How to fix QuickBooks Error 6123?

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How to fix QuickBooks Error 6123?

Among the most popular platforms to manage accounting and bookkeeping, Quickbooks is the most renowned.  In today’s small and medium-sized enterprises, Quickbooks is used to manage all the intricate bookkeeping tasks. It is designed by an American company called Intuit so that small and medium businesses can take advantage of it without having to spend too much time worrying about their accounting books.

Quickbooks error 6123

As a matter of course, using hi-tech software always means facing issues related to the software itself. This is also true of Quickbooks, where many users have complained of the error in the software that interrupts the workflow. An example of such an error that occurs in Quickbooks is Error 6231. This error appears when the company file is restored from its backup. So let’s find out what is the reason behind this error and methods to fix it.

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QuickBooks Error 6123: Definition

When the user tries to revive the corporate backup or open a company file in multi-user mode, the Quickbooks error code -6123, 0 may appear. In this case, the error occurred without notice and caused an abundance of commotion within the business file. A message box appears on the computer screen with the message: “Problem connecting to server” once the QuickBooks Error code 6123 comes into view. When this error occurs, you usually get assistance to resolve it. 

Reasons Behind the Occurrence of Error 6123 QuickBooks

Following are the reason that supports the emergence of QB error 6123:

  • Corrupted host network.
  • It appears the firewall is preventing company files from communicating with the server.
  • In the file name of a QB file, special characters are used.
  • The QuickBooks information file and the QuickBooks file are corrupt.
  • QB desktop files are infected by installed McAfee Antivirus.
  • Blocking internet bug filters are hand-picked for McAfee’s privacy software.
  • There is no upgrade for QuickBooks.
  • In the new version of QuickBooks, the company file can be accessed.
  • Using the removable memory device, the user restores the backup.
  • Several QBW files have been damaged.

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 6123 From the System?

Follow the below methods to fix the error 6123 that occurs within Quickbooks multi-user-mode.

Method 1: Change the name of the Company File.

  • The name of the company should be devoid of all Special Characters and spaces.
  • You should keep your company’s file name to 30 characters or fewer.

It is possible to cancel the errors in the first instance, making the user able to access their organizational file again. 

Method 2: Run QB File Doctor

You are required to run the QuickBooks file doctor to resolve the error 6123 easily. So follow the lead

  • Download the Quickbooks tool hub first from the trusted source Intuit.
  • Now save and run the downloaded file on qbtoolhub.exe to open the installation wizard
  • Once the installation wizard opens, accept all the terms and conditions there to complete the installation process
  • After that, open the QB tool hub and select the tab “ Company File issue“
  • Within that tab, select the Run Quickbooks file doctor button 
  • And then select a file that needs diagnosis
  • Now enter the admin credentials and hit the scan button to initiate the scanning process
  •  Once the scanning is complete, make sure the error resolves or not.

Method 3: Uninstall and Install QuickBooks

It is necessary to uninstall the QuickBooks initial before you set up the QuickBooks. To do this, follow these directions.

  • QuickBooks Desktop should be closed
  • The Windows+R key alone will prompt you to pass.
  • Use the board box to enter your code.
  • Choose programs from the board.
  • Go to the tab for programs and select it
  • You can uninstall QuickBooks by selecting it from the list
  • QuickBooks can now be reinstalled after being uninstalled. Instead, you’ll be scanning the entire step-by-step instructions to set up QuickBooks using the Clean Install tool.

Method 4: Rename the .ND and .TLG file 

  • Browse to the company folder
  • Please select My Company File.ND (i.e. QBW.ND)
  • Choose rename from the right-click menu of the .ND file
  • Whenever you rename the file, add .old to the end of .nd (Mt Company File.qbw.nd.old).
  • Using the .TLD file, repeat the same steps.

Method 5: Change the location o the Company File

It’s simple to correct any problem with the trail of the corporate file when accessing the company file. Click here to find out how.

  • Locate the corporate file, wherever it may be found, and then go to that folder.
  • Clicking on the folder and right-clicking on the file will allow you to copy and certify this file has the extension code .QBW.
  • Next, choose the new folder from the drop-down menu on the desktop.
  • To paste the traced file into the folder, open it and right-click on it.


Hopefully, the above methods explain the way to resolve Quickbooks error 6123 easily. Thankfully, Intuit has introduced QuickBooks Tool Hub, resolving common errors and inconsistencies within the QuickBooks application has never been easier. We tried to cover almost every method that easily fixes the issue without bothering any further problems.   


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