How to Automate Your Social Ad Campaigns

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Running a social ad campaign is one of the most effective marketing techniques you can use for your business.

There’s no doubt that it’s one of the most wide-reaching types of advertising that businesses have available to them. A huge proportion of people around the globe have access to some form of social media, and countless people have accounts on more than one app or site. But running a social media marketing campaign can be incredibly time-consuming.

It doesn’t have to be.

You can streamline your social campaign and free up your time to focus on other areas of the business. This article will tell you how.

Automate That Social Ad

The thing about a social media marketing campaign is that it requires a lot of attention. This can be trying, especially for small businesses who need all hands on deck when it comes to running the business day-to-day.

Luckily, automation tools work for scheduling, posting, and monitoring engagement on your social media accounts.

Social media automation uses software tools to take the burden of running an effective ad campaign away from a business. You can still be sure that everything posted has a flavor of your business and the intentions you have for your campaign – because you still plan, design, and create the posts. You just don’t have to be online 24/7 sending them out.

If you do it right, you will have barrels of extra time to spend making progress on your real goals whilst the social media campaign does the work itself.

Whether it’s an advanced customer service bot or using Instagram marketing tools to come up with the perfect campaign, there’s an automation technique out there for you. There are plenty of great ways to take advantage of automation – but there are also some commonly made mistakes you need to avoid. Read on to learn more about the dos and don’ts of a social ad campaign.

Key Automation Tools to Master

Once you’ve got the basic toolset down, you can automate to your heart’s content and enjoy reaping the rewards. Here are a few of the most important techniques to know about.

Promotion is an automation function that pushes your successful organic content, giving it a wider reach and getting it onto more people’s news feeds. It’s simple but effective, as it capitalizes on the things you’re putting out that are generating lots of genuine interest.

Scheduling posts is one of the most useful things you can automate. Simply set the post and caption you wish to send out, choose a time, and the tool will make sure it gets posted for you. Be sure to complete the post before you set it to send out, or else you might end up with a half-finished caption on show to the world!

Metrics checkers allow you to oversee your campaigns and optimize them based on what you find. They’re the key to keeping engagement high and knowing what your audience wants.

You can find plenty of variations on these tools that allow for things like cross-channel posting, custom ad duration, and real-time insights. Whatever service you choose, just make sure it has those all-important features listed above.

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Automation

When you first decide to undertake an automated social media campaign, it can seem like a huge task. These Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing tips will help you to break down what you need to focus on and the setup will become far more manageable:

DO Figure Out an Effective Schedule

There’s no point automating your campaign if you don’t find out the perfect time to post. You can take this opportunity to ensure that you’re always online at the same time as your potential customers.

Two important factors play into this. You must:

  • Do analytics checks to find out when your audience is active on social media
  • Use a post scheduling tool to set your ads to post during these times

Being able to post right as your audience members are most active is one of the key benefits of automation. It will be sure to increase engagement on your ads.

DO Be Online for Customer Support

Some things just can’t be automated – and customer service is one of them. Whilst it’s okay to use bots to delegate customer queries to the relevant people, you can’t expect AI to resolve all of your customer’s problems.

Good customer service means being there to help your consumers quickly and efficiently.

It’s an important part of good business and could be the difference between gaining repeat custom and driving people away. Even when a customer has an issue, they’re more likely to want to invest in you again if you show them their experience remains at the heart of what you do. In a world of customer service robots, make sure you’re still taking care of your customer base.

DO Pay Attention to What People Say

Keeping on top of what your audience is discussing is the ideal way to boost your engagement. Though knowing your way around algorithms can be of great use when running social media accounts, it’s important not to become blind to trending topics and shifting interests.

By being aware of where your audience’s attention is going, you can continually prime your ads to pique their interest.

You can keep your company relevant, create content that is in line with audience sentiment, and you won’t be blindsided by sudden changes in people’s interests. Remember: you’re marketing to real people with constantly changing desires, not just trying to beat the internet!

DON’T Post the Same Things Everywhere All the Time

People will quickly start to see through your campaign if the same posts and captions start popping up everywhere all the time. It’s a surefire way to turn people off your business and what you’re promoting.

You should be keeping on top of relevant topics for a reason. It will allow you to schedule fresh posts that are interesting to your audience. Bear in mind that the people you’re targeting on Twitter may not be talking about the same things as the audience for your Instagram marketing strategy, so you shouldn’t be replicating posts across different platforms.

There are plenty of analytics tools and easy-to-use posting tools that will help you to master automating every one of your social media accounts. Do it right, and soon enough you’ll have new interest rolling in from all angles.

DON’T Try to Automate Your Whole Brand

Promises made by bot services that claim to boost your engagement will never come to fruition. In fact, they can end up harming your brand. You need to make sure you don’t overstep by making your ad campaign pervasive or impersonal.

Your customers need to know that real people lie at the heart of all the buying and selling you do, or they won’t feel safe enough to trust your company. Having that human touch suddenly disappears from your online persona is never a good idea.

Never rely on bots to do your following, liking, or commenting.

It isn’t a good look. It implies laziness and will leave a bad impression. Instead, get stuck in and send a few replies yourself when you have the time.

DON’T Monitor Your Ad Metrics Constantly

Getting tied to the dashboard makes the whole automation process redundant. You’re supposed to be using your spare time to fulfill other responsibilities, so don’t waste it babysitting your ads.

It can be tough if your ads are having an off day, but you have to trust that the tools you use will do all the analytics for you.

You can always alter your campaign to increase its success once you have enough data from your automation tools. What you can’t do is get back all that time you spent watching the screen and worrying about your investment.

Technology is incredibly advanced and will have no trouble with overseeing your engagement and tracking your audience’s latest trends. Have faith in your tools and focus on running your business.

Automation Tools Can Do Wonders for Your Advertising

Now that you have a good understanding of how social ad automation works, it’s time to start investing in your company’s future. In an increasingly digital world, it’s better to get ahead now than to fall behind.

The right toolset is out there waiting for you.

Once you get set up and start making the most out of your social media accounts, there’s no stopping you. Get out there today and start searching for your ideal automation program.

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