Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction that you Should take as a Warning

Erectile Dysfunction
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A very common sexual problem, which affects males is Erectile dysfunction. This problem commonly is also known as impotency. As in this problem men are not able to keep their erections firm; which is required during sexual intercourse. If the problem affects men severely, this can also lead to infertility issues due to men. So you need to detect symptoms of erectile dysfunction before it gets late. But with the help of the right treatments and counseling in time; this problem is curable. This problem can also create a lot of stress and anxiety, which can affect the personal and professional life of the patient. The problem can be due to physical and psychological causes; however, the exact causes of the problem are still unknown.

symptoms for erectile dysfunction

If you address the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, sometimes and not constantly; then it is not a concern to worry about. But if you encounter the pr symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction during intercourse. You should immediately see a doctor. You may feel shy talking about this problem to doctors, but you should do it. This will help you to cure your problem at early stages until it affects you a lot.

Early Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction-

Some of the early symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction which might indicate that you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction are as follows-

  1. Difficulty in getting an erection– This is one of the most common and early signs which you encounter; if you are suffering from ED. In which you take more time to get erections than usual; and with time you require more stimulation to get an erection.
  2. The problem in maintaining an erection– Another common sign you might face is, keeping your erections firm and hard during intercourse. You can lose them during your sexual activity which can be quite embarrassing; and also is an early sign of ED.
  3. Reduced Sexual desire- Due to an imbalance in hormones, you might feel less sexual desire. And also the fear of not performing well; can lead to anxiety, shame, and depression which can lead to fewer sexual desires.
  4. Losing sensitivity in Penis- You might need more time and stimulation to get erections. This generally occurs with age; but if you see any such changes, you should immediately consult as this might also be due to hormonal imbalances or other issues.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction-

Erectile Dysfunction can be an outcome of many psychological and physical causes. As male arousal system is highly complex, which involves a lot of emotions, hormones, and vessels. Thus the exact causes which might cause Erectile dysfunction are still unknown. But few of the reasons which can cause ED are as follows-

Physical Causes-

Physical causes can be due to some underlying medical issues, which might be as following.

  1. Heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure,
  2. Obesity, sleep disorders, or high tobacco use.
  3. Low testosterone levels or alcoholism or other drugs intake.

Psychological Disorders-

The emotions and the brain plays a vital role in the sexual excitement of men, which leads to cause an erection in men. Thus some of the psychological reasons which can lead to ED are as follows-

  1. Excessive stress, anxiety, or depression.
  2. Relationship issues due to lack understanding and communication.
  3. Other mental conditions.

What are the solutions for Erectile Dysfunction –

With the enhancement in medical science, doctors and researchers have successfully developed medicines that can help with ED. Mostly a combination of oral drugs and counseling is given to the patient by the doctors. To successfully cure the problem of ED in them. Although at the initial stages of the problem; if you change some daily habits or make some changes in your daily lifestyle it can help you ease the problem of Erectile Dysfunction.

Instant Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction-

Ohman’s portal which takes care of men’s sexual well-being; gives a lot of effective and affordable solutions to cure the problem while having small symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. Some of the allopathic treatments which Ohman suggests Erectile Dysfunction Medicines are as follows-

All Natural Performance Pack-

This pack helps you improve your erections, and the hardness of the penis by natural means. Every medicine in the pack uses plant-based medicines. This pack price is 1,699 INR and you do not need a medical prescription to buy this pack. However one pack lasts for 30 days; and the pack contains medicines, supplements, and an instruction card.

Ayur Virility Pack-

This pack helps you stay for a long time in bed and improves stamina. The pack costs 1,999 INR, and you do not need a physician’s medical prescription to buy the pack. The pack contains an instruction card, herb mix tablets, delay capsules, and health supplements. One pack of the medicine lasts for 30 days.

Ayur Virility Pack

Performance Pack-

This pack helps you increase your stamina and libido by using all-natural means. The components help in increasing the blood flow which helps with firm erections. The pack contains medicines, an instruction card, one free sexologist consultation, and sexual supplements. However you need a medical prescription to buy the medicines, and the pack costs you 2,099 INR.

Virility Ultra Pack-

This pack helps the user get strong and firm erections. All the medicines in the packet are scientifically proven to give you strong and firm erections. It contains an instruction card, health supplements, free sexologist consultations, and medicines. You require a physician’s certificate to buy this pack. One pack of this medicine can work only for 30 days and it costs 2,299 INR.

Virility Ultra Pack


A lot of people feel very shy and anxious discussing their intimate issues with others publicly. Thus, to solve this problem a lot of online portals such as Ohman are helping by providing them with effective solutions. All you have to do is to check out the symptoms and order your desired products. Ohman is also very careful while dealing with your confidential details. Thus they deliver all the medicines in a confidential manner at your doorsteps in the given time frame. Not only this all the medicines they sell are FDA approved and do not generally show any side effects.

So, if you are also looking for effective solutions which can help you get out of your intimate problems. Check out the official website of Ohman “”. And order your affordable and effective products today.

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