All you need to know about SAFe® Scrum Master Training Course

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Large enterprises that plan to go through a huge transformation generally prefer Certified SAFe®®Scrum Master. It helps the organization to undergo big development without altering the currently existing systems. SAFe® Scrum Master knows how to work effectively to meet the targeted goals of the company. Seventy percent of the companies employ the SSM framework and over eight lakh Scrum Masters are currently at work. The worldwide top brands like Bosch, Lockheed Martin, Pepsi Co, Anthem, Cisco, Standard Chartered, etc. Use SAFe® enhance their productivity, boost quality and improve functioning, etc.

Ø  SAFe® Scrum Master Certification Process:

Following are the simple steps to get validated as a SAFe® Scrum Master.

Step 1: The trainee needs to attain a sixteen-hour training conducted by the SAFe® Program Consultant who is an expert and experienced practitioner.

Step 2: After two days of training, applicants will be provided with the exam and login details. A ninety-minute exam will be conducted. One needs to clear thirty-four questions minimum to pass the certification course.

Step 3: On successful passing of the exam, the trainee thereafter is entitled as Certified Scrum Master. The Certificate will be issued within five to seven days by the SAFe® Agilists.

Ø  For whom SSM Course is suitable?

Any applicant interested in this course can enroll themselves. Apart from this, the following are the professionals who would get more benefit from this course:

  • Project Manager
  • Train Engineers,
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Directors
  • Architects
  • Product Owner.

Ø  Objectives of SSM Training:

The candidates learn:

  • To lead and facilitate change.
  • To implement Scrum framework.
  • On how to leverage Scrum and Kanban
  • To tackle and manage conflict
  • On how to support program execution
  • To train the Agile teams
  • To resolve impediments
  • To enable high performance

Ø  Topics covered under SAFe® Scrum Master Certification Curriculum:

This training is conducted in two parts, which is discussed below:

SAFe® Scrum Master Training Course: Part 1

The objective of this course:

The candidate learns how to improve the business functionality and also how to execute the role of Scrum Master for Agile teams.

Topics covered under Part1 Training:
  • The Introduction of Scrum in SAFe®®
  • Understanding and evaluating the role of Scrum Master.
  • Understanding all about Program Increment planning.

SAFe® Scrum Master Training Course: Part 2

The objective of this course:

The objective of this Part 2 course is the same as Part 1, but the areas covered are different.

Topics covered under Part 2 Training:
  • Learns to facilitate Iteration execution.
  • Understanding on how to finish the Program Increment.
  • Learns how to coach the agile team.

Ø  Pre-requisite of SSM Course:

No pre-requisite is necessary for attending CSM Course in Madrid. But a little knowledge of Concepts and Principles on Agile, Scrum basics, eXtreme programming, and basic knowledge on software and hardware can be of great help.

The SAFe® is in collaboration with its principles in Lean, Agile development, DevOps, etc. sparked up as the most popular technique for Agile scaling. The demand for SAFe® Master is high all time, and they provide open opportunities to highly paid Scrum Master professionals across reputed industries.

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