Mercury table – a combination of classic and innovation

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The Mercury table is a combination of styles and materials, so different and harmonious at the same time. It combines lightness and grace, brutality and solidity.

The metal base from a thin curved profile has an original shape however universal black color. The lightweight, thin mercury table is made of Nano-technological matte material that is scratch-resistant and has the ability to self-repair.

The table will look perfect in Loft-style interiors and those close to it.

Mercury table base

The original metal base of the mercury table is light and stable at the same time. The profile ribs are located in such a way that those sitting at the table can comfortably sit behind it.

The base of the table finished in the current matt black color. Thanks to the powder coating method, the base is abrasion and scratch resistant. At the base of the table leg there are plastic supports that allow you to adjust the table to suit the uneven floor and protect it from scratches and dents.

Mercury table top


Mercury table with modern innovative Fenix ​​and Smart worktops, which have no analogues on the market!

The base of the countertop is impregnated with thermosetting resins. The outer surface is treated with new generation acrylic resins. The surface is then exposed to electron beam exposure, which hardens the acrylic resins, giving the material characteristics that open up possibilities previously incomprehensible in the world of interior design.

The unique tea table has advantages that are uncharacteristic of analogues:

  • Hygiene

The surface is not afraid of mold, bacteria, high humidity.

  • Strength

Not afraid of high temperatures.

  • Self-healing

When micro-scratches appear like the surface heals itself under the influence of dry heat. It is enough to iron the worktop with an iron through a damp cloth.

  • Anti-finger effect

The touch leaves no residue.

  • Low reflectivity

Provides a pronounced matte effect.

  • Abrasion resistant

Long lasting visual perfection in the interior.

  • Incredible tactile properties

Only pleasant sensations from the touch.

  • Easy care

It is enough to wipe the table with a damp cloth and mild soapy water.

  • Intense shades

Intense colors are matched to the latest design trends.


The edge of the countertop is on polyurethane adhesive, which is not afraid of moisture.

Fenix ​​and Smart worktops

Fenix ​​table top with solid white, gray, black texture.

Smart plastic table top with stone texture is available to order in three colors.

Mercury tables with Smart worktop are practical and aesthetically pleasing!

  1. Easy to clean, just enough water and detergent to remove stains.
  2. UV resistant, do not fade.
  3. The plastic worktop is resistant to high temperatures.
  4. Smart worktops have a seamless aesthetic appearance.


The table top is additionally reinforced in the central part while at the same time, visually, it looks incredibly thin and graceful, facilitating the design of the table.

Dimensions of Mercury table

Mercury tables can purchased in three dimensions:

  • Round table top, diameter 100 cm
  • Round table top, diameter 120 cm
  • Oval table top, length 160 cm (width 125 cm)

Tables are made order and the term of production is 30 days.

Tips for cleaning Mercury table


  • it is not recommended clean suede like with chemicals and bleach
  • use a soft bristle brush to remove dust and dirt
  • if necessary, apply a 5% soap solution and remove the stain in a circular motion like wash the fabric with cotton material until soap stains disappear and ensure good drying


As with velvet upholstery, it is important to let the material dry well. To give the pile its original appearance still brush it with a soft brush.

In the Top concept catalog you will find all the aforementioned collections of upholstered chairs and armchairs however more than 10 color options in various upholstery materials are always in stock!

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