ProFleet – A range of automated guided vehicles

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Created by Dürr’s subsidiary CPM in Italy, the safe and accurate ProFleet is the most flexible driverless transport system for general industry, material handling, and final assembly.

The advantages of using ProFleet are: –

  • ProFleet is safe:

ProFleet assures the highest level of security, where the number of workers is more than the other production environments and where man and machine work together. It’s one of the safest technologies of its kind available in the market, permitting people to be around. What’s more, ProFleet is TÜV certified as per the Level D Performance.

  • ProFleet is cooperative:

Dürr Final Assembly designed ProFleet for the best accessibility and highest ergonomics standards while beginning assembly operations in India.

  • ProFleet is reliable:

For 50 years, Dürr’s Italian subsidiary CPM has been building production lines for the automotive industry. They know global automotive organizations’ technical needs and demands and assure maximum efficiency and reliability in compliance with extremely high technical standards.

  • ProFleet has an open software architecture:

Siemens PLCs control AGV navigation, safety systems, and Fleet management.

Altering and customizing the software can be done by customers with resources available in the plant, and if required, CPM provides direct help without relying on other suppliers. In addition, the system is VDA5050 compliant.

  • ProFleet is Industry 4.0 compliant:

With its dedicated and customizable app, ProFleet allows features such as:

  1. Remote control and monitoring
  2. Clustered push notifications
  3. Diagnostic logs
  4. Preventive and predictive maintenance

ProFleet interconnects with other equipment and systems (e.g., overhead conveyors) and synchronizes with them along a production path. A broad spectrum of layouts and technical solutions can be realized this way.

  • ProFleet is flexible:

It merges the most inventive ideas of modular, smart, easily modifiable, and scalable production.

A customer can request the company to design a particular model. Whatever its size or weight might be, minor changes at minimal cost can be made later for incorporation into the production flow of new models.

  • ProFleet allows opportunity charging:

Without any effect on production or cycle time, ProFleet can be charged in-line or at any point of the plant while operating.

  • ProFleet is maintenance-friendly:

It was created for easy maintenance and quick substitution of components.

  1. Electrical components easily attainable from its sides
  2. Cycle calibrations not required
  3. Motors arranged to achieve the longest cable life
  4. Operations from the underside are not needed
  5. Very simple to move even without energy onboard

The different types of ProFleet are:

  • ProFleet for line feeding or multipurpose (small & light)

The smallest in size and the lightest in weight AGV, a part of the ProFleet family, is required for trolley towing or lightweights transport.

  • ProFleet for powertrain assembly or multipurpose (small)

The small and robust AGV can be used for the transport and handling of small and heavy loads.

  • ProFleet for subframes and battery subassembly (medium)

Long and narrow in shape, the AGV transports mechanical parts on a tooling plate. What’s more, its characteristics make it in all respects an extremely flexible working station.

  • ProFleet for body or complete vehicle assembly (large)

Inside the working line, this AGV helps in the transportation of entire vehicles or bodies.

  • ProFleet for marriage applications

In the ProFleet family, the biggest AGV is built to take over the marriage operations.

Dürr Final Assembly Systems in India have developed a variety of products that cater to every need of the customer. Moreover, the customer can also customize some of the services or products created by the company.

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