What is the IJ Start Cannon ?

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The IJ start cannon is the quickest and easiest way which delivers a source to establish a connection between your printer and other devices such as Mac, Windows, or iPhone. And the link of canon.com/ijsetup creates a web address giving access to users for downloading driver and Canon printer software.
Users use this site to set up their Canon printers. Further, those users who already have the printer’s setup and just want to update their old drivers are also eligible to visit this site.
In this post, you will learn the quick process to install a Canon printer using the method of Canon ij setup.

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Accessing the Download Link Step-by-Step

It is easy to get the download link due to the user-friendly interface. However, in order to prevent any error in the middle of the procedure, you need to follow some instructions explained below:

  • Firstly, open any web browser. If it’s outdated then update it before moving ahead.
  • Now write “Ij.start.canon” in the address bar space. Once done, hit “Enter”.
  • After pressing the Enter key, the web page will take you to the window of the “Canon Printer Driver Download”.
  • Furthermore, tap on “Setup”.
  • After that, the ij.start.cannon windows will pop up on your screen asking you to browse the product.
  • There, enter the product name of your particular printer for which you need to download the drivers. Type up the name and press “Go”

Note: In case, you don’t know your printer model name or forgot it, then move the printer and look at both the upper and front panel. You will easily find the model name within there.

  • Then, you will obtain the download link on your screen. Before moving ahead, choose your operating system. Picking the correct OS is crucial as it helps the users to get the right link. So, tap on the inverted triangle tab, on the top. Choose the OS from there.
  • Lastly, just tap on “Download” after which the setup file will initiate downloading. This process will be over within a few minutes depending on your Internet speed.

Now, let’s start installing Canon Printer Driver using the site ij.start.cannon
Basic Requirements Before Setting up Canon Printer via IJ Start Cannon
Before moving further, there are some requirements needed for your Canon printer setup via ij.start.cannon. Let’s learn them all in-depth.

  • Make sure you have the printer’s model number handy before initiating the setup process.
  • Your printer has sufficient storage for installing the drivers.
  • Check that your printer is properly plugged in the socket.
  • Verify that your device has good internet connectivity

Setup Canon Printer On Wireless Windows
First of all, install the printer driver via ij.start.cannon

  • After that, turn on your printer.
  • Now open the driver setup (already downloaded) and tap on “Next” till you see the screen showing the “Wireless Setup” option.
  • Then visit your Canon printer screen to click on WiFi setup.
  • Choose “Device Settings”, hit “OK”.
  • Select “Device >LAN Settings” and hit “OK”.
  • Once done, your printer will start looking for an access point. Thereafter, the blinking of the WiFi flash lamp will start on the printer.
  • On the network list, press “OK”.
  • Afterward, you’ll be prompted for a WiFi password. Provide the right password and hit “OK”.
  • Within some moments, the printer will get connected to a few moments your printer will connect to the WiFi network.
  • Therefore, by utilizing the steps above, one can quickly finish the Canon ij setup (wireless) for the Windows system.

Follow These Steps for Making Sure that the Printer is Included on the Windows System:

  • Visit “Control Panel”.
  • Thereafter choose “Device and Printer”.
  • Then verify that your printer is showing up on the next screen along with a green color checkmark. However, if not, add it manually by tapping on the option “Add Printer”.
  • Furthermore, select your printer from the available printers list.
  • Click “Next” and wait for some moments so that your printers can be added.
  • After it is added, you can easily view your printer included with a green color checkmark.

Setup Canon IJ Printer via USB (On Windows)

  • Firstly, do the Canon printer driver download and complete the process of installation.
  • Moving on, connect the printer as well as Windows via USB Cable.
  • Then open the “Control Panel” using the “Run” box via “Windows Search”.
  • Choose “Devices and Printers”. After that, you will view your printer in a green color checkmark.
  • If not, add it manually by tapping on the option “Add Printer”.
  • In the end, your printer will be attached and you can use it.
  • Hopefully, this post will assist you to set up your printer via ij.start.cannon. Once you follow the instructions explained above, the printer setup will be included easily.

Hopefully, this post will assist you to set up your printer via ij.start.cannon. Once you follow the instructions explained above, the printer setup will be included easily.

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