Instagram Sponsored Posts: Everything you need to know about it

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In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about sponsored posts on Instagram

Instagram  has  1 billion active users every month , of  which 500 million consume it daily and they are not only communicating with their friends but are also active with brands. Instagram users are 10 times more active in communicating with brands than Facebook users.

As a result, many brands and marketers are trying to find new ways to increase their followers on Instagram. To do this, many of them use Instagram-sponsored posts.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about Instagram sponsored posts:

  • How to create an Instagram sponsored post?
  • How to attract a sponsor for a brand?
  • How much does an Instagram sponsored post cost?

What is an Instagram sponsored post?

An Instagram-sponsored post is content created and posted by an influencer on its page in exchange for some compensation. This is the way in which Instagram influencers emerge in marketing and manage accountability for their careers.

Since the development of Influencer Marketing and its great success, questions have arisen about its transparency. That’s why Instagram has created a feature of branded content, which means that Instagram influencers enclose branded content with a special tag that informs followers that a particular post is sponsored.

What does an Instagram-sponsored post look like?


The sponsored Instagram post reads: “paid partnership with [brand name]”, which appears below the username.


This type of partnership will give business partners easy access to the posts they are posting to. They see the date when a particular content was published, be it a photo, video or story. They easily see reach and engagement data. Based on all this, one can determine which partnership is the most successful for the brand.

How to sponsor a post on Instagram?

First of all, agree on all the details with the influencer. You can contact them directly on their Instagram page. Some want to collaborate for a fee, while others create a sponsored post in exchange for a free product.

To create a sponsored post, you need to log in to your account “Settings” and find “Business.” From here you have to switch to “Brand content” and then “Approved Business Partners”, where you will add the account of the creator of the post as a partner.


Once your partner has nominated you for the post, you will receive a notification confirming the content. The post will then appear in your Insights.

You can remove the tag from the sponsored post at any time, or you can not confirm the content created by the influencer from the beginning.

How to create a sponsored post on Instagram?

Consider creating a sponsored post from both the brand and Influencer.

Let’s first look at how an influencer can create a sponsored post as it is their duty.

To begin with, the influencer should add the business to his account as “branded sponsorship”. The business, in turn, must add an influencer as a partner to its account.

Then start creating the post. Influencer must know what brand he is creating content for, i.e. what are the brand requirements, guidelines, etc.? There is nothing wrong with the first post being delivered by the brand itself to an influencer.

To upload sponsored content, be it a post or a story, the influencer must go to “Advanced Settings,” and select “Tag Business Partner.” After marking the brand, wait for the partner to confirm the post.

In the case of a story, the difference is that the brand must be selected from the Add Link.

How to get sponsored posts on Instagram?

Too many people aim to become so important as to attract potential sponsors to the  platform or industry. So if you are looking for ways to have your posts sponsored by companies, know that you are not alone.

Before you find sponsors, you need to know a few important steps:

  • Gather a lot of active followers on Instagram. You need a quality, active thousands of followers to attract the attention of potential sponsors. You can contact us and buy 10000 instagram followers Australia  Don’t even think about buying likes and followers. You need followers who actively like and comment on your content.
  • Be niche . As long as mega influencers collaborate with different and diverse sponsors, niche, one-theme-focused influencers will be more successful because they have more trust in their followers and have a more active, engaged audience.
  • Make your report public (public ) . Make sure your account is open and you have a business or creator account. This will allow you to analyze your account and easily create a sponsored post for your partner in the future.

How do we pay attention to sponsored posts?

Once your Instagram account is ready to search for sponsors, you need to take the following steps to get their focus:

  • Establish direct communication. Show that you have a solid account and have active followers. Explain that you like their product and are ready to collaborate. Be sure to tell your audience who they are, what their interests are and what benefits a brand can have by collaborating with you.
  • Mark them on posts. Highlight brands in the posts where you show their product. It works especially well when your audience notices.
  • Use hashtags to increase reach . Brands will not sponsor you if you have not noticed. Take a look at the hashtags that your favorite brands are using and attract them using these hashtags. Of course, these hashtags must be relevant to your content.
  • Make contacting you easy . Be active in both your posts and your personal messages. Enter your contact information in the Bio of your profile.


Influencer marketing plays a very big role in the world of social media marketing . It’s time for companies to allocate the appropriate budget, find the relevant influencer for them, who has the necessary audience for the brand, and start collaborating with the

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