Understand the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painting

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Are you planning to hire commercial painters Perth? If yes, it might make you wonder about the difference between commercial and residential painting services. Even though there is a wide range of similarities between the two, you will also notice some differences between the two. This article will guide you about the differences between commercial and residential painting.

1. Number Of Painters

One of the major differences between residential and commercial painting services in Perth is the number of painters required for it. You will realise that commercial painting services work on a larger scale. Commercial painting services are required for schools, restaurants, office buildings and other larger spaces. Therefore, commercial painting services require more painters to conduct the job.

On the other hand, residential painting contracts cover small spaces. The operational scale of residential painting is quite small. Only a handful of painters are required to finish residential painting contract jobs. Residential painting services are quite useful if you want to get your job done on a small budget.

2. Type And Amount Of Paint And Equipment Used

The equipment used by residential painting contractors in Perth is quite similar to the ones you can get on your own. The types of paint used by residential painting contractors revolve around a wide variety. You can select any colour that matches the architecture and decoration of your home. Residential painting projects also require small amounts of paint to complete the project. They work with simple equipment like paintbrushes, step ladders, painting trays, rollers and drop cloths.

On the other hand, commercial painters have more experience working on different types of surfaces. The various surfaces include wood, marble, concrete, reinforced plastic, metal and other surfaces. Commercial painters also require a high quantity of paints as they work on large-scale projects. They work with equipment like sandblasters, pressure washers, sandblasters and aerial lifts.

3. Services Provided

Commercial painting contractors in Perth offer a range of extra services that residential contractors don’t. Some extra services include industrial painting, epoxy coatings, special surface preparation and sandblasting. Many handymen services that offer commercial painting also offer services like the following:

• Brick waterproofing
• Line striping
• Concrete ceiling repair
• Masonry coating
• High-durability coatings
• Roof coatings
• Stencilling
• Waterproof coatings
• Metal door paintings
• Joint expansion sealing

On the contrary, residential contractors for painting can also offer a different variety of services. Residential painters have the training to work on exterior surfaces like wood, stucco, concrete and metal. They also might be able to deal with light construction work and popcorn ceiling removal in older homes. The typical services offered by residential painters are as follows:

• Cabinet painting
• Exterior and interior painting
• Wallpaper hanging and removal
• Garage painting
• Plaster repair
• Fence painting

4. Experience

There will be a huge difference between the experience of commercial and residential painters in Perth, WA. Contractors of residential painting might not have adequate experience to handle complex commercial painting projects. They will require special equipment which will help them in finishing their jobs.

But they have the right knowledge in guiding homeowners to choose the appropriate paint. Residential painters also know how to protect the flooring and furniture of your home while doing their job.

Commercial painters have to be more concerned about their safety while dealing with large-scale projects. They often need to work on high buildings in busy locations. Therefore, commercial painters require the endurance and experience to paint buildings with tall heights. Commercial painting projects are much more than residential projects, which might seem like DIY tasks. The appearance of commercial buildings plays a vital role in the branding and marketing of a business.

5. Project Management

A lot of emphasis is put on efficiency and productivity when it comes to commercial painting projects. It is important to finish commercial painting projects within strict deadlines to avoid disruption of business activities. Delays in the completion of a commercial project can turn out to be expensive for the company depending on the scale of the project.

Moreover, commercial painting projects involve more than one contractor. All the contractors involved in the project must be able to manage their time and resources in meeting the deadline while sticking to the budget. Therefore, the experience of project management is necessary in the case of commercial painting contractors.

Residential painting companies can have a relaxed approach towards finishing a project. However, it is important to be able to meet deadlines to prosper in the competitive industry. Residential contractors should focus on fulfilling the demands of the homeowner.

Every demand of the homeowner must be given attention. It will help in increasing the satisfaction of the customer. As more and more customers are satisfied, good reviews will usher in. The positive feedback will help the residential painting company to increase its customer base and earn more profit.

6. Scheduling

Commercial painting projects are scheduled according to the convenience of the business owner. It is quite difficult to fix the schedule as businesses will try to operate all the time. Commercial painting contractors often need to find ways to finish their projects without disrupting the operations of the company.

Commercial painting jobs are often scheduled at a time that doesn’t interfere with normal working hours. The job might have to be done during the night or during weekends. The best handyman services that offer commercial painting will try their best to adapt to the schedule of the company they are working for.

Residential painting jobs usually do not involve any scheduling conflicts. They can finish their jobs during normal working hours on weekdays. Residential painters usually have to work for eight hours every day. But if homeowners are in a hurry to finish projects, residential painters might have to work at night or on weekends.

Summing Up

There are a lot of differences between commercial and residential painting services. However, no matter which one you are choosing, do not forget to check their reputation. It is pivotal to hire the best painting contractor and ensure they handle your painting project with utmost efficiency.

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