7 Awesome Christian Fiction Titles to Read in 2021

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In America, 65% of adults claim to be Christians when asked about their religions.

This large number is the reason so much of the population finds themselves indulging in Christian literature.

Inspirational fiction is popular for giving hope and faith to those who need it in a time of hardship.

Keep reading for 7 awesome Christian fiction books to read this year!

  1. Redeeming Love 

Redeeming Love, written by Francine Rivers, was published in 1991. It’s a romance novel that magnifies love, healing, and redemption. This classic book has been popular for many years and is still at the top of many readers’ lists.

This story focuses on the Bible’s chapter of Hosea and Gomer and is set during the Gold Rush in California during the 1850s. Sarah, the main character, is born into a poverty-stricken household with no father figure in the picture.

She and her mother find themselves struggling to get by. To get by, Sarah’s mother works as a prostitute until she dies. A man named Duke takes Sarah and uses her to gain wealth.

She eventually escapes and finds solace in the arms of Michael. Their complicated relationship helps her find God and a better life.

  1. Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen, by Terri Blackstock, was published in 2019 and shows the impacts of lies, rumors, and a devastating lifestyle.

Long ago, Nate Beckett and Brenna were young and in love. One night, Brenna snuck out and was caught by her father, the preacher. This caused an uproar between Nate’s father and Brenna’s father that many people witnessed.

That same night, the preacher was found dead and everyone instantly accused Nate’s dad. He was eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to prison.

Nate moved on to focus on his career and put the past behind him. Rumors began to circulate and he never addressed them.

One day, after returning home, he’s forced to confront his past and all of the rumors.

  1. The Shell Collector

The Shell Collector, written by Nacy Naigle, is one of the best inspirational books that’s filled with love, second chances, and loss. Friendship and the power of a small gift is its main focus.

Amanda Whittier is sadly forced to raise two children alone after her husband’s death. All she has is a fixer-upper cottage by the coast and her kids. Moving on is out of the question for her as she desperately misses her husband each day.

One day, Amanda meets a newcomer named Paul Grant. He works with rehabilitating military dogs and this, in turn, helps the community greatly. He’s determined to find his role on earth through his work.

Maeve Lindsay has lived on the island her whole life and like Amanda is a widow. She loves her town and does everything she can to help it.

These three friends find themselves depending on each other for encouragement and healing.

  1. Lethal Intent

Lethal Intent was written by Cara Putman and was published this year. It’s a romantic thriller that revolves around the law and corporate lies and secrets.

Caroline Bragg works for a judge, until one day he suddenly dies. She then begins working as legal counsel for a pharmaceutical company that works with stem cells.

She offers legal advice, but her boss ignores her guidance. Thus, revealing his true colors and his shady persona.

Caroline then must defend the company after corrupt dealings come to light. More and more questionable tactics take place by the company as she digs deeper.

  1. Two Weeks

Two Weeks, by Karen Kingsbury, came out in 2019. This novel has heartwrenching and redemption tendencies throughout its pages.

Cole Blake is a hopeful college student studying to earn his future career in medicine. One day, he meets a young girl named Elise and they begin to fall in love.

Her past soon catches up to her as she finds out she is pregnant. Cole, unwavering from their love, takes on the responsibility and supports Elise. He decides he will help raise the child even though it isn’t his.

Elise eventually decides adoption is the best option for everyone. As the due date gets closer, her mind wonders about keeping the baby.

  1. Three Missing Days

Three Missing Days, written by Colleen Coble, was published this year. This romance thriller revolves around murder and suspense.

Jane Hardy, the Chief of Police, takes on the investigation of a house fire where a woman and firefighter lost their lives. As the investigation went on, it’s clear that the woman was murdered and the fire was a cover-up.

Jane’s life begins to unravel, only making the investigation more difficult. She then realizes three days are missing from her mind and she can’t remember anything.

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  1. Under the Magnolias

Under the Magnolias, by T.I. Lowe released this year. This book shows the power of family by creating a moving storyline.

Austin Foster loses her mother at a young age and is forced to keep her family together. She must help her 6 siblings and her father get through the death as best as they can. With little money, the family is relieved with acts of kindness and friendship from the town’s citizens.

The family’s secrets then lead to more hardship and downfalls for them all to endure.

The Most Awesome Christian Fiction Books to Read! 

Christian fiction is a great way to find inspiration and entertainment at the same time.

With these titles, you’ll never find yourself bored and you’ll want to find even more similar books to read.

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