What Are the Common Uses for Drones?

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s a drone! We’re seeing more and more drones in the sky these days, since so many people use them for fun and business.

A drone is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, that’s controlled by the pilot from the ground. They’re legal to use in the US under the guidelines of the FAA, as long as you follow all rules and regulations.

If you’re thinking about uses for drones, you probably already know that they’re great for taking photos, but drones are so much more than that!

To find out more, keep reading to find some of the most fascinating reasons for using drones.


Drones are often used for surveillance purposes–after all, they give us a bird’s eye view of the world!

A drone is a much more affordable alternative to a light aircraft or helicopter, letting the pilot see exactly what’s happening in the area they’re looking at.

This is particularly helpful in the agricultural industry, since farmers can use drones to get a close look at huge fields of crops. They can even measure the height of plants, which helps farmers know if their crops are ready to be harvested.

Some drones even have additional add-ons that can count crops, examine their health, and check for parasites. This saves farmers hours and hours of time, thanks to the help of technology.

Surveillance technology can also help large companies and mine sites monitor their buildings and infrastructure.

Law Enforcement

Multi-rotor drones are an effective tool used in policing and law enforcement. They can be used by police for all sorts of purposes, such as looking for missing persons or suspects in a crime.

For example, if a person is lost in a remote area, using a drone to look for them will make the search go much faster. Drones are also being used by immigration officials to make sure no one is trying to cross a border illegally.

There are also lots of surveillance uses for drones, since police can use them to help with crowd control, photograph accident scenes, or look for evidence of crimal activity.

Geographical Mapping

Another useful use for drones is in mapping. When a researcher wants to conduct a geological survey, they can use drones to work out terrain elevation and information.

It helps them identify peaks, valleys, and points of interest, and some can even take air quality samples.

In addition to mapping, drones can help gather information about terrain after a natural disaster, which aids the government in working out how to help victims. They can map fires as well, which makes it easier to know when an area needs to evacuate.

Heat Sensing

Did you know that drones can sense heat? It’s amazing, but drones can sense body heat, which is part of why they’re so amazing when looking for a missing person.

Heat sensing also helps farmers see where their livestock are and can make it easier to find an animal that’s missing.

Heating sensing uses color mapping, so the drone pilot will see a red or orange area on the screen, which indicates that a living creature is there, since all living people and animals generate body heat.


From a recreational perspective, one of the most popular uses for drones is photography. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, there are few things more exciting than taking stunning aerial photos.

The ability to have what’s essentially a camera on wings gives photographers a whole new look at the world. Lots of drones offer bird’s eye lenses, zoom, and other tools to help you compose your photo—check out DrDrone to see comparisons of some top drones by the DJI brand.

Drone photos are great for journalism, social media, and even to print out and display. However, if you’re a new drone pilot, always take time to learn the operational basics before you start flying.

Purchasing drone insurance is a good idea too, since it will protect your investment in case of accidental crashes or damage.


Drones aren’t just great for photography—they also take incredible video footage. Imagine soaring views over the mountains or following a race car as it speeds along the track.

Because drones can track subjects, it’s easy to film fast-moving objects like a car or an animal. Drone footage is often used in movies and nature documentaries, since it gives the viewer a unique perspective.

Drone videos are also used in sales and marketing, especially with real estate. You can take amazing videos of a home’s exterior using drones, making it easier for potential buyers to see the property.

Youtubers and vloggers love drones also, since they’re great for making short videos—especially if you work in the travel industry.

If you’re purchasing a drone for video use, be sure to find one that offers stabilization—otherwise, your videos won’t come out smoothly.

With So Many Uses for Drones, It’s No Surprise That They’re Changing the World

Did you know there were so many uses for drones? It’s sometimes surprising to learn just how versatile they can be.

If you could benefit from a drone, either for your business or as a hobby, start researching which drone would best suit your needs. Because they can run into the tens of thousands, you definitely want to shop wisely.

Then, you’ll soon be using your amazing new drone—we bet you’ll love the thrill of flying!

Did you find this article helpful? If so, please keep reading to find out more.

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