7 Unusual, Unique or Strange Professional Uses of Drones

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Many contemporary businesses will need drones shortly. As previously said, drones are perfect to examine electricity lines, plan mining operations, monitor agricultural health.

Moreover, it can even help with real estate sales when utilized properly. 

Although they are less frequent than aerial photography, these shots show just how flexible drone technology is. Drones are ideal to use for a wide range of purposes, some of which are rather odd.

Even though none of these outlandish applications have reached the public yet, it will not be unexpected if we see several of them in the coming years.

Take a look at some of the most bizarre and outlandish ways individuals and businesses are currently employing drones.

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1. Cleaning the windows:

Unique or Strange Professional Uses of Drones

So let’s begin with using something basic but not unexpected: the usage of drones for window washing. Window washing the outdated method was time-consuming and dangerous.

Crews of maintenance people would need weeks to complete any building’s windows. They are, nevertheless, continually exposed to the dangers of operating at heights.

Certain businesses have risen to the challenge of utilizing drones in their operations. Window Cleaning Drones is indeed a service that provides the very same solution.

Window cleaning drones come in two forms right now.

Drones are to wipe solar panels, which are generally found on roofs or in other difficult-to-reach places.

2. Base station for mobile phones:

Regardless of the notion that nearly everyone in the globe today owns a smartphone, cellular signal coverage does not extend everywhere. 

It is common for the telecommunications infrastructure in a disaster zone to damage, making it harder for emergency response teams to work.

The approach still requires improvement, especially in terms of drone flight time and cell service dependability.

Nonetheless, this is an important first step in helping rescue operations and disaster response groups communicate better.

3. Aerial light displays:

Drones have supplanted fireworks as the go-to tool for putting on aerial light displays in the last few years. Drones, as opposed to explosives, perform more complicated patterns and can be utilized numerous times.

A drone light display is a great example of how art, science, and technology can come together in new and exciting ways.

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4. Deliveries by Amazon Prime Air:

Deliveries by Amazon Prime Air

Amazon is attempting to create a service called Amazon Prime Air, which will enable the firm to use drones to transport items weighing up to five pounds.

Beyond the technical difficulties of such an effort, regulatory limitations have also been encountered.

5. Serving the sushi:

It does not free up any of the restaurant staff because the drone still needs to work manually by a pilot. However, as a novelty, it works well.

Because of this publicity stunt, the restaurant chain has received a lot of media attention.

6. Drone-assisted ambulance services:

Every second matters when it comes to emergency medical response. The therapy given to a patient in the initial few minutes has a significant impact on their chances of survival and recovery.

A transportable Automated Defibrillator (AED) is included with the Ambulance Drone, allowing first responders to deploy it in cardiac arrest situations.

7. Using drones for aerial construction:

Using drones for aerial construction

Drones are ideal to assist in the planning and monitoring of building projects. There is still a considerable distance to go before such technology comes to the point of generating genuine bridges and buildings.

Even yet, this might only be the beginning of a long journey that will ultimately transform the building sector.

Take Away:

Notwithstanding all the residential and retail uses for drones, it is important to remember that this is a new technology with a lot of promise. 

Drones are likely to appear in unexpected locations or our daily lives in the next years, depending on how we use them now. 

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