Best Golf Balls for Every Type of Player

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Choose the right ball and play like a pro every time

Well, that sounds so easy, and the reality is that the search for the best golf balls can sometimes feel like a lot of work. On the flip side, it is very easy to find an indoor golf club and book golf lessons nyc to learn more about golf balls from pros.

While golf has become widely popular and driving ranges are popping up all over the world, at some point, we are not sure when it happened; marketing the golf ball has become more important than the performance of the product itself. 

The Variety Of Players Grows, So Is The Equipment Developing Accordingly?

We made it our mission to help find the best golf balls for every type of player. 

Today, we get to what is accurate and valid for the ever-changing golf ball and what will, in the end, help golfers make wiser decisions about the golf balls they use.

In the passing year, many tests have been conducted, even robot testing, to give golfers a complete picture that should reflect the significant decisions we make when buying balls.

That means balls for beginners and golf balls for experienced players looking to push their game to a whole new level.


What Are The Features Of The Perfect Ball?

When deciding this, it doesn’t make much difference whether you’re a beginner or high handicap golfer.

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels 

Finding a ball that checks all three boxes would be a winner. Another choice is between a softer or firmer ball, but this won’t impact performance.

Here are few things you should look for in a golf ball:

  •   High ball flight – if you are a beginner and your swing speed is not yet fast enough, you are probably hitting a lot of low running shots. Even if you hit the fairway, chances are you will get no distance. So buy a ball designed to launch higher even if your swing is not super-fast. 
  •  Decent price tag – No one likes losing $5 every second hole. So we think a high-end ball is not the best recommendation. Not only will you lose money fast, but these golf balls won’t give the best performance as well. That means more balls in the trees and water, which will surely hurt your confidence and your wallet.
  • Low driver spin – the most common shot for beginners and high handicaps is a slice. We are not proud of it, but we have all done it. It happens for many reasons, but the main one is that the ball has many sidespins. So choose a ball designed to spin less side to side when you hit the driver. You will be playing from more fairways, get more distance on your shots, and lower scores. That’s why this is probably the most important thing to look for when deciding on the best golf ball for you.


Ball Constructions and What Differences Does It Make?

Balls are made from several different materials. 

Two-piece golf balls are made out of rubber, or synthetic rubber, with the core surrounded by a hard plastic shell, most often surly. Many club golfers use this simple ball which gives them the best combination of spin, feels distance, and price in a single package.

Three-piece golf balls have an extra layer of rubber or other softer material between the shell and the core. It also has another layer between the shell and the third layer. They are pretty forgiving, but they will curve more for sure. 

Four-piece golf balls are typically coated with urethane, which is softer than surly. The main struggle with these balls is distance and hitting the fairway. To get any sort of performance out of these balls, they need substantial contact, so if you don’t have a strong swing, avoid them for now.

Five-piece golf balls are an even more significant challenge to hit well and are suitable only for professional golfers. For the better player, especially one who is looking for maximum control over the ball, these are a lot more versatile. The high price can also be a disadvantage.

Biodegradable balls are made out of corn polymers. They can dissolve in water and are often used in golf practice areas on cruise ships.

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels 

Among all the references, anyone can get lost and want to give up the search or pick the first golf ball they see. There are numerous manufacturers on the market, so can that be helpful?


The power ball is a one-piece golf ball with a single layer. This one is perfect for the ranges, but you’ll need something softer with less spin if you are not a pro.

If you are at the very start and have overpowered the perfect golf grip, we recommend a two-layer ball. Beginners should stick to low spin balls to ensure straight shots.

You may get a lot of disapproval from golfing friends for even trying a Noodle Golf Ball.

But you do you. If spending a lot of money on golf balls seems ridiculous, you buy a box of Noodles. Looking at the value-quality ratio, it’s the best golf ball for beginners, and it’s cheap.


Our recommendation is a mid-spin ball for all those passionate golf players who regularly play every week. This one helps boost distance for shots while keeping them on target.

The best golf ball for you is four-piece Callaway’s Chrome Soft, designed with a Graphene Dual SoftFast Core. Graphene is a solid and miniature material.

 This means that Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball is built so that the outer core is the thinnest possible, and the inner core is larger.

It enhances the ball’s speed while it still keeps a soft feel around and on the field. 


If golf is a passion of yours and the skill levels follow that passion, then take advantage of a high spin golf ball for maximum drive power.

The Titleist ProV1 is the world’s best-known golf ball, and the reason is – it’s really, really good. Perfected for years and used more than any other ball by tour pros.

 So if you’re not on a budget and you want the ball that the majority of golfing public puts at the top of the pyramid, then you can’t go wrong with buying Titleist ProV1s or ProV1x’s 



We admit golfing is an expensive sport. But being on a budget does not have to mean making cuts on quality equipment. 

Thankfully today, with many manufactures, we can pick our preference.

So many reviews found the Vice Pro Plus to have the best performance for the price level it holds. 

They can be bought exclusively online, so by cutting money on marketing, they’re able to sustain a low price compared to their major rivals. 

They are carrying out results almost as good as the ProV1 but doing so at half the price.

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball is the number one choice for golfers on a budget or for those looking to raise to a Tour Level without paying Tour Level Prices.

A Golf Ball For Your Skill Level And Swing Speed

For the most part, higher handicapped and beginning golfers use a two-piece golf ball. Reducing the spin is the point, so the more spin the ball has, the more lateral movement it produces, thus sending the ball out of bounds.

Multi-layer balls are suitable for better golfers, giving them a better feel and more spin – but reduce durability in the process.

For slower swing speeds, try a low compression ball that adds to distance, while high compression balls enhance control and feel for better golfers.


Choose One And Just Practice

We know it’s not only about the ball, but it plays an important role. After so many tests have been conducted, it seems that the most suitable way to decide which is the best golf ball is to test yourself. In the end, it’s all about commitment.

Golf is a challenge for itself, so it’s good to eliminate every fickle you possibly can. Choose one ball, and play it every round and every shot.

Remember, it is all about what is suitable for you and your game. So go, buy a few different brands, and play, experiment, and discover your best golf ball.

Author Bio:

My name is Tomas McKannie. I am a freelance blogger and a golf enthusiast.

I am a passionate golf player who is enjoying watching golf and reading a lot about it.


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