How to choose the perfect rug from an online rugs store?

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Do you want to complete the look of your living area? Well, it is easy to style it with one or more area rugs. Using a rug in front of your sofa or under the dining table can lift the outlook. But the question is, do you know how to get the perfect rug? As far as I know, it’s not a big problem. Just consider some vital points and get them from the online rugs store.

Getting a perfect rug from the online rugs store:

In particular, the right kind of rug can be a great accent in the living room or any part of your home. But, it is better to ensure some requirements to avoid any regrets later. Buying from an online rug store can be a little tricky with all the options you have. It can be intimidating to find the perfect match for your room.

So, here are some things to focus on for the perfect rug out there:

  1. Measure the size
  2. Decide on the shape and style
  3. Plain or patterned
  4. Choose the perfect color
  5. Pick a suitable material
  6. Pile of the rug
  7. Indoor or outdoor
  8. Consider the cleaning
  9. Do not skip the rug pad

Measure the size:

Getting the accurate size is the critical part since you are shopping online. The size of the rug, as well as the area, is vital to evaluate. So, before anything else, determine the right size that fits into your room. 

Moreover, picking the wrong size or shape can be a huge disaster. That is why notice part of the room that you wish to cover using an area rug. Then look at the space around your seats to place a nice and cozy area rug. 

Decide on the shape and style:

When it comes to the shapes and style of rugs, you will be amazed to find your options. First of all, you can have them in square, round, oval, rectangular, straight, and other shapes. You can choose any size that fits into your room. For instance, a rectangular rug is best under the sofa.  

In general, you will find many rug styles to choose from for your home. There are traditional, modern, transitional, bohemian, and natural rug styles. For that, you can select various styles and designs from the Rug Gallery to get along with your theme. 

Plain or patterned:

In terms of design, you will see two main types of area rugs. Either plain or patterned, choose any style that goes with your theme and furniture. In addition, an area rug with bright colors and bold patterns can define your place well. On the other hand, a plain area rug will suit your subtle and classic theme. So, you can choose a bold rug beside a neutral sofa. It depends on your sense of style. 

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Choose the perfect color:

The bold or neutral color of an area rug can change the mood of your living space in a blink of an eye. So, choose a pop-up color and pattern for your living room or bedroom. Also, get a dark color palette for your dining area. Picking a perfect color rug does make a difference.

Pick a suitable material:

 Rugs come in varying materials like cotton, wool, silk, linen, jute, nylon, and more. Also, there are woven and non-woven rugs for you. But, pick the material wisely based on your lifestyle. In addition, the prices for rugs also vary based on the stuff you decide. Also, each piece offers a varied look and feel. Similarly, each requires different cleaning. 

Pile of the rug:

Many people overlook the pile of rugs. Their density determines the thickness of your area rug. So, it is vital to consider its pile density when getting it from an online rugs store. You have low pile rugs and high pile rugs. The former has short fibers, and the latter has loose and tall ones. 

Indoor or outdoor:

When buying rugs online, consider both indoor and outdoor options. So, choose the soft color and fabric for indoors. On the other hand, choose bold and dark patterned rugs for outdoors. Also, pick tough and absorbent stuff for the outdoors. Plus, use nylon rugs for home with kids and pets.  

Consider its cleaning:

Whatever material you choose, focus on its cleaning and care. Each stuff requires some sort of cleaning technique to maintain the hygiene of your home. Well, some need steam-cleaning, and others need vacuum cleaning. But, you use soap washing for hand-woven wool red rugs. Do not wash all the types of rugs in a machine. 

Do not skip the rug pad:

Well, before you step onto your new rug, do not forget to use the rug pad. In that case, trim the rug pad smaller than its actual size. Also, place it underneath the rug the way it does not appear. In this way, you can give additional support to the area rug. Also, it will provide it with some friction that prevents it from sliding. 


No doubt, you have several options for area rugs online and offline. There are many colors, shapes, and styles waiting for you at the online rugs store. But, consider some vital factors before starting the process. First of all, choose the perfect size, shape, color, and pattern. Then, pick the style and material to fit indoors or outdoors. 


In addition, do not forget to use a rug pad under the rug. Such small details help get the best piece for your home. So, visit the website of rug gallery to choose from their vast collection. 

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