBay store?

Many arguments may be made to persuade you that you should open an eBay shop. Let’s go through some of the most important things to look for while setting up an eBay business.

1. Increased product exposure

Your items will gain greater exposure with an eBay shop membership. The exposure will only enhance the number of consumers you have. According to eBay research, retailers’ sales increased by up to 25% in three months after converting to eBay store subscriptions.

2. Win repeat customers

Win repeat customers

Creating a shop with distinctive things that you have to offer causes your consumers to remember it, which results in “them returning to you” when they desire that product. With an eBay shop, you can easily work on and improve your customer service and experience. Excellent customer service is also one of the most important aspects that influence client retention.

3. Conserve money

Store subscribers have the upper hand in selling and insertion costs when compared to eBay’s standard selling rates. But keep in mind the number of listings you deal with on a daily basis. When subscribing, you must assess your sales. It may assist you in selecting the appropriate subscription type. Choosing an enterprise subscription when you only have 100 goods to offer, for example, makes no sense and will result in severe losses.

Going forward with the shop membership might be a wonderful way to save money if you have more than 50 listings each month, according to eBay.

4. Enhanced credibility

Having a shop signifies that you are here to build yourself as an entity, not only to sell. It also boosts your professional reputation. You can also boost the effectiveness of your business by utilizing the different features that the store subscription allows.

5. Customized URL

When you purchase an eBay shop membership, you will be able to create a unique URL for your business. The URL allows your clients to simply find your business without having to browse and search across the eBay marketplace.

Are you thinking about going multichannel? Allow us to assist you in obtaining the greatest eBay integration experience for your Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, or Magento business. It’s basic and straightforward!!

How can I create an eBay storefront?

To get an eBay shop, you must first begin selling on eBay. Make certain that you open a business account. If you already have a personal account, it must be converted to a business account. After that, you may continue to create an eBay storefront.

1. Requirements

Once you’ve decided to start an eBay Store, there are a few prerequisites you must meet:

  • A seller’s account on eBay is required, as are your payment card details for the account.
  • Having a Verified Premier PayPal account is also required.
  • If you want to start a Premium or Anchor shop, you cannot have a below-average seller performance rating in terms of seller ratings.

2. Select the appropriate eBay shop subscription

eBay shop subscription

eBay provides five distinct shop subscription options. As a result, you must ensure that you choose the membership plan that is appropriate for your listing volume. Assume you have 100-150 listings available each month. Choosing a startup shop will not assist you. It is a financial squandering on your part. Choose a shop based on the number of listings, sales, and profit you are currently earning.

Although a shop gives you an opportunity, you must ensure that the investment you make is beneficial. And it allows you to obtain the outcomes you want without breaking the bank.

3. Establishing a Store

It’s not difficult to open a shop. You must take a few steps.

  • Log in to My eBay.
  • Under the Account tab, choose “Subscriptions.”
  • Next to eBay Stores, click “Subscribe.”
  • Now, on the left, click “Subscriptions,” followed by “Manage My Store.”
  • Finally, choose “Design My Store” or “Quick Store Tuneup.”

eBay Shops (For U.K based sellers)

A similar subscription-based scheme is offered for sellers who want to open a storefront under the eBay Shops brand. A seller may choose a store membership from the options available here, which range from,

  • Basic
  • Featured
  • Anchor

When is it a good idea to open an eBay storefront?

Having an eBay shop is all about saving money. If you decide to create an eBay business, the results may astound you, as you may wind up saving a hundred dollars each month if you do things correctly.

eBay store font

A few considerations before deciding on a storefront might make a significant impact on your sales.

  • Getting your hands on an eBay business may be a game-changer if you sell more than 100-150 listings per month or make more than $500-750 per month. It will not only increase the value of your company’s brand, but it will also help you save money.
  • If you’re selling devices with a higher final value charge or things that sell for more than $2500-3500, the eBay shop may save you a lot of money. Fees for shop owners are limited to $250, while normal sellers without a business membership must pay $750.
  • However, it is strongly advised that you first ensure that you are dealing with big amounts of orders before opening an eBay shop. If you don’t satisfy the store’s standards, focus on raising your level and meeting the requirements.

If you’re just getting started as an eBay seller, it’s usually a good idea to start small business and build over time. Once you’re comfortable with the eBay marketplace and its regulations, you may take the next step and open your own shop.

Is it worthwhile to open an eBay store?

However, if you’re swamped with orders, have previous experience selling on eBay, and are already generating a lot of money as a regular seller.

It’s time to take the initiative and decide to give your company a facelift with an eBay shop!

However, keep in mind that acquiring an eBay shop subscription is not for you if you are not generating enough money to incorporate one into your company. In the long term, it will only hamper your earnings.

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